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Fall River Fishing Report - Archive:
04/10/14 Season is closed until April 26, 2014. Check back just prior to the opening
for our weekly fishing reports.

04/17/14 The season opens saturday April 26, so we are going ahead and making
these recommendations: Blue-winged Olives, size 18/20, nymphs, emergers, duns and
spinners. Cream Midges, size 20/22, larva, puipa and adults. These Insects are
already hatching and will be on opening day. .

4/24/14 The season opens day after tomorrow and stream and weather conditions look
good for the opening of the season. Let us hear from you  and check back next week
for our first reports.

05/01/14 Low water conditions exist but that doesn't really hurt the fishing
opportunities at this time of the season. Blue-winged Olives are hatching, mostly
on cloudy, overcast days. These are small, hook size 20 to 18.

05/08/14 Three great reports from anglers ordering flies. Plenty of trout are
being caught. Blue-winged Olive nymphs are the biggest producers. There are a
few light hatches of very small BWOs.

05/15/14 Two more good reports from anglers fishing this past one and one not
so good. The Fall isn't exactly a pushover. Conditions are as good as they get at this
time of the season.

05/22/14 One good report from a customer order more flies. He has caught
a few on each of three trips he has made since the opening of the season.

06/05/14 Very warm weather has the river turned on. Great Olive Wing Drakes are
hatching, Pale Morning Duns and three species of caddisflies. Send us an email
(click link above) and we will give your our recommendations for flies.

06/12/14 Lots of bug hatching and as many fish being caught as they ever are.
Customers giving us some great reports for this not so easy to fish river.

06/19/14 More good fishing reports coming in, most from regular customers
and one from a new customer fishing the river for the first time. All seemed to do
well with normal complaints of reluctant fish. That's par for the Fall River course.

06/26/14 It is difficult to tell if the warm weather is getting to the fish or
fishermen. One angler reporting good fishing and one reporting catching zero.

07/03/14 Anglers are managing to out smart a few trout each day. Very hot
weather has prompted anglers to fish early and late in the day.

07/17/14 The cool spring water saves the day for the Fall River in hot weather,
otherwise it would be too warm to fish. Savy anglers are catching some trout but
others aren't.

07/24/14 We did get some better reports this past week. At least two anglers were
happy with their catches. Scuds, sowbugs, and size 20 BWO nymphs
worked best for them.

08/01/14 Although spring creeks can be tough to fish, the Fall River currently
offers as good of an opportunity to catch trout as most other California streams.

08/14/14 Fires in the nearby area have hampered the fly fishing opportunities
but conditions are improving.

08/28/14 Three customers reporting very good fishing. Calibaetis (speckled wing
quills, PMDs and spotted Sedges are the main insects to imitate.

09/11/14 One of the best places to fish for trout in the state right now. Plenty of
tout are being caught. Conditions are as good as they get in September.

09/25/14 Streamers and midges are catching plenty of trout. Conditions are
good and the numbers of anglers are down to a few.

10/09/14 No one has said it is an easy stream to fish but those that know how
are catching plenty of trout. Midges and tiny BWOs is the key.

10/16/14 Conditions are improving with cooler weather in the forecast. Anglers
are catching trout on a fairly consistent basis.

10/23/14 Much better conditions exist. Two customers reporting catching
several trout on our BWO patterns.

10/30/14 More good fishing reports from the past week. Some rain is in the
forecast and cloud cover helps.

