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Green River, Wyoming - Fishing Report- Archive
04/30/14 No reports from anyone fishing the past month

05/08/14 We have no reports from anyone fishing this past week. Stream levels
are currently high.

05/15/14 No reports from anyone fishing probably due to high discharges from
Fontenelle.- currently 4760 cfs at 13.89 ft.

05/22/14 High water in the headwaters and high discharges below Fontenelle are
likely to continue for the next week.

05/29/14 High water levels from spring runoff continues and is likely to last a few
more days.

06/05/14 Water levels are still remain high and discharges below Fontenelle are
still high.

06/19/14 They have continued to discharge lots of water this past week and flows
are still high. No reports from anyone catching any trout in the headwaters or

07/03/14 Stream levels are low and fishing conditions are greatly improved. The
headwater are in good shape. Be sure to check the discharges for the tailwater

07/09/14 Stream levels remain good but what the discharges for the tailwater.
They vary, of course. Trout are being caught all the way to the headwaters as well
as below Fontenelle.

07/17/14 We have had four good reports the last two weeks. Anglers have been
doing well from drift boats and wading. Two large browns over 20 were landed
recently. Watch the stream levels.

07/24/14 Conditions continue to be good and anglers are catching trout from the
freestone headwaters to the tailwater. Hatches have slowed and terrestrials
becoming important.

07/31/14 The headwaters have been fishing good lately. The tailwater has been
up and down, so watch the levels.

08/14/14 There have been some wading opportunities and drift boat only levels.
Plenty of trout are being reported both ways. The headwaters is also producing.  

08/28/14 The tailwater is still running high but the headwaters are getting back in
good shape. There is little rain in the forecast, so conditions should remain good.

09/11/14 The tailwater below Fontenelle is high and may be high for a few days.
The headwaters are also high but very fishable. Anglers reporting mixed results
the past two week.

09/25/14 Stream levels in the tailwater are down and fishing should be excellen.
Streamers would be the best bet, especially our Brown and White Belly
sculpin. BWOs are hatching.

10/09/14 the flows below Fontenelle have been averaging on the high side as well
as the freestone section where they should continue to fall until the first of
next week. Midges and Blue-winged Olives will represent the main hatches for
the next few weeks.

10/16/14 Still having some high flows in the tailwater but it should subside this
coming week. There is no rain forecast.

10/23/14 No reports from the past week. Upper river flows are fine but tailwater
discharges have been high.

10/01/14 From Fontenelle Dam downstream about one (1) mile to the
U.S.G.S. station closed to fi shing from October 1 through December 31.

