Crayfish, crawfish or crawdads, whatever
you want to call them, are one of
the favorite foods for bass. In
many streams and lakes they
represent the main food for the
bass. Smallmouth bass are
especially fond of them and
represent probably represent
their most important food.
Bass Bugs and Flies - Crayfish Imitations
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
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Brown Crayfish
Brown & White Crayfish
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Crayfish (Crawfish) Imitations
About the Crayfish (Crawfish)
Flies: All
of our crayfish (crawfish) flies are
made durable to last a long time. The

"Brown Crayfish"
was designed to be used
in clear water. It can also be used for large
brown trout. It is a very realistic imitation
when presented with short strips.

"Brown Crayfish with Dumbbell Eyes"
was added to the crayfish flies for fishing
deeper water of streams and lakes. The
added weight helps get the fly down fast.

"Brown and White Crayfish" was
designed to be used in stained or off color
water where smallmouths are sometimes
found. The clearest of smallmouth water
becomes stained with spring rains and
summer thunderstorms. Although this fly can
easily be spotted by the smallmouth, it still
has a natural appearance, especially when it
is submerged on the bottom. Lead,
dumbbell eyes keep the fly on the bottom
and the hook turned up.
Brown and White Crayfish fly
Crayfish fly
Crayfish fly
Brown Crayfish fly
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Largemouth Bass
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Spotted Bass
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Deep Crayfish fly
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Brown Crayfish with
Dumbbell Eyes
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