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8 Foam Spool Pre-rigged Fly Box   $24.95
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The  "Perfect Fly" 8 Foam Spool Pre-rigged Midge fly box holds eight (8) foam
spools with pre-rigged tandem midge pupa and larva, other pre-rigged midge
arrangements, or other small pre-rigged  flies. The tippet with flies wraps around the
foam spools and the flies stay in place by sticking the hooks into the foam. The box
comes with 8 foam spools. Spools can also be purchased separately and used over
and over. Colors of the spools are random.
Spring loaded and magnetic locked, easy to open and close. Stays closed securely.
Made of heavy ABS plastic
Closed size: 2 1/2 X 8 x 1 1/2 inches
Open size: 5 X 8 X 3/4 inches
"Perfect Fly" 8 Foam Spool Pre-rigged
Midge Fly Box
Spare Small Midge Rigging Foams, 4 each for $6.95
Fits Above Box
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Small Foam Rigging Spools