10/30/14 No reports from anyone fishing the Green
11/29/14 No reports recently
Fly Fishing Green River, Wyoming
A description of the Green River,
Guide to fly fishing the Green River,
Green River fishing seasons and
much more
12/18/14 Lots of season questions:  Green River from Wrren Bridge (Highway 191)
downstream to the Swain’s (Wood’s) Bridge, Sublette County Road 23-179 in Sublette County.
Fishing is permitted by the use of artificial flies and lures only. 11. Green River from Fontenelle
Dam downstream approximately one (1) mile to the U.S. Geological Survey gauge station (cable
crossing) at the Weeping Rocks Campground in Sweetwater County. Closed to fishing from
October 1 through December 31. 12. Green River from the Sweetwater County Road 8 Bridge, 4.5
miles below Fontenelle Dam, downstream to the BigSandy River in Sweetwater County. The creel
limit on trout shall be one (1) per day or in possession. All trout less than twenty (20) inches shall
be released to the water immediately. Fishing is permitted by the use of artificial flies and lures
01/01/15 Tailwater section opens today.
01/15/15 No reports from the last week but conditions are much better.
Disharges should be decent and the weather a little warmer this coming week.
01/29/15 We had several calls and email the past week from anglers planning
trips in the spring and summer months but no reports from anyone fishing.
Conditions are about as good as they get in the winter months.
02/05/15 Although we didn't receive any reports from anglers for the past
week, the weather is much milder and fish can be caught in the tailwater.
02/15/15 A customer reported decent stream conditions and great weather
last week. He caught some browns on our
Brown Sculpin streamers.
02/19/15 No reports from the past week but conditions remain good for this
time of the year.
02/26/15 Sorry, but still no reports from anyone fishing the tailwater.
03/05/15 One report from a customer fishing the Fontenelle tailwater. Three
nice browns on our Brown Sculpin streamer.
03/19/15 We have had two good reports from customers fishing below the
dam. Sculpin imitations have produced some nice browns.
03/26/15 No reports from anyone fishing last week but conditions continue to be good.
04/02/15 Stream levels below the dam have been high for the past four days.
05/07/15 Great below Fontenelle when you can catch it not running high.
05/21/15 The few times anglers have had decent levels below Fontenelle, they have
caught some nice browns. You have to pay close attention to the discharges and levels.
06/11/15 Lots of trout are being caugh due to much better discharge levels.
05/25/15 The upper river is now ready to fish with lots of stoneflies/caddis and mayflies
hatching. The levels are in good shape and the water mostly clear.
07/02/15 The water has cleared and dropped in the upper freestone sections with lots
of hatches taking place, including the big stoneflies. Pale Morning duns, spotted
sedges and other insects are hatching.
07/09/15 Great fishing reports coming in from customers from the upper freestone
section. PMDs, Spotted Sedges, Golden and Little Yellow stones, others
07/16/15 Customers are reporting the upper river above Pinedale is fishing very good,
with lots of hatches. It has been a little windy, but otherwise, great conditions.
07/23/15 Great conditions in the upper river and tailwater. Two good reports from
this past week.
08/06/15 The freestone section is fishing very good. The tailwater fishing good
most of the time but check the stream levels before making the trip.
08/12/15 Two good reports from customers fishing the upper headwaters.
08/19/15 Trout are being caught in the tailwater, middle section and headwaters.  Two
good reports from water just above Pinedale.  PMDs, Little Yellow Stones, caddis
Note: Order is reversed below, with oldest info at the bottom
08/27/15 The upper and middle sections of the freestone are a little low but good
shape. The tailwater has provided several good opportunities for wading.
09/03/15 Hatches vary depending on the section you're fishing. Pale Evening
duns, Mahogany duns, Tricos, Little Yellow stoneflies are some of the main insects.
Terrestrials are also working good.
09/10/15 More good reports from the upper, middle and the tailwater. Little rain
and very good weather.
09/17/15 It has rained some and the river is up but still in good shape.
09/24/15 The upper river is back in great shape with Mahogany dun, Spotted sedge, Little
Yellow stones and BWO hatches. The tailwater below Fontenelle is fishing great as well.
10/01/15 No reports came in from the past week but conditions are good with plenty of
hatches and low, but good water levels.
10/08/15 The river is fishing great in the upper,mid and tailwater sections. Brown trout
are in the pre-spawn mode and very aggressive and territorial. .
10/15/15 The tailwater below Fontenelle has been red hot the past week. Several big
browns have been caught. Our Brown Sculpin streamer is working good there.
10/20/15 The river is in good shape top to bottom and even in the tailwater section
with few anglers fishing. Lots of Blue-winged Olives and October Caddis at the peak of
the hatch.
10/29/15 Flows are normal below Fontenelle at this time. We think that's the best
option but the freestone section is still in good shape as well.
11/05/15 Stream levels are about normal for this time of the year at Warren Bridge
and below Fontenelle. Some big browns were caught last week below the dam.
11/12/15 Stream levels are good. We had one good report from anglers floating
the tailwater. They managed some big browns on our Matuka Sulpin fly patterns.
11/19/15 One of our regular customers caught a very big brown trout and several
medium size ones this past week on the tailwater on streamers.
11/26/15 Lets make sure everyone understand the season regulations below
Font. Dam:  Green River from the Sweetwater County Road 8 Bridge, 4.5 miles
below Fontenelle Dam, downstream to the Big Sandy River in Sweetwater County.
The creel limit on trout shall be one (1) per day or in possession. All trout less
