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Perfect Fly Fishing Blog - December, 2014
The Perfect Fly fly-fishing blog is about all things to do with fly fishing with articles, fly fishing tips and techniques,
photos, fly-fishing news, and much more. It includes information on fly fishing for trout, panfish, and steelhead as
well as fly fishing for many different saltwater species of fish.
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The Blue-winged Olive Mayfly
Trout Food
Blue-winged Olive Mayfly
The Blue-winged Olive mayfly is probably the best known mayfly there is. It is difficult to find a cold water trout
stream that doesn't have the little mayflies. That's not the only reason it is so well known, the name is used by fly
anglers for dozens, if not hundreds, of different species of mayflies.
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Brown Trout
Freestone trout stream
Freestone trout stream brown trout
A freestone trout stream is born at the top of a mountain as drops of rainwater and a melting snow pack or
snowflakes. As gravity forces these droplets of water to seep through the crevices of rocks, soil and organic
matter, they combine into small trickles of water. These trickles eventually collide and become larger and larger.
They form tiny streams. These tiny streams eventually..................
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Fly Fishing Freestone Trout Streams
Going with the flow
Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is one of the most exciting forms of fly fishing. Pound for pound, they are
considered the strongest fighters of any freshwater fish by many anglers. Smallmouth bass flies imitate crayfish,
nymphs, baitfish, minnows, sculpin, and many other items of food...........
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Smallmouth Bass Flies
Fly Fishing For Trout
A Primer For Those Getting Started
Brown Trout
Before you begin this part of the Perfect Fly "learning to fly fish" series, you want to make sure you have learned the
main items of food trout eat and the basic casting techniques and principles. It has been said many
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Salmonfly Nymph
Salmonfly Trout Flies
The Hatch Anglers Go Nuts Over
Fly anglers go nuts over a salmonfly hatch, often traveling from across the nation from eastern and southern
states to fish a hatch and sometimes, even from foreign countries.  Sometimes, anglers catch the hatch in
progress, and sometimes they miss it by being too early or too late......
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