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Fly Fishing On The McCloud River In
The McCloud River is one of the main tributaries of the
Sacramento River. It has the famous
species of rainbow trout that has been used to
stock many streams throughout the World. McCloud
rainbows have been used to first stock most of New
Zealand, and parts of Argentina and Chile along with
many other trout fisheries all across the western

The Upper McCloud River’s headwaters are south of Mt.
Shasta near the small town of McCloud.

The river starts in a meadow type situation with springs
and water that is almost still in places. Near the Algoma
camp the stream picks up more water from small
branches and springs. The stream runs through a small
canyon into another meadow.

Below Lakin Dam the river falls into another canyon.
There are a total of three waterfalls in this area - Upper,
Middle and Lower. There is short section with good fishing
above the first waterfall.

The section below Fowler Camp and between Middle Falls
and Lower Falls has some deep pockets a big rocks that
provide excellent pocket water. Below the Upper and
Middle falls, the stream there are some very deep pools.

The Loop Road off highway #89 will take you to Fowler
Camp near where the stream's headwaters begin. These
trout are plentiful and respond to dry flies very well. This
is a beautiful stretch of water that requires quite a lot of
effort to fish. The area has bears, eagles, fox, deer and
cougars that add to the adventure.

Below Fowler Camp the river drops a lot and gets even
rougher in character with heavy pocket water. This
section flows into McCloud Reservoir. Fly fishing the
McCloud River in this section requires a lot of effort.

The lower section of the McCloud River flows from the
McCloud Reservoir to Shasta Lake. Most of the lower
section is controlled by private clubs but there are three
miles of public water. The public section starts at Ash
Camp below the reservoir and tumbles down to the Ah-Di-
Na Camp.

The Ah-Di-Na Nature Conservancy area is strictly catch
and release rules with barbless hooks only. It provides
three additional miles of water. Access to the Nature
Conservancy part of the McCloud River is limited to ten
anglers per day.

This river is known for its huge hatches of stoneflies,
especially its large Salmonflies and Golden Stoneflies.
October Caddis is another of the favorite aquatic insects.
Type of Stream
Freestone and Tailwater

Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout


Northern California

Nearest Towns

Last Saturday in April through
November 15.

Fair but some are very tough to

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State of California

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Stream Flow Conditions
Upper River
Lower McCloud
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The season runs from the last
Saturday in April through November

Spring is the best time to for fly fishing
the McCloud River. May and June are
the best two months.
Fly Fishing Guide, continued:
The Lower McCloud River, between
McCloud Reservoir and Shasta Lake, is
mostly private. The Bollibokka and McCoud
River private clubs control most of the
water.  There are three miles of public water
in this section that provides some excellent
fly fishing opportunities. It too, is made of
mostly of heavy pocket water.

The public access fishing starts at Ash
Camp just downstream of the reservoir and
falls at a steep declination downstream to
Ah-Di-Na Camp.  

There are three more miles of public access
water in the Nature Conservancy below
Ah-Di-Na Camp. Hiding is required to fish
this water but it is well worth the effort. It is
steep country with lots of plunge pools and
short cascades. It is rugged country and
again, we suggest you have someone along
with you in case you sprang and ankle or
fall and hurt yourself. It could be a tough
proposition getting out by yourself.

Access to The Nature Conservancy section
is limited. Only ten anglers per day are
allowed to fish the area. This keeps anglers
from having to fish behind others
frequently.  You can reserve time on this
section but five are issued on a first come,
first serve basis. Reservations can be made
by calling
McCloud River Fly Fishing Guide:
The McCloud River is quite different than
most northern California trout streams. It is
more classic run, riffle and pool type water
but with plenty of boulders and riffles. It is
surrounded by thick evergreen forest. The
forest helps keep the river flowing cool. The
river has a good pH level that keeps the
aquatic insect populations very high.  

Nymph fishing is probably the most all around
productive fishing method but there are also
plenty of large hatches that keep the dry fly
angler well pleased. The river flows through
beautiful canyons that provide the prefect fly
fishing background. Fly fishing the McCloud
River is much about the overall experience,
not just hooking and landing trout.