than twenty (20) inches shall be released to the water immediately.
Fishing is permitted by the use of artificial flies and lures only
12/03/15 Flows look good right now and should main good in the tailwater. The
upper freestone water temperature is in the high thirties. The tailwater mid forties.
12/10/15 We are adding Winter stoneflies to the list but midges are still the
most important insect to imitate. The lower tailwater is the best place to fish at
this time but remember the starting point is different.
12/17/15 The freestone section is very cold with a lot of ice around the banks.
The air temperature isn't going above freezing this coming week.
12/24/15 About the only option is the tailwater but the water there is also very
cold, in the high thirties. It isn't impossible to catch trout at that water
temperature, but it is difficult and a slow process.
12/31/15 It is going to be cold and clear for the next week. About the only
opportunity you will have is below the dam. The water temperature in that section
will range from the mid thirties to the high thirties.
01/07/16 I mentioned below fishing below the dam but remember the upper
section below the dam is off limits at this time. Make sure you understand the
starting point of the season at this time.
01/14/16 Forget the freestone section of the river. It is just too cold to fish. The
tailwater is about the same as last week. Keep in mind, you can't fish right
below the dam.
01/28/16 The past two weeks, the river has just simply been too cold to fish. The
tailwater is the only option and it is off limits a good distance below the dam.
02/04/16 No changes has taken place since the 1/28/16 report.
02/11/16 We didn't receive any reports from anyone this past week. The weather is
going to be warmer with little snow. The only opportunity worth taking would be the
Green River, Wyoming - Fly Fishing Report:
02/18/16 The Green river tailwater got just a little warmer this past week but is still
in the mid to high thirties. Midges should still be the main insects to imitate.
02/25/16 The discharges from Fontenelle remain low and should allow for wading
this coming week, but you have to check them. The water is about 38 degrees.
03/03/16 As warm as the weather has been, the freestone river is stained and high.
The tailwater is the only option you have worth fishing at this time.
03/10/16 No, we are not located on the Green River, but we are the only ones that
have taken samples of the food using professional entomology equipment and
know what is most plentiful and available at the time, as well as fish the river..  
03/17/16 The recent warm weather was nice on anyone fishing, but had little effect
on warming the water and turning the trout on. The tailwater is still the only option.
03/24/16 Many of you are probably thinking the fishing report is never going to
change but the freestone river is too cold and the tailwater the only option.
03/31/16 The stream levels and discharges below Fontenelle Reservoir are fine
and that is really the only logical choice for fishing at this time.
04/07/16 The section below the dam is still the best choice of where to fish. The
weather is warmer but the water in the freestone section is still in the low forties.
04/14/16 The freestone section from the headwaters to the lake are very high and off
color. The tailwater below Fontenelle is fine at this time, but unlikely to stay that way.
04/28/16 The tailwater is the only feasible option. The freestone is high and stained.
05/05/16 The stream levels are okay now, but rain is forecast every day for the next
week. Look for higher flows and dingy water. It is getting warmer.
05/12/16 There is rain and snow everyday starting Saturday through next
Thursday. The levels are fine now, in the freestone and tailwater, but likely to
change. The water is still a little too cold for hatches other than BWOs and midges.
05/19/16 The tailwater and freestone are in fairly decent shape. The stream level
below Fontenelle is okay for drift boat fishing. Sculpin streamers and BWOs.
05/26/16 The river is falling out fast and getting into good shape in the upper section
near Warren Bridge. The tailwater discharges are very high at this stime.
06/01/16 The river is flowing high and off color everywhere but expected to go much
higher this week due to the warmer weather forecast. The discharges at the tailwater
below Fontenelle are currenly high and expected to go higher this week.
06/09/16 The tailwater at Fontenelle discharges are averaging high, too high in our
opinion. The freestone is blown out from runoff. Keep checking back with us.
06/16/16 The tailwater is at 5900 cfs, at 14.49 ft. or very high and the freestone at
Warren Bridge at 1890 cfs at 3.79, also very high and stained.
06/23/16 The flows at Warren Bridge and below Fontenelle are currently very high
and not worth fishing. Hopefuly they will begin to improve soon.
06/30/16 The flows below Fonenelle are 2090 cfs, which is a little high but not bad.
Drift boats should do well. The freestone section is way down, flowing at 920 cfs at
Warren Bridge. That is a good level. Lots of insects are hatching.  
07/07/16 The river is flowing at 891 cfs at 2.97 ft., above the Warren Bridge. That's a
good level. Our customers are catching trout all the way to the headwaters. The
tailwater at Fonenelle is at 1690 cfs at 11.87 ft, which is a good level.
07/14/16 The Green continues to be in good shape although some sections are a
little low. The tailwater and upper freestone is providing anglers excellent fly fishing
opportunities. It is about as good as it gets at this time of the year.
07/21/16 The river is in very good shape from the headwaters to the lowest
section of the river that holds trout. This includes the freestone and tailwater
sections. There are numerous hatches taking place and lots of trout being
caught. The levels are a little low in places, so stealth may be required.
07/28/16 The tailwater below Fontenelle is in good shape and we are getting
