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Fly Fishing On The Spokane River In
The Spokane River begins in Idaho and runs through
the city of Spokane, Washington. It's a big river that's a
tributary of the Columbia River that's approximately
111 miles long. It begins from Lake Coeur d'Alene in
Idaho and passes over 6 dams along its way to the
Columbia River. It also passes over Spokane Falls
which is the main Spokane tourist attraction. It's a very
diverse river with several different types of water.

The trout season open the first of June but the water is
normally still high. There is a link below for you to easily
check the stream levels. It all depends on the snowpack
and weather. The best time to fish the Spokane River is
after the water levels subside which is normally near the
first of July through September. Fly fishing the Spokane
River can produce some nice rainbow and brown trout.
The rainbows average about ten to twelve inches and
the browns are less common and only slightly larger on
the average.

The river consist of areas of riffles and some deeper
pools, depending on the particular section of the river.  
Wading isn't possible everywhere. Much of the river is
too deep to wade. The best wading waters runs from the
Spokane Valley to Coeur d'Alene. Riverside State Park
in Spokane also provides some good wading

The Little Spokane River is the major tributary of the
Spokane River. It drains a rural area of forested foothills
and a farming valley north of the city of Spokane that
runs along the Idaho-Washington border. It has a good
population of rainbow trout and as well as some brown

The Spokane River has a good population of aquatic
insects including mayflies, caddisflies and some
stoneflies. Most of the mayflies are Blue-winged Olives,
Pale Morning duns and Triocs but there are others.
Caddisflies are mostly Spotted Sedges and Green
Sedges but there are many more species.

The majority of the stoneflies are Golden Stoneflies,
Little Yellow Stoneflies and Skwalas, but other species
exist. Terrestrials work well during the Summer and early
Fall. Make sure you have some Perfect Fly ants, beetles
and grass hopper fly patterns. The river also has a good
population of sculpin and baitfish.

Although many guys claim that the generic trout flies
work just as good as any, it is a fact they don't. The
more your fly looks and acts like the real food the trout
are eating, the higher your odds of success.

Runs year round except Mid March to June 1.
Spring isn't a good time for fly fishing the Spokane River.
The river is almost always too high. .
Summer is the best time to fish the river.
Early Fall is also good. Brown trout begin to spawn.

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Year-round except mid March to
June 1 closed for spawn.


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Spokane River Washington
Spokane River Fishing Report:
Conditions are good but closing
March 1st for spawning season.

There are good cream and red or
blood midge hatches as well as
winter stoneflies. Our sculpin and
articulated streamer patterns are
working good. Shoot us an email
and let us help you plan that next