The headwaters of the McCloud River come
from underground springs. That provides a
higher than normal pH level for the freestone
stream and is responsible for its large aquatic
insect population. This area is near the little
town of McCloud. There is a section of fine
looking pocket water in the area full of small
to medium size rainbows that are always
eager to take your fly. High sticking this
sections is always productive although it does
have its fair share of hatches.

The waterfalls in the area prevent upstream
migration of the rainbow and brown trout.
Below Fowler Camp, the McCloud river flows
through some very rugged country and
consist mostly of heavy pocket water. You
need to be in good shape to fish this part of
the river. We suggest having a partner along
with you in the event of an accident. The
stream falls rapidly with short runs and plenty
of steep plunges and small but sometimes
deep pools. The river then flows through the
Hearst property and on into McCloud
Our information on aquatic insects is based on
our stream samples of larvae and nymphs, not
guess work. We base fly suggestions on
imitating the most plentiful and most available
insects and other foods at the particular time
you are fishing.

Unlike the generic fly shop trout flies, we have
specific imitations of all the insects in the
McCloud River and in all stages of life that is
applicable to fishing. If you want to fish better,
more realistic trout flies, have a much higher
degree of success, give us a call.  We not only
will help you with selections, you will learn why,
after trying Perfect Flies, 92% of the thousands
of our customers will use nothing else.

Hatches begin on the McCloud River as soon
as the season opens the last Saturday in April.
Blue-winged Olives, some
baetis species and
some not, will be hatching from the opening
day though about half of June. Pale Morning
Dun will also be hatching from opening day and
they will continue through the entire month of

The largest hatches will be stoneflies and the
largest of the stoneflies will be the Giant
Salmonflies. They will hatch from opening day
through May and into the first part of June.
Golden Stoneflies will begin to hatch the last
part of May and continue through the month of
June. At times, both Goldens and Salmonflies
will be present.

Little Yellow Stoneflies will also begin to hatch
near the end of May and continue through
June and into the first part of July. Do not
underestimate these smaller size stoneflies.
They can produce as many trout as the large
ones. Anglers tend to overfish the adult
imitations of these stoneflies and under fish the
nymphs. The nymphs crawl out of the water in
the late afternoons and evenings to hatch and
an imitation of the nymph presented near the
banks can produce some giant catches of both
browns and rainbows.

In addition to the mayflies and stoneflies,
caddisflies will hatch from opening day and
throughout most of the entire season. There
are several species of Spotted Sedges, and
these represent the majority of the caddis.
Hatches, continued:
Green Sedges will hatch from mid June
through July and into early August. The
larvae of the Green Sedge will produce
throughout the season. These are called
Rock Worms.

There are also some Little Sister Caddis
that hatch in July and August. There are a
few  other species that hatch in the
Summer but the above represents the
majority of them.The stream has much less
pressure from anglers during July, August
and September. The fishing opportunities
continue to be good but most anglers stop
fishing as soon as the stonefly hatches are
over. That can be a big mistake. The
McCloud River stays cool all summer long.  
The deep canyons are shaded from the
sun much of the day.

Caddisflies will represent the bulk of the
hatches during the Summer but the PMDs
will continue to hatch in sparse numbers.

Late September, October, & November is a
great time to fish the McCloud River. The
giant October Caddisfly hatch gets most of
the attention but more trout can be taken
on the second phase of the Blue-winged
Olive hatch. These little mayflies will
continue to hatch even when the water
temperature gets down into  the low forties
The big October Caddis will hatch about
the entire month of October and on into
November some years. The most
productive fly is an imitation of the October
Caddis pupae. Fish an imitation of the
adults only when you see trout taking them
from the surface during the egg laying

