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Fly Fishing On The Teton River In Idaho
There are two Teton Rivers - one in Montana and
another in Idaho. The one in Central Montana is formed
in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the one in Idaho is
formed in the Teton Mountains. Fly fishing the Teton
River in Idaho is a real treat and here's why.

The Teton River is a tributary of the North Fork of the
Snake River and flows into the Snake near St. Anthony,
Idaho. It drains an area of the Teton Mountains and
flows westward through the Teton Basin for a total
length of about 75 miles. Once the river leaves the
mountains, it enters the flat country of Idaho potatoes
where is has carved its way to the Snake River.

Most of the river flows through private property. It can be
accessed at a few bridges and it can be fished from a
boat, provided the water levels are acceptable. Some
areas of the river offers white water rafting, so it is not all
calm water. Most anglers use a pontoon type water craft
as opposed to the traditional drift boat, although some
sections can be fished from a wooden drift boat. It
strictly depends on the section of the river.

In its uppermost parts the Teton is a meadow stream.
Some of the water comes from numerous springs along
its route. Most of the water flows through private
property in this section, so the bank fishing and wading
is limited. There are several boat ramps along the rivers
course. There are several campgrounds in the area.
The small towns of Driggs, Tetonia and Victor are
located in the area of the Teton River.

When the river flows from the upper valley, not far below
Harrop's Bridge, it enters a canyon that is very
inaccessible. This section consist of white water that can
be difficult to negotiate. I won't get into the details of the
history of it, but the area at the end of this canyon was
once the site of a lake formed by a earth made dam. It
broke in 1976 and eleven people lost their life as a

The fish are mostly cutthroats and rainbows. Cutbows,
or hybrids, are also present along with some brook trout
in its upper reaches. The larger fish are in the canyon
section of the river. Because of the changes in the flows
of the river, from a meadow stream to a canyon stretch,
the river has a wide variety of aquatic insects. The
springs along the way also contribute to this diversity. In
short, the Teton River has a lot of different species of
mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies that include most
species that are found in this area of the western United

I will list some of the most important ones. Mayflies such
as different species of Blue-winged olives hatch in the
early and late seasons. Pale Morning duns are probably
the second most important mayfly. There are Yellow
Quills, Ginger Quills, Pink Ladies, Green Drakes, Small
Western Green Drakes, Brown Drakes and Tricos. Most  
caddisflies are species of Spotted Sedges, Green
Sedges, Black Dancers, Little Black caddis,
Short-horned sedges, and October Caddis. Stoneflies
included the big Salmonflies, Golden Stoneflies and
Little Yellow Stoneflies.

There are plenty of terrestrial insects including ants,
beetles and grass hoppers. Sculpins are the most
important fish food for the trout.

If it were not for the Henry's Fork and the South Fork of
the Snake River being in the same general area of
Idaho, the Teton River would be a much more popular
fly fishing destination than it is. It is a beautiful river. With
the Tetons in the background, it would be difficult to
imagine anything else. Our one day of fishing this river
from the banks, produced several nice fish. I would
expect that drifting the river would produce even
more and be the best way to fish it.

Seasons follow the general Idaho fishing season.
Spring would be okay, but only before and after the
The Summer would be best for fly fishing the Teton
River in its headwaters.
Early Fall would present good opportunities.
Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Cuttbows (hybrids)