11/15/14 Season Closed November 15
Fall River, California - Fishing Reports updated July 17, 2019
01/08/15 A note that the fishing season will open again the last Saturday of April
Fly Fishing Fall River, California
A description of the Fall River, Guide
to fly fishing the Fall River, Fall River
fishing seasons and much more
04/30/15 The Fall River 2015 fishing season is now open. Give us a call or email
and let us help you plan your next trip. Number and address is below under
"options for selecting flies".
05/07/15 Blue-winged Olives, 18/20, some PMDs, Little Black Caddis and fish being caught.
05/21/15 Anglers are reporting good conditions and catching. The upper river is fishing
the best as is usual for the early season. .
05/28/15 Good report from customer using our Brown Sculpin streamer.
06/07/15 More good reports from customers fishing the upper fall river. Blue-winged olives
and streamers, mostly sculpin patterns are working great.
06/11/15 The upper river continues to produce. The water is warming up fast and you
can expect several hatches to start taking place very soon.
06/18/15 Two good reports from customers. The lower river is beginning to produce.
07/03/15 Big Great Olive Wing Duns (called Hex's by some) are hatching.
07/09/15 Conditions are as good as they get on the Fall River. Two good customer reports.
07/16/15 Hexs still hatching along with lots of other aquatic insects. Very good conditions.
07/23/15 You have to fish very late in the evenings to catch the Hex spinner falls but they
are producing some nice trout.
07/30/15 Two more good reports came in this past week from customers.
08/06/15 There are both Blue-winged olives and PMDs, depending on what part of the
river you are fishing. Lots of Spotted Sedges and Green Sedges, both caddisflies.
08/13/15 Lots of caddis, Spotted Sedges, Green Sedge and Little short horned but
you need to fish late in the day during egg laying.
08/20/15 Contrary to what you may hear and think, you don't need a guide to catch trout
on the Fall River. You do need to match the most plentiful and available food as close
as possible. There are three species of caddis and some BWOs but they are sparse.
08/27/15 Probably the best fly fishing for trout option in the State. Don't forget the mighty
scud. The trout don't ignore them. It is the American Express fly. Don't go without it.
09/03/15 The cooler weather is going to change the hatches some during the next few
days. Blue-winged olives will become a major one again. We will keep you informed.
09/10/15 About the only change bug wise we noticed is Mahogany Duns are showing
up. The Fall River is still about the best option for fly fishing in the state right now.
09/17/15 Don't be afraid to use a downstream parachute cast, to in essence, feed
the fly to the trout. They can get pretty picky and spooky in the smooth flows.
09/24/15 Two excellent reports from customers. Both caught some nice size rainbows on
Mahogany duns and Spotted sedge caddis. Great weather and stream conditions.
10/01/15 Fall is an excellent time to catch some large trout on the Fall River. The
cooler weather seems to have already made a difference though only a couple of
degrees , water temperature wise.
10/08/15 We got one good report from a customer using our Brown sculpin streamer.
He caught several large rainbows and one very large brown this last week.
10/15/15 Two customers, regulars on the river, had some very nice catches of large trout
this past week. Little changes has taken place. Streamers are still the big fish choice.
10/22/15 Customers are reporting some very good catches on the Fall. Blue-winged
Olive hatches are taking place but sparse during the clear sky weather.
10/29/15 We didn't receive any reports from anyone fishing this past week. We had two
customers planning on fishing this coming weekend. We will report on their success or
failure. We think the Brown Sculpin is still a top fly to use at this time of the season. .
11/05/15 The customers mentioned below reported catch about a half dozen fish in four
hours of fishing. One measured 18 inches. Not a bad half day at all.
11/12/15 Another season comes to a close in three more days. Right now, neither the
trout or the Blue-winged Olives know that. They are still there. Oh, I forgot the lowly
midge. There are about gillions of them there.
11/19/15 The fishing has come to an end on the nation's largest spring creek. That
means we need to help you plan you're next trip, hopefully, on opening day of the
2016 season. Shoot us and email or call us.
01/14/16 This is just a note to say, shoot us an email and we will be glad to help you
plan that next Fall River fishing trip. We base flies on actual samplings from the river
taken over time, not trial and error.
02/11/16 The 2016 fishing season opens the last Saturday of April. Now is the time to
plan your next trip and make sure you have the right flies and gear.
02/25/15 Send us and email . We will be glad to help you plan
that next fly fishing trip to the Fall river. It isn't exactly an easy stream to fish. Having the
right setup, gear, flies and strategy will greatly improve your odds of success.
03/10/16 There is good news for the Fall River. The heavy rains we are getting will help
increase the water table and insure the Fall River will be in good shape for the coming season.
03/24/16 There is just a little over a month to go for the Fall River 2016 fishing season
to begin. Trout can see your fly very well in spring creeks and that is why our Perfect