Brown trout begin their annual upstream
migration Shasta Lake. The pre-spawn
brown trout become aggressive and will
usually attack a streamer that imitates a
baitfish or sculpin. Sculpin patterns become
deadly around the spawning time. The
naturals steal the eggs and the trout well
know it.
Summer is also a good time to fish the
McCloud. Its canyon stretches stay
cool underneath the canopy of the
forest. There are less anglers fishing.
Fly fishing the McCloud River during
the Fall is also a great time to fish the
river. Brown trout spawn in the Fall.
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
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fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
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with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
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Stream levels are still a little low
and there's smoke in the air, so be
aware of that and check the
weather report for smoke. The river
is a little warmer and hatches are
slowed but there are still some
insects hatching and trout being
Be sure to click the above
link to the fishing report. It provides
stream levels and other conditions
and flies you need to be using.
Fishing Report Headlines Archive:
Current McCloud River Fishing Report
04/28/16 Counting down, there is only two more days left in the off-season and to plan your
next McCloud River fly fishing trip.
Send us an email and let us help you plan your next trip to the McCloud River. Planning
ahead will help you get the better times on the water with the right gear and flies.  We have
taken samples of the aquatic insects using professional entomology equipment and know
what is in the river that's most plentiful and available at any time of the season. We are the
only company in the World with specific imitations of all the aquatic insects in all stages of
life applicable to fly fishing.

05/05/12 The season got off to a busy start. You needed to have a rock reserved to make a
cast. It will slow down, the numbers of anglers that is, because there are flood warning out
for the next two days with rising stream levels. We think this will take into the middle of next
week or more, to clear and drop.

05/12/16 The stream levels have been high but falling and getting into good shape. Our
customers are starting to catch some good numbers of trout and some on dry flies. There
are several hatches underway and more to start up very soon. The water is getting warmer

06/12/16We received two good reports from customers this past week. They caught lots of
trout and many on top on dry flies. The weather is cooling down just a little with lots of rain in
the forecast. Keep a close check on the stream levels but otherwise, conditions are very

06/26/16 The McCloud is in good shape with good stream levels and mostly clear water.
The weather is going to be warmer with clear skies for the next few days. Hatches should
increase with the warmer water temperature. Two customers reporting catching a lot of trout
this past week.

06/02/16 The weather is getting warm as I'm sure most everyone knows. From a fishing
standpoint, that is going to increase the hatch activity. The Green Drakes should really get
to going now. Most of the hatching are one the middle and lower sections but some are
taking place about everywhere.

06/09/16 The river continued to fish well even though it was hot this past week. The weather
is going to be much cooler or normal this coming week. Too many anglers think they need a
guide to fish the McCloud. That is simply not true at all. The techniques and strategies isn't
that much different from many other trout streams.

06/16/16 Our customers are reporting some very good catches from the past week. Lots of
insects are hatching and they vary from the upper to the lower sections fo the river. PMDs
and Green Drakes are the important mayflies. Spotted Sedges and Green sedges are the
important caddisflies. Golden stoneflies are still hatching good in some sections.

06/23/16 The stream levels are in very good shape with mostly clear water. Our customers
keep sending in some good reports. There are  lot of Pale Morning duns hatching, and lots
of Spotted sedges and Green sedges, or caddisflies. They are providing some great late
afternoon action during the egg laying. Fish the pupa during the hatch.

06/30/16 The conditions are as good as they get at this time of the year. Lots of insects are
hatching. Green drakes, Speckled wing quills, Blue-winged olives, lots of Pale Morning
duns, Spotted sedges, green sedges, little short-horned sedges, Golden stoneflies and
Yellow sallies. The water is clear as it gets and our customers are catching some very good

07/07/16 The weather is going to be much cooler this coming week. We don't think that is
going to adversely affect the fly fishing opportunity. It will make it more comfortable to fish.
We received two good reports this past week. Not only did they catch a lot of trout, many
can from the surface on the dry fly.

07/14/16 The weather is back to its normal summer temperatures and the cool spell over.
The hatches will begin to slow down. the big Drakes are about done. There are little Yellow
stoneflies hatching but the Goldens are about done. There are a lot of caddisflies hatching.
The egg laying caddis activity late in the day offers your best opportunity to catch trout.

07/21/16 As everyone knows, the weather is going to be very hot. Fish early and late in the
day. The last two or three hours of daylight provides your best opportunity to catch trout.
You have egg laying caddisflies and little Yellow stoneflies. During the day, PMD nymphs
would be a good choice of flies.

