James Marsh fishing Madison River
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Hiding From Trout - Part Two
If you really want to learn a lot about what spooks trout, and how well they can see and hear you, do right the
opposite of what you should do. See how many trout you can spook. Spring creeks are perfect places to do this. It is
easier for you to see the trout and easier for the trout to see you. You can see the reaction of the trout, whereas, in
freestone streams, trout can flee without you ever seeing them.
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Perfect Fly Fishing Blog - March, 2015
The Perfect Fly fly-fishing blog is about all things to do with fly fishing with articles, fly fishing tips and techniques,
photos, fly-fishing news, and much more. It includes information on fly fishing for trout, panfish, and steelhead as
well as fly fishing for many different saltwater species of fish.
Angie Marsh fishing Letort Spring Run