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Fly Fishing On The Skykomish River In
The Skyomish River is very popular steelhead and
salmon river because it's close to Seattle. Its north and
south forks flow out of the Central Cascades to join the
Snoqualmie River at Monroe. It has both a Winter and
Summer run of steelhead and four species of salmon.
There's also a Fall run of cutthroat from the sea. Fly
fishing the Skykomish River, called the Sky by local
anglers, varies greatly depending on the time of year
and the water levels.

From Sultan downstream the Skykomish River is wide,
fairly shallow and moderate in flow most of the time. It
has some good riffles and runs that's perfect for
swinging a fly. Many anglers prefer a Spey Rod in the
lower section. Upstream of Sultan, the river is narrower,
swifter and is filled with rocks and boulders.

The season opens the first day of June with a few wild
steelhead still in the river and the beginning of hatchery
run steelhead. Summer steelhead fishing continues to
late Fall.

Silver Salmon show up in early Fall along with the Pink
Salmon that appear every other year. In late Fall, the
rainy season begins and the water begins to rise. Chum
salmon show up in November.

Hatchery Winter steelhead enter the river to peak in
December. In early January the main attraction of the
Sky, the wild steelhead begin to appear. They continue
to increase in numbers until the season closes the last
day of February. The river is closed to fishing March
through May to protect the spawning fish.

Also see "Seasons" on the left side of the page
Fly fishing the Skykomish River is closed during March,
April and May.
There's a Summer steelhead run.
Fall fishing is great for Silver Salmon and Pink salmon
when they are in the river.
Chum Salmon peaks in November. January through
February is prime winter steelhead time

Skykomish River Fishing Report:
11/28/13 Two customers ordering flies reported decent
steelhead catches. Both used our
Perfect Fly Green
Sedge Larva Steelhead fly. One also caught fish on the
Giant Black Steelhead Stonefly nymph. Both indicator
Type of Stream