07/28/16 We received a good report from a customer last week that caught several trout
and only fished about four hours. He fished very early and very late, until dark. There are a
lot of egg laying caddis and little Yellow stoneflies and that will bring the trout to the surface
to feed on them.

08/04/16 The river is still in decent shape in spite of the lack of rain and heat. It is going to
be a little cooler this coming week. Pale Morning Duns are still hatching good. There are still
some Little yellow stonefly hatches. There are lots of caddis and Tricos are beginning to

08/11/16 The water has been a little off color in some places but the levels are in good
shape from mid summer. There are still some PMDs, little BWOs, size 20, Spotted sedges,
little Sister caddis and other insects hatching. Fish early mornings and the last two or three
hours of the day for the best results. The spinner falls and egg laying caddis bring fish to
the surface to feed late in the day.

08/18/16 The stream is in good shape with clear water. The weather is going to be very hot
this coming week, but cooling down some near the end of the week. We recommend fishing
Sculpin streamers like our Olive and Black Matuka sculpin patterns in the early mornings.
You should also do well imitating the egg laying caddis the last two or three hours of the day.

08/25/16 The weather is going to be a little cooler this coming week. The stream levels will
remain about the same. Fish early mornings and late in the day for the best results.
Caddisfly hatches are the main insect activity taking place. The late afternoon egg laying
gives you some good dry fly opportunity. Tricos are hatching in the lower section of the river.

09/01/16 This is what everyone has been waiting for - cooler weather. That is going to make
a difference in the water temperature before the coming week is over. That is going to make
a huge difference in the activity of the trout. There are still hatches of little BWOs, some
Tricos and lots of caddisflies taking place. Now, is a great time to get on the river.

09/08/16 The river is in good shape from a stream level and water temperature standpoint.
Right now there is a lot of smoke in the area from a nearby fire. It is likely that it will remain
there most of the next few days. Make sure you check on the status of  the fire before
traveling there to fish. .

09/15/16 The few anglers fishing are reporting some decent catches. Conditions have
changed very little this past two weeks. There are more larger Blue-winged olives starting to
hatch and Mahogany duns are starting to show up as well. PMDs are done for the year.
Damsel and dragon fly nymphs are working along with ants, beetles and hoppers.

09/22/16 There will be a couple of cool nights and lower high temps for the day. Hopefully,
that will be an indication Fall isn't all that far off. It may trigger some trout to move out of the
lake's deep water into the river. The stream levels are still very low and won't change
anytime soon. You can still catch trout provided you first don't spook them.

09/29/16 The river is in very good shape in all sections. The stream levels are good and the
water clear and cooler. Hatches are coming along good, with lots of larger
baetis Blue-
winged olives and some Mahogany duns. There are still plenty of Spotted Sedges. Our
customers are doing good using the Brown sculpin in the early mornings and when it is

10/06/16 The cool weather of last week tended to confuse some fishing the McCloud. The
water temperature changed very little an the weather had little to do with anything. It is going
to be back near normal this coming week. There are still plenty of Blue-winged Olives
hatching. These are
baetis size 16s.

10/20/16 The river is high and continuing to rise. It is doubtful wading will be possible this
coming week. There is a chance of rain everyday. The Blue-winged olives should continue
to hatch even better with all the cloud cover but the hatches will be tough to impossible to
fish. Streamers should be your first choice.

10/26/16 We only received one report this past week. Our customer caught some very big
trout on the Brown sculpin streamer. There is a lot of rain in the forecast, so we expect more
changes in the stream levels this coming week. The weather is getting colder and the
hatches will slow down. Blue-winged olives should continue to hatch good.

11/03/16 The season is getting close to the end of another year. It closes the 15th of this
month. The weather and stream levels have settled down and although we didn't receive
any reports this past week from anyone fishing, conditions look good for the coming week.

