Eastern  Green Drake
Trout readily take the duns during the time they are drying their wings to depart the
water. They leave the water fairly slowly and sometimes flutter around on the surface
before they fly to nearby trees. There they usually hang around for about three days
before molting. The idea time to catch the hatch is the first day or two after it starts.
Sometimes the trout get full of the big mayflies and become hard to catch even though
the hatch is in peak progress.

Dun Presentation:
n most cases the upstream approach should be used. In the faster moving water you
should concentrate on presenting the imitations in areas of slower moving water such as
eddies, pockets and the head of pools as opposed to fishing the fast water of the ripples
and runs.
In slower moving water a down and across stream presentation may be required. In this
case longer leaders of eight to ten feet long with two or three, foot long tippets, size 5x or
6x, may be required.
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