Steelhead (native and hatchery)
Chum Salmon
Coho Salmon
Pink Salmon

Medium to Large

Northwest Washington

Nearest Towns

Fishing season open June 1 through
February 28


USGS Stream Flow Data:
Near Gold Bar

Non-Resident License
State of Washington

National Weather Service Link

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12/09/13 Local contact report river is still very much off
color and cold. He has no reports of fish taken.
12/12/13 Same local contact reporting the
water has cleared up a little and a few
hatchery steelhead are being caught.
Fly Fishing Report Skykomish
Updated 10/2
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12/12/13 Customer reporting he is
catching a few steelhead but the water is
low and clear and very cold. Ice has even
been a problem.
12/30/13 Stream is back to normal winter
levels flowing at 2891 cfs and at 5.91 feet
and clear. No reports of steelhead being
01/11/14 stream flowing at 9820 cfs at 8.75
ft. and rising. This should bring more
steelhead into the system very soon.
01/18/14 Steelhead are showing up and are
being caught according to our local contact.
The stream has cleared up and is falling and
back to 4660 cfs at 6.95 ft.
01/25/14 The stream levels are back down to
normal winter levels and the catching should
be continuing but we have not had any good
reports during the past week. Two anglers
reported getting skunked.
02/01/14 The water rose for a couple of
days but it back near normal winter levels.
Flowing at 3040 cfs at 6.06 feet. Still only a
very few fish have been caught according
to our local contact.
02/08/14 As everyone probably knows, rain
is starting by Monday and continuing to the
point the stream levels will be back up and
the fishing much better.
02/15/14 Stream is flowing at 4840 cfs at
7.04 feet which is high but much more rain
is in the forecast for the coming week.
02/22/14 The river is back down to 3270 at
6.2 feet, or just above normal.
03/01/14 The season is closed.
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06/07/14 The season is open but don't
expect much until more fish move into the
river. Watch the stream levels, they are
subject to be high.
06/14/14 No reports from anyone fishing
this past week. The river levels are in
good shape, flowing about normal.
06/21/14 No reports. Let us hear from you.
07/05/14 Still no reports from customers or
other anglers. Let us hear from you.
07/26/14 There are a few summer run
steelhead being caught. The best fishing is
from Monre to the high bride. Send us your
fishing reports.
08/10/14 We have not received any good
fishing reports for the past two weeks. Sea
run cutts should enter the river later this
08/16/14 A very few steelhead are being
caught by those savy enough to fish the low
08/30/14 Low water conditions are hurting.
09/13/14 Very low water conditions still exist.
09/27/14 Fishing Conditons should improve
this coming month but it is all dependant on
10/11/14 It is raining and looks like it will
continue for a few days, so watch the
levels. There are lots of Coho in the river
along with some summer steelhead.
10/18/14 More Coho being caught by
customers. Stream conditions for the past
week have been good.
10/25/14 Stream levels are currently high
with more rain in the forecast. It is 100%
today and forecast every day for the next
12/05/14 Hatchery steelhead are showing up
in small number but will increase as the
month goes by. Most of these fish will go to
the Reiter Ponds.
12/12/15 It is flowing at 6390 cfs at Gold
Bar, high and dirty.
12/20/14 Levels fell but on the way back up
big time.
12/27/14 Stream levels are still high but they
have fell a lot and nearing good levels. Still
more rain for a couple more days.
01/10/15 Stream levels are in good shape
but we didn't get any "catching" reports fhis
past week. Let us hear from you.
01/17/15 Two customers reporting they
are catching plenty of steelhead near
Reiter Ponds.
01/24/15 Good conditions and a couple
more good reports of steelhead being
02/07/15 The river is blown out with more
rain forecast through Monday. It will take a
few days to clear.
02/21/15 A few fish in the Sultan to Monroe
area have been caught this past week to ten
days by our customers using
Perfect Fly
steelhead nymphs.
03/28/15 Season closed. Will reopen the
first of June. We will resume the reports at
that time.
04/11/15 The Skykomish is closed until June
1. Let us help plan your next trip.
05/23/15 Season opens in another week, or
June 1 and we will resume the reports.
06/27/15 There are a few summer SH in the
river. Watch the stream levels. It will improve
within the next week or two.
07/11/15 Fish from Sultan to Retier Ponds. It
will be crowded near the ponds. The fish will
be concentrated in that area because of the
rearing ponds.
07/15/15 The river is closed to fishing due to
high water temperatures.
08/08/15 The river is still closed because of
the high water temperature.
08/15/15 Same song, second verse.
08/22/15 Still closed to fishing. We need rain
and cooler weather.
08/29/15 Still closed but this should change
soon with the rain and cooler weather.
09/05/15 The river has been re-opened to
fishing thanks to the recent rain and better
water temperatures.
09/12/15 Cooler weather next week and
expected rainfall should greatly improve the
09/26/15 A few summer steelhead and a few
pinks are in the river. Two good reports from
the past week. Call or email us for fly selection.
Map of Skykomish River
10/02/15 Not much change from the past
week. The river could use some more rain.
10/10/15 A few summer run streelhead are
being caught. A few coho are in the lower
river. It is still slow.
10/16/15 Low water and slow fishing conditions.
A few summer steelhead are still in the river as
well as a few Coho.
10/24/15 No change, low water and slow
fishing conditions. There is some rain in the
forecast for this coming week and that
should be a big help.
10/31/15 Stream levels are up from the rain
and more fish are in the river. It is still high but
should improve the fishing a lot.