11/10/16 Five more days to go in the 2016 season. Conditions are good with fairly good
levels and clear water. Blue-winged olives and midges are hatching. Sculpin streamers have
been catching some nice size trout. There should be some cloud cover and that will help as

11/30/16 THE SEASON IS CLOSED UNTIL NEXT YEAR. Now is the time to be planning that
next year's trip. We will gladly help yu do that. Send us and email at the address across this
page on your right.

01/05/17 Happy New Year to all of our customers.
Yes, the season is closed but that is the perfect time to plan that 2017 season fly fishing
trip. We can help you do just that. If you have ever fly fished before, you don't need a guide.

05/11/17 The new season is off and underway with lots of water, water levels to high to
wade safely anywhere. There are also some road issues to some access points, so make
sure you check that out. There are for sure Blue-winged olives, lots of midges and little
Brown stoneflies hatching but none of the big stones or mayflies yet. Right now, all you can
do is stay in touch.

05/18/17 The season is well under way but on one told Mother nature. The stream levels
are still too high to wade and the water is still stained. It should begin to drop fast very soon.
There is no rain in the forecast for the coming week and the weather will be much warmer.
Conditions should get better very soon.

05/25/17 The river is in much better shape and trout are being caught. We received two
good reports the past week. The levels are down a lot and the water clearing up good.
There are lots of hatches taking place. There in no rain in the forecast for the next week
and conditions should get even better.

06/01/17 Excellent conditions exist for this time of the year. We received two good reports
from customers. All sections of the river seem to be in good enough shape to fish. The
weather forecast for the coming week looks good with little to no rain and you should have
another good week of fly fishing opportunity. There are a lot of hatches taking place.

06/22/17 We continue to get good reports from the McCloud. The stream levels are staying
in good shape and lots of aquatic insects are hatching. Multiple hatches is causing some
anglers some problems, but that is usually a good problem to have. This coming week is
going to be a little cooler but it shouldn't have much adverse affect on the fishing.

06/29/17 The river is in good shape in all sections. Our customers are sending in good
report from all sections. There are lots of aquatic insects hatching including two species of
caddisflies and lots of Golden Stoneflies and Little Yellow stoneflies. Pale Morning duns are
hatching good. Now is the time to be fishing the river.

07/06/15 The river is in good shape in spite of the heat. The few anglers fishing are
catching good numbers of trout. There are still a lot of hatches taking place. We have
added terrestrials to the fly list as well. They may become important at times - Carpenter
ants Japanese Beetles and Hoppers.

07/13/17 Conditions are about the same as last week. The stream levels are in good shape
and the water mostly clear. There are few anglers fishing. There are still plenty of hatches
taking place and terrestrials should be working good. Let us hear from you. We didn't
receive any reports from the past week.

07/20/17 The river is in very good shape with low flows and clear water that is allowing good
wading and lots of trout being caught. There are still plenty of hatches taking place. Some
anglers are using terrestrials but we only recommend them when there is no hatches taking
place. Pale Morning duns and little Yellow stoneflies hatches are consistent at this time.

07/27/17 The river is still in good shape. Stream levels are low and wading easy and safe
most places. The the upper sections. We received on good report last week from a
customer. Few anglers are fishing and you should have plenty of space to fish. There are
lots of caddisflies hatching. Pale Morning duns and little Yellow stoneflies are still plentiful.  

08/03/17 The river is in good shape especially considering the very hot weather. There is a
chance for rain staring soon and that will help. The stream levels are in good shape and the
water is cool. Few anglers are fishing but those who are, are catching good numbers of
trout. There are lots of insects hatching. Tricos just started to hatch along with several

08/17/17 The stream conditions are in good shape with normal flows and levels. There is a
lot of haze and smoke in the air. We didn't receive any reports from anyone fishing this past
week and assume the smoke is the reason. There are still lots of hatches taking place on
the river and hopefully, the air will clear out very soon. We will keep you informed.

08/25/17 The good news is the smoke is currently cleared out. We are getting few reports
from anyone fishing lately but did receive one good one this past week. There are still some
good hatches taking place and terrestrials, especially Carpenter ants and Japanese
beetles, are working good. It will be hot this coming week, but cooler than most destinations
in the state.

