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Gary Paepke
There are many fly fisherman that think just being outdoors in a beautiful setting is one of, if
not the most important thing about fly fishing. Gary Paepke is one of those guys. You want find
him getting in a rush to cast a fly. He always takes the time to look very closely at the things he
finds in nature. He knows he is going to catch plenty of trout and he doesn't  get into a rush
doing it.

He may spend several minutes just looking a pretty rock that he finds along the way to a
stream even though the trout are feeding on a big hatch taking place. Collecting rocks is
another of his hobbies. You wouldn't call Gary a serious rock hound or gem collector, but he
enjoys finding the pretty ones and has acquired a very nice collection over the years. He
spends part of his time on any fly fishing trip looking for rocks and gems. Although he spends
very little time there, he makes certain his cabin or motel room has just the right view of the
Sierra Mountains, or otherwise he will look for another place to stay.

Our website and pictures of the bugs trout eat caught Gary's attention to the point he now
finds himself taking the time to pick up a few rocks from the streambeds to examine the insects.
That is how I was introduced to Gary. He called to ask what bugs would be hatching on the
East And West Walker Rivers prior to his making one of his many trips from Los Angeles to the

He hit us with a difficult question when he ask about California's Hot Creek. Like Yellowstone's
Firehole River, Hot Creek is a strange trout stream with a huge population of aquatic insects
that hatch on their own schedule. Gary was certainly no stranger to these streams and Sierra
high country. He has fished them for years and knows many anglers, guides, ranch owners, fly
shop owners and other local people.  We are honored to have his assistance.

Gary calls himself a green horn at taking pictures, but I think you will agree with us that he is
far beyond being a green horn at photography. He enjoys taking pictures for his own use but
after a little arm twisting, he reluctantly provided us with a huge number of images of some of
the best California trout streams. He also sent us plenty of images and pictures of the many
lakes in the Eastern Sierra area of California and Nevada. We will be posting some of them in
the near future in our lakes section of this website that is yet to come.

We are very thankful for all the information and other assistance Gary has given us in addition
to the hundreds of fine pictures and digital images of the Eastern Sierra lakes and streams.
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