Northeaster Idaho

Small to medium

Nearest Towns

Memorial Day through October

Good but lots of hiking required

Non-Resident License
State of Idaho

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Teton River Fly Fishing Report
05/01/16 The season is closed. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let us help you plan
your next Teton River Fly fishing trip. We have taken samples of the aquatic insects and other
foods from this river several times using professional entomology equipment and don't guess
at what food is there and we don't go by trail and error (what Joe Blow caught fish on
Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
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fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
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USGS Real-time Stream Data:
Near South Leigh Creek
06/09/19 Fishing Report
(see bottom of this page)
05/24/16 The season opens this Memorial day weekend.
06/30/16 The runoff is about over and the stream levels way down and mostly clear water.
Lots of hatches are starting up including the big stoneflies and many others. Send us an email
for a list of hatches and flies to imitate them.
07/14/16 The river is in very good shape with good stream levels and a large number of
hatches taking place. We had two good reports this past week from customers fishing the
Teton. There are few anglers fishing, another big advantage.
08/11/16 Two good reports came in this past week. The levels are a little low but otherwise, in
good shape. There are still a lot of hatches taking place in the middle and upper sections of
the river. Bitch Creek tributary is also in good shape and producing some good catches.
08/18/16 The stream level is still low and you have to use stealth and stay hidden from the
trout but those that do, are catching plenty of trout. Hatches vary depending on the section
of the river being fished, or more specifically, the elevation.
08/25/16 We received two good reports for customers. There are still some good hatches in
the middle and upper sections. Terrestrial insect  imitations are also working good.
09/15/16 The water is low and clear. Stay hidden and use longer presentations. Mahogany
duns, spotted sedges, little yellow stoneflies, Tricos on the lower end, Blue-winged olives and
soon to be October Caddis. Give us a call or email and let us help you.
10/06/16 The stream level is normal and in good shape. There are a lot of fish being caught
by our customers. Several insects are still hatching but they vary from section to section.
10/20/16 The stream levels and weather forecast are both excellent. It is a very good time to
fish the Teton. This won't last forever. Mahogany duns, BWOs, Western Ginger Quill and
October Caddis are hatching.
11/03/16 The season closed the first of November.
11/24/16 Send us an email and let us help you plan that next fly fishing trip.
12/22/16 We didn't hear form you. Prime time will be here before you know it. Happy Holidays.
01/19/17 An entry to get the new year started. Let us help you plan that next trip. Send us an
email. Address just above.
02/23/16 Shoot us an email and let us help you plan that next Teton River fly fishing trip.
03/23/17 The river is flowing at 625 cfs at 2.36 ft. Normal at this time is around 300 cfs. It is
falling out but will take a few more days. Check back with us to plan that next trip.
05/18/17 The flows are at 857 cfs at 2.69 ft, or too high to high to fish with heavy stained
06/08/17 The stream levels are still far too high from runoff, flowing at 1810 cfs, at 4.5 feet. It
is hopefully, nearing its peak and will be dropping soon to offer some fly fishing opportunity.
06/15/17 The flows are down to 1370 cfs at 3.64, or high but dropping and getting into better
06/29/17 Flows are at 1820 cfs at 4.27 ft. or very high from runoff. All you can do is wait.
07/16/17 The flows are at 1150 cfs at 3.30 ft, which is high but okay to fish. It isn't safe to wade
in most places at this level. There are lots of hatches taking place. Little Yellow and Golden
stoneflies, Green drakes, PMDs, Spotted and green sedge caddis and others.
08/03/17 The flows are down and the river in good shape with lots of hatching going on and
lots of trout being caught. Anglers are doing well in the backcounty and well as the middle and
lower river.
08/10/17 Good reports from the back country streams and main river. Lots of hatches, good
stream levels and some being caught on terrestrial imitations.
09/07/17 Stream levels are a little low but otherwise in good condition. There are still plenty
insects hatching and terrestrial imitations are working good as well. We received two good
reports from customers fishing this past week.
10/05/17 Conditions are very good and lots of trout are being caught by our customers. Both
the backcountry and the middle and lower river are turning out good numbers of trout.
10/27/17 Good numbers of trout are being caught in the middle and lower sections of the river.
Blue-winged olives, October Caddis and Midges are hatching. Stream levels are in good shape.
12/02/17 The season is closed but you can always send us an email and let us help you plan
that next trip.
04/29/18 The season is getting near, opening Memorial day.. Send us an email and let us help
you plan that next trip.
05/27/18 The season is open but stream levels are very high due to runoff. Keep checking back
with us. We will keep you informed of the conditions. It will be good when it clears and drops.
06/92/18 The stream is still very high  from runoff. It is likely to be a few more days.
06/24/18 The stream levels are way down, to a 1050 cfs, but this is still high, too high to wade
safely but getting close to good shape. It shouldn't be very long before it is in great shape.
There are some good hatches already taking place.
07/01/18 Stream levels are down a lot flowing at 809 cfs, which is getting near low enough to fish
good. Flows of 500-700 cfs are better. It is falling fast. There are lots of hatches taking place.
07/15/18 The stream levels are down in excellent shape and the water clear. There are lots of
insects hatching and lots of trout being caught in all sections of the river. Send us an email for a
recommended fly list.
07/22/18 Conditions remain very good. Good stream levels and good hatches are taking place.
We are getting some good reports.
08/05/18 The river is in very good shape with good levels and lots of trout being caught. All
sections of the river are turning out trout, from the headwaters to the lowest section.
08/19/18 The river is flowing just a little below normal levels and lots of trout are being caught.
There are multiple hatches taking place. Both wading and boat anglers are catching trout from
all sections of the river.
09/02/18 Conditions are very good in all sections from the headwaters to the lowest section of
the river. Lots of trout are being caught. Good hatches are taking place and terrestrials are
working good. Now is the time to be fishing the Teton.
09/16/18 We received more good reports from the past two weeks. The stream ls still a little low
but otherwise, in good shape. October caddis are starting to hatch in the uppermost sections of
the river and will move upstream as the water cools down.
10/20/18 Trout are still being caught in good numbers. Sculpin streamers, especially the
Perfect Fly Articulated patterns, are catching some big trout.
02/09/19 Season is still closed. Send us an email and let us help you plan that next trip.
04/02/19 It won't be long before Memorial Day, so be prepared for a good season opener.
Shoot us an email.
06/09/19 The stream levels are still high due to sping runoff and the water dingy to downright
muddy. It will be dropping and clearing soon. Now is the time to get your fly fshing gear and flies
ready fhe upcoming good opportunity. Send us an email for a recommend fly and gear list.