08/31/17 We didn't receive any reports from customers fishing this past week. The water
levels and clarity is okay and there are still some insects hatching. Terrestrials should work
well. Few anglers are fishing.

09/07/17 The river is still in good shape, with constant low discharges and stream levels.
We did receive one good report from a customer this past week. Conditions should improve
a lot this coming week with the much cooler weather. The hatches will chance and we will be
making some changes in the flies to use this coming week.

09/21/17 Conditions remain about the same as last week. We didn't receive any reports
from anyone fishing, but whoever fished should have done well. The water temperature is
down some and that's a big help. There are still hatches taking place but there are fewer of

09/28/17 It never fails that when conditions get into great shape, few anglers show up to
fish. That's seems to be the case now. The stream levels are good, the water temperature
ideal and some hatches are taking place. We didn't receive any reports from anyone
fishing. The weather will be clear until the middle of next week.

10/05/17 Conditions remain about the same. The water temperature is down a little. We
received one good report from a customer this past week. There were good hatching of
Blue-winged Olive, but we think they will slow down with the clear skies. October caddis are
still hatching.

10/12/17 This is the time of the year when fishing gets about as good as it will get, yet few
anglers fish. You will have plenty of water to yourself. We continue to get some good reports
from customers fishing the river. There are some good hatches still taking place and the
stream levels and other conditions are good.

10/19/17 We are still getting good reports from customers. Two more came in from this past
week. There are some hatches taking place - Mahogany duns, Blue-winged olives, Cream
and Red midges and October caddis. We recommend fishing the tailwater below the
McCloud Reservoir.

10/27/17 We received one good report from a customer fishing this past week. The
McCloud Res tailwater is still turning out some good trout. Hatches are down mostly to
midges and Blue-winged olives. The weather is settled down and there's no rain in the
forecast this coming week.

04/29/18 The season is open and conditions are good. We recommend the upper
Conservation section. The lower river has some dingy water from the runoff of trubutaries.
PMDs, Salmonflies, spotted Sedge caddis and Blue-winged olives are hatching.

05/06/18 The river is still low. You have to stay hidden to keep from spooking the trout. The
lower river is dingy from dingy water tributaries. Fish the upper section or Conservatory
section. There are several insects hatching.

05/13/18 Conditions are good except the water levels are a little low. You need to use some
stealth and be sneaky. Pale Morning duns, Gray drakes, BWOs, Spotted sedge caddis and
Salmonflies are hatching.

05/20/18 The river is still in good shape. The levels are a little low but there is some rain
chances this coming week. The cloud cover will be a big help. There are lots of hatches
taking place including Salmonflies and Golden stoneflies. Western Green Drake are also
hatching. Hatches vary some with the section.

05/27/18 The river is in good shape in all sections but the stream levels are low. You have
to be careful to not spook the trout. Stay as low and as hidden as possible. There are some
very good hatches taking place. We continue to get good reports from anglers fishing.

06/03/18 You may read where fishing has slowed? The fish are eating as much food as they
usually do. The water is low and you can't let the trout see your or your fly line. You can't
get good results with generic junk imported flies they got from Umpqua.  The slower water
lets the trout see the fly. Use Perfect flies and see the difference.

06/10/18 Conditions remain good, except the water levels are low and you have to stay low,
and well hidden from the trout. It also requires good presentations with good imitations of
the most plentiful and available foods at the time.

06/17/18 The river is still low and you have to stay well hidden from the trout. There are still
a lot of good hatches taking place. Pale Morning duns are plentiful in all sections. We
received some good reports from the past week. Be sure to click the above link to our
McCloud River fishing report.

06/24/18 Conditions remain good except some sections are a little low. You have to be
careful to not spook the trout, There are a lot of hatches taking place but they vary some
from section to section. Terrestrials are also working.

07/01/18 The river is in better shape with flows a little higher than our last week's report.
You still have to stay low and hidden. Fish the upper sections of the river. There are still
some good hatches taking place.

07/15/18 The river is still in good shape but still a little low. Trout are being caught by our
customers in good numbers. There are still plenty of good hatches taking place. There is
some rain forecast for Friday and Saturday and that should help