Elk Hair Caddis Trout Fly - Tan

The Elk Hair Caddis trout fly was designed in 1950 by Al Troth, a fly tier
from Pennsylvania. Al designed the fly to imitate adult caddis mainly be
copying the shape and configuration of the down wing caddis. He used a
wing profile and body style that mimics a whole range of small to large
size caddisflies rather than a particular species of caddisfly. Mr.Troth
later moved to Montana where he was written up by many fly fishing
magazines to become a famous fly tyer and trout fishing guide. His Elk
Hair Caddis Dry flies soon became very popular for imitating caddisflies,
which up until that time had been given little attention.

The fly spread in popularity and is now used worldwide. There are
several species of caddisflies that are a yellow color. The versatility of
the Elk Hair Caddis is a big part of its success. It can be fished
dead-drifted over a rising trout eating adult caddisflies, but it can also be
skated and twitched in such a manner as to get the trout's attention. This
imitates the caddisflies that skitter across the surface of the water to
reach the banks and many of the species that deposit their  eggs on the
surface of the water.

Trout have two opportunities of eating adult caddisflies. First, when they
hatch or emerge and then again when they return to the water to deposit
their eggs. Most of the time the trout will eat the fly on a dead drift. If they
are not taking the fly well on the dead drift during the hatch, try giving the
fly a little bit of movement during the drift.

The can be fished down and across the stream or up and across,
depending on the type of water. By the way, if you dress the leader with
floatant, the fly can be twitched without dragging it under. The Elk Hair,
which is hollow, makes the fly very buoyant, and allows it to perform in
pocket water streams and other types of water with a fairly rough

Adult caddisflies vary greatly in size. Their bodies are usually drab in
color and rang from brown and black to greens and tans. The wings are
usually mottled or otherwise spotted with variations of a lighter and
darker color. That's why we offer the famous Elk Hair Caddis in a large
variety of colors.
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Tan Elk Hair Caddis Trout Fly
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Tan Elk Hair Caddis fly