Flies work better than the generic fly shop flies imported mostly by Umpqua.
04/21/16 Just a few more days for the season to get underway. We have many
patterns no one else has that help anglers on the Fall River. Let us help you. Send us
and email and let us help you.
04/28/16 Three more days to go before the season opens. We will have a full report a
week from now.
05/05/16 The season got off to a very good start with two of our customers
reporting catching several and some on the dry fly. It is raining hard as I write this
and stream levels will increase and the water get a little stain.
05/12/16 The weather is clear and nice and the following week should be a good
one to fish the Fall River. Streamers like our Brown Sculpin are working very good.
Midges and Blue-winged olives represent the other best options.
05/19/16 The cooler weather and rain will have an effect on the dry fly fishing the
next few days, but PMD nymphs and BWO nymphs and duns, should continue to
work good. We had two good reports from customers this past week.
06/02/16 The river is in great shape. The clear skies are not so helpful but if you
stick with nymphs/larva until you see top water action, you will do much better.
Blue-winged olives, spotted Sedges, Pale Morning duns, Gray Drakes, Green
sedges are the most important insects at this time.
06/16/16 The Fall river is the ideal stream to fish in the high heat. The water stays
almost a constant temperature and the fish keep on responding. Damselfly and
Dragon Fly nymphs are producing as well as the PMD's and little BWO hatches.
06/30/16 The river continues to be in great shape, but as everyone knows, the
weather is going to be hot. Fish early mornings and very late in the day near dark.
The spinner falls and eggs laying caddis is bringing trout to the surface.
07/07/16 The past week has been a good one according to our customers. They
have managed to catch some good numbers and sizes of trout. There are still a lot
of insects hatching and many trout are being taken from the surface.
07/14/16 The weather is going to be much warmer this week, and the Fall river is
going to provide some comfort and trout for those that use the right strategies.
There a lots of caddisflies hatching, Speckled wing Quills and Pale Morning duns.
07/21/16 The Speckled-winged Quills (callebaetis) hatches and spinner falls are
bringing a lot of trout to the surface. Pale Morning duns are also hatching good.
07/28/16 Tricos are hatching big time along with the Speckled wing quills. Pale morning
duns are still hatching good along with two species of caddis. Good Conditions.
08/11/16 Still a top destination for California anglers during the heat of summer. We
received two good reports from customers this past week. Speckled wing quills, little
BWOs, Spotted sedges, and Little sister caddis are hatching.
08/25/16 This is a great destination considering the hot weather. The water stays
cool and the fish active. There are lots of hatches taking place and our customers
are sending in some very good reports.
09/15/16 The river still offer one of the top fly fishing destinations in the state during
the late hot summer. Some nice trout are being caught by our customers.
Callabeatis, or Speckled-wing Quills are still hatching good.
09/22/16 The Speckled wings are still going strong. At times the spinners are
blanketing the surface but they don't last long without being eaten.
09/29/16 The much cooler fall weather has little effect on the spring river but
certainly makes the anglers fishing more comfortable. Terrestrials, ants and
beetles, are still working good. Speckled Wings still hatching and falling. Great
Conditions. Sculpin streamers are a good choice during cloudy conditons.
10/27/16 The Blue-winged olives are hatching good and brown trout are in the
pre-spawn stage taking our Brown Sculpin streamers very good. The cloud cover helps.
11/10/16 There are five more days to fish in the 2016 season. Conditions are good,
with Blue-winged olives and some cream midges hatching.
11/17/16 The season is closed until next year. Now is the time to plan that next trip.
Send us an email and we will be glad to help you do just that.
12/29/16 Happy New Year! Now is the time to plan that next trip. Send us an email
and let us help you with that.
01/26/17 Just a note to get the new year underway and remind you to send us an
email so we can help you plan your next Fall River fishing trip.
02/09/17 A reminder that we know what is in the river in the way of food for the trout.
We have taken samples many times using professional entomology equipment. Let
us help you plan your next trip.
03/30/17 It is less than a month until the new season opens on the fall river. Send
us an email and let us help you plan that next trip.
04/20/17 It is just over a week before the new season begins but not too late for you
to send us an email to help you plan that next trip to the river.
05/11/17 Our customers are sending in some very good reports from the river this
past week. There are plenty of Blue-winged olives hatching. Scuds, dragonfly nymphs,
damsel fly nymphs and Sculpin streamers are working good. Fish the upper part of the
05/18/17 The river continues to be in good shape with good conditions in all respects.
There are lots of hatches and trout being caught.
06/01/17 Great Olive Wing Drakes nymphs are coming out of the burrows and should
hatch soon. There are a few Pale Morning Duns and three species of caddisflies.