some good reports from customers. The freestone river is low and some parts
warm. Fish the upper sections for the best results.
08/04/16 The Green in the Pinedale area is too warm to fish. You may try the
mornings. Fish the headwaters for better results. The section below the dam is
in good shape and customers are sending in some good reports.
08/11/16 The weather is going to be a little cooler but it is still hot. We
recommend the upper part of the Green freestone or the tailwater. The water
temperature is very marginal otherwise.
08/18/16 The stream levels are low, at 168 cfs at 1.83 ft at Warren Bridge. The
weather is turning cooler and we drop the water temperature. We think all
sections can be fished at this time.
08/25/16 The freestone section is all very low. We recommend fishing during low
light conditions, early or late in the day, or during cloudy skies. Streamers are
working in the early mornings. Hatches vary greatly with the elevation.
09/01/16 The freestone section of the river is very low, flowing at 135 cfs at 1.70
ft, at Warren Bridge. You will have to stay hidden and use longer, lighter leaders
than normal. The tailwater is in good shape with good discharge levels for wading.
09/08/16 The freestone section of the river is still low. You can still fish it and
catch trout from the lake all the way to the headwaters, you just have to use
stealth and stay hidden from the trout. There are lots of caddisflies hatching.
09/15/16 The tailwater discharges are still running about normal and the upper
freestone section is low. The weather is cooled down some and water temp not a
problem. You do have to stay low and hidden to fish the upper section.
09/22/16 The water level at the Warren Bridge is low, but not too low. It has
improved some. The headwater and middle section of the river is also low, but
okay. The tailwater is in good shape with good discharges and level.
09/29/16 The stream levels are at a normal level for a change and insects are
hatching everywhere. October caddis are thick in some sections. Mahogany duns
and Blue-winged olives are also hatching good.
10/06/16 The river is up high in the freestone section, or too high to wade at
the current time. The tailwater discharges and stream levels are in good shape
but of course, as always, are subject to change.
10/13/16 The levels are just a little high in the upper freestone section. Wading
may be difficult in some places, okay in others. The tailwater flows and
discharges are about the same with excellent conditions.
10/20/16 The upper river or freestone section is still a little high. The tailwater
section is in very good shape with lots of nice trout being caught. Brown trout are
in the pre-spawn stage and in some cases, actually spawning.
10/27/16 The upper river is high, flowing at 294 cfs. It will take some time to get
back down. The tailwater is the best bet but you will have to watch the discharge
11/03/16 The upper river is very high, actually blown out but should start falling
any time. The tailwater is okay with low discharges but may start getting higher.
11/10/16 The freestone section is still running high but can be fished from drift
boats in some sections. The tailwater has some opportunities for anglers but you
have to watch the discharge schedule and levels.
11/17/16 Two good reports from customers fishing the tailwater this past week.
They caught some large browns on the Sculpin streamers. Midges and BWOs are
hatching. The weather is turning colder and you will see a drop in the water temp.
11/24/16 The stream levels in the freestone section is still high, too high to wade,
but okay for boats in some sections. The tailwater at Fontenelle is in good shape.
12/01/16 The stream level in the freestone section is down to about a normal level.
The water is cold, averaging about 40 degrees or less. The preferred section to fish
is the tailwater at Fontenelle.
12/08/16 The freestone section is too cold to fish with any measure of success. The
tailwater is near 40 degrees near the discharge. Midges, reds and creams, are
hatching. Fish the larva and pupa in tandem with the pupa imitation the top fly.
12/15/16 The discharges and stream levels below Fontenelle are running at a
normal level. Midges and sculpin streamers are catching trout. Our new tandem
pre-rigged midges were put to the test last week and caught good numbers of trout,.
12/22/16 The discharges and levels below Fontenelle are still in good shape with water
temperatures about 39 degrees. Midges, Bloods (red) and Creams, will catch trout.
12/29/16 The freestone section has a lot of ice in the water and is just too cold to fish in
our opinion. The tailwater below Fontenelle is stil in good shape with low discharges.
01/05/17 The freestone section is just too cold for any good expectations. The
tailwater is in good shape with water being discharged at 39 degrees. It quickly drops
to about 35-37 but is warm enough to catch trout.
01/12/17 The weather is going to be much warmer this coming week with less snow,
but still not over the freezing mark. The freestone section is too cold. Fish the tailwater.
01/19/17 There is heavy snow forecast and getting to the tailwater below Fontenelle
can sometimes be a problem. That is still the only section of the river worth fishing.
01/26/17 The freestone section is still to cold but could be okay for midges this
weekend. The tailwater is the best destination. Cream and Red midges, Sculpin
streamers and Winter stonflies are the flies you need.
02/02/17 The flows below Fontenelle are just a little above normal and the best
destination to fish. Midges, Winter stoneflies and streamers should work.
02/09/17 The discharges and levels below Fontenelle are a little strong as of
now, but still fine for a drift boat. Levels at Warren Bridge are fine but there's lots
of ice in the water.
02/16/17 The tailwater flows are at 952 cfs, or just a little above normal. The
freestone section of the river is still too cold. Fish the tailwater using streamers or
midges. Fish the midges with the larva and pupa in tandem.