11/14/15 The stream is way up but falling.
There is more rain forecast. Coho are in the
river in good numbers.
11/21/15 Conditions are still good for coho but
no reports of steelhead. They should begin
entering the river soon.
11/28/15 Still no report of hatchery steelhead
being caught. Lots of rain is in the forecast
for next week and that should change things.
12/05/15 Stream levels are back near normal
but headed up fast with lots of rain in the
forecast for the coming week. It should help.
12/12/15 The stream flows near Gold Bar is
down to 7780 cfs but that's still about twice the
normal flow. There is snow forecast every day
for the next week.
12/26/15 The river is down to normal levels
for this time of the year. Snow is in the
forecast through Wednesday. No reports
form the past week.
01/09/15 A very few steelhead are being
caught. It should improve a lot and soon. Few
anglers are fishing and hopefully, that is the
Perfect Fly Steelhead Flies
01/23/15 The river is still high but fishable. No
reports from the past week.
02/06/16 The river id down to normal levels and
there's hatchery steelhead being caught.  
02/13/16 The river is flowing high at 8669 cfs
and 9.40 feet. Normal is 2610 cfs.
02/27/16 Just as note to let you know the river
is closed to fishing until June 1st. Send us an
email and let us help you plan that next trip.
04/09/16 It is about 6 weeks until the season
reopens, but not to early to send us an email
to let us help you plan that next trip. The email
address is just above.
05/14/16n Just a little over 2 more weeks until
the season opens. Give us a call or email and
let us help you.
05/28/16 The season opens on Wednesday.
June 1st. Send us an email and let us help
you plan your next Skykomish fishing trip.
06/18/16 The season is still closed. Stay
tuned for further notices.
07/02/16 The sea-run cutts are coming into
the river and a few are being caught. Summer
runs are being caught coming into Hatchery
Creek. There are a lot of anglers fishing.
07/30/16 The river is closed.
08/20/16 The river will reopen on the 24th of
08/27/16 The river reopened and there have
been a few sea-run cutts showing but it is slow
action due to the low,warmer water.
09/03/16 Stream levels are back up to normal
and that should help to conditions. More
sea-run cutts are likely to come into the river.
09/24/16 Stream flows are at 1120 cfs, which
is near normal level. Sea run cutts are being
caught in good numbers.
10/08/16 The river is closed untill October
24th. Check back with us at that time.
10/22/16 It opens in two more days but the
stream levels are very high right now. You will
just have to watch the levels.
10/29/16 The stream  levels are down to 4550
cfs, but there is more heavy rain in the forecast
everyday this coming week. Watch the levels.
11/12/16 The river is closed until the 24th of
11/26/16 Season open. Flowing at 4640 cfs at
Gold Bar, or not bad. No reports have come in
Perfect Fly Steelhead Flies
12/10/16 The stream levels have been high
but are back a little below normal and anglers
are catching some steelhead.
12/24/16 Customers are reporting catches of
wild steelhead. Stream levels are fine, running
a little below normal.
12/31/16 There's lots of anglers fishing and
fish being caught, mostly near hatchery. Some
Coho and Dolly.
01/14/17 We received a couple of reports of
bull trout and coho. We didn't receive any
reports of wild steelhead, so far.
02/11/17 The river is still high, flowing at 5080
cfs, and needs to get back down to 4300 or
below. That should be the next day or two.
03/011/17 The flows at Gold Bar are 5880 cfs
at 8.17 ft. The season is closed.
2/25/17 A few fish were being caught but
watch the stream levels, They will be rising.
05/27/17 The season opens June 1st. We will
06/22/17 Somehow lost several reports.
07/22/17 Good numbers are still being
caught from Sultan to the Retier Ponds.
Shoot us an email and we will send you a list
of flies that will work.
08/12/17 The hatchery steelhead fishing has
been pretty good near Reiter.
08/26/17 One report of sea-run cutts but the
warm water has it slow. A few more hatchery
steelhead have been caught.
09/09/17 Good numbers of sea-run cutts are
being caught. Hatchery steelhead are still in
the system.
09/23/17 There are lots of sea-run cutts in
the river as well as some Coho salmon.
10/21/17 Coho salmon fishing has been
good. Send us an email for a recommended
fly list for Coho.
12/04/17 Hatchery steelhead are being
caught n good numbers near the hatchery
at Reiter. Swinging, SH nymphs and eggs
flies are working. Send us an email for a list,.
01/01/18 There are still a few hatchery
steelhead being caught. SH.Nymphs are
02/19/18 For all practical purposes, it is
about over. There may be a few hatchery
03/05/18 We don't recommend fishing it at
this time. Check back with us.
08/21/18 There are some steelhead being
caught. Sea-run cutts should start coming in
the river very soon, if not already.
10/05/18 There are some summer run
steelhead but very slow fishing. Coho salmon
fishing is closed due to low returns.
10/15/18 :Little change has occurred.
A few summer steelhead.
12/01/18 No steelhead reports yet, but get
ready. They will start in soon.
01/27/19 The season is open and there
have been a few steelhead caught and the
stream is back down to a normal level.
02/10/19 There are a few steelhead being
caught. Flows are down a little below
normal levels.
03/22/19 Season is closed to June first but
send us an email and let us help you plan
that next trip.
05/26/19 Season starts in less than a week.
It is time to be getting prepared with the
righ gear and flies.
10/01/19 The stream levels have been a
little high, which is good for bringing in fish,
but we have not received any "catch"
reports yet.
10/20/19 The river levels remain above
normal which should bring in Steelhead and
10/27/19 The river has dropped to normal
levels, but Salmon are still coming in and
we are getting good reports. Steelhead
should really pick the second week of
November. The weather is great this week
for fishing.