07/06/17 The Big Hexigenia species or Great Olive Wing duns are hatching, along with
plenty of PMDs and two species of caddisflies. Damsel flies and Dragon flys as well.
07/20/17 The Hex hatch is about done but the Speckled-winged quills, or Callebaetis,
are hatching good. There are still lots of PMDs and caddisflies as well.
07/27/17 Two good reports received from customers. Good hatches taking place and
nice size trout were caught.
08/03/17 This is one of, if not the best destination for trout fishing in the state of
California right now. The trout don't have any idea that it is hot outside their world.
08/31/17 There are some good places for wading anglers to fish, so don't think it is all
about a boat. We had three good reports this past two weeks from customers. It is still
a top destination, especially with the current hot weather situration.
09/14/17 The weather is turning much cooler but will affect the river very little but
make it much more pleasurable to fish. We continue to get good reports for
customers fishing the river. Blue-winged olives are starting to hatch good again.
09/27/17 There is no rain in the forecast and skies will be clear this coming week.
Fish early and late. Sculpin streamers will catch the larger trout.
11/10/17 Five more days are left in the season. Now is a good time to catch a
large one. Sculpin streamers will do that for you.
04/22/18 The season opens the last Saturday of this month, or very soon. Shoot
us an email and let us help you plan that next Fall River fly fishing adventure.
04/29/18 The season is open and off to a great start. We had a customer catch
some very nice fish the past two days. Lots of insects are hatching.
05/06/18 There are some large trout being caught on streamers like our Sculpin
patterns. Midges, BWOs and little Black caddis are hatching. PMDs expected soon.
05/27/18 The river is in good shape with lots of Pale Morning Duns and
Blue-winged olives hatching. Green Sedge and Spotted Sedge caddis are hatching.
06/10/18 The conditions remain good with lots of Pale Morning duns hatching.
There are Green sedge and Spotted sedge caddis hatching. The upper river is
turning out the most fish, as usual.
06/24/18 The river is still in very good shape. There are good numbers of trout
being caught in the upper river. There are lots of hatches taking place and the
trout can be very selective. Matching the hatch is necessary for good results.
07/22/18 Lots of Callebaetis or Speckled wing Quills, Pale Morning duns, spotted
sedge caddis, Green sedge caddis, and other insects are hatching.
08/05/18 The river continues to be in good shape. Lot of insects are hatching.
We have been getting some good reports.
08/19/18 The stream is still in great shape, not so easy to fish but maybe the best
destination in the state with the drought and high temps. Lots of hatches.
09/02/18 The stream level is back down to normal. Good numbers of trout are
being caught. There are large hatches of Speckled wing quills taking place.
Spotted sedge and little Sister caddis are also hatching good.
09/16/18 The river continues to turn out some very nice trout. The hatches
continue to go good and streamers and terrestrial imitations are working as well.
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09/26/18 We received two good reports from the past week. Conditions are good
with some very good trout being caught. Lots of Speckled wing quills (
10/10/18 Conditions remain very good. We continue to get some good reports.
Sculpin streamers are catching some large trout. There are good hatches as well.
10/27/18 Good reports are still coming in. There are lots of Mahogany duns and
Blue-winged olive hatches taking place. Our sculpin streamers are working good.
11/13/18 We received a report from a customer using our Brown sculpin streamers
who caught several large rainbows and one very large brown this last week. The
season closes in two days.
12/14/18 Season is closed.
04/29/19 The season opened last Saturday and good numbers of trout are being
caught. Blue-winged Olives, PMDs, Midges and Little Black Caddis are hatching.
05/08/19 We are getting some very good reports. There are some hatches and
our Brown and articulated streamers are really catching some good fish.
05/22/19 We continue to get some very good reports. There are good numbers of
trout being caught. Still not any great hatches but PMD and BWO nymphs produce.
05/29/19 Good Pale Morning dun hatches are taking place among some others.
Trout are being caught in good numbers. Conditions are very good.
06/17/19 The river is in very good condition with lots of trout being caught. There
are multiple hatches taking place. Matching the hatch is important and we have
by far the best flies to do that.
06/26/19 The Fall is fishing better each day. Weeds are a big factor and they are
growing fast. Good hatches are taking place - BWOs, PMDs, spotted sedge
caddis, green sedge caddis, and others. Send us an email for a fly list.
07/03/19 The river is in great shape with lots of trout being caught. It doesn't get
any better than this.
07/10/19 The river is in great shape with lots of trout being caught. There are
multiple hatches taking place including the big Hex mayflies. They will be around
for the next several days moving upstream as the water warms.
07/17/19 The river is in good shape with lots of trout being caught. There are
several hatches taking place. Conditions are excellent.