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Hat Creek Fishing Report Archives:
05/01/14 The Hat Creek fishing season is now open. Right now Blue-winged Olives
represent the main hatches taking place. They run a hook size 16/20. Cloudy,
overcast days produce the best hatches. PMDs will soon follow.

05/08/14 Two regular customers ordering flies but neither one has fished yet. Our
local contact reports the fly fishing is great and anglers are catching trout.

05/15/14 Two anglers reported catching a few trout but neither was very excited
about the fishing. Both used BWO nymphs but didn't see any hatches occurring.

05/22/14 Some better reports came in from the past week. This week should be even
better with warmer weather in the forecast. More caddis should be showing up.

05/29/14 Two anglers reporting good catches this past week and one didn't do
well. This river requires very good presentations. Imitations of the BWO's are
still the number one producing flies.

06/05/14 Customer ordering flies reported he  caught some nice trout this past week.
He was using Damselfly nymphs and BWO nymphs.

06/19/14 We are getting reports of Pale Morning Duns and lots of caddis. Two
customers reported excellent fishing conditions. One called it mediocore.

06/26/14 Anglers having a tough time in some cases and others are catching plenty
of trout. We're still getting the usual mixed reports. You have to use good
presentations and match the most plentiful and available food.

07/03/14 Very hot weather but good fishing conditions for those that know how to catch
these tricky trout. Two customers reported consistent catches this past week.

07/17/14 Scuds and sowbugs are catching fish along with small BWO nymphs. Surface
action has slowed except very early and late. Terrestrial insects have begin to work

07/24/14 The hot weather has slowed the fishermen down (not the trout, anglers).
Fishing early and late in the day will produce the best results. PMD spinner falls
are taking place in the mornings. Tricos are starting to hatch.

08/01/14 Lots of Speckled Wing Quills (Callabeatis) hatching. Fish the hatch and
spinner falls.

08/14/14 The fire threat is over and fishing is back as good as it gets. Speckled
winged Quills are still the insect to imitate.

08/28/14 Tricos, Speckled Wing Quills and PMDs, size 18, are working best.
Customers are order the above flies and catching plenty of trout.

09/11/14 It may seem strange, but with all the drought situation going on, Hat Creek
is about as good of a choice fishing destinations as you can find in the state.
You can catch trout if you do things correctly.

09/25/14 There is still some very good fishing opportunity on the Fall and October
Caddis are getting ready to hatch. BWO's have been the mainstay of the hatches.

10/09/14 Blue-winged Olives and October Caddis are the top two insects to imitate.
Use lighter, longer leaders and tippets than you normally would.

10/16/14 Much cooler weather is in the forecast with maybe some rain the first
of the week. Conditions should improve.

10/23/14 Cloud cover will help and there is rain forecast almost everyday
for the next week. Lots of Blue-winged Olives hatching.

10/30/14 More rain is in the forecast and fishing should continue to be great. Two
good reports from customers for the past week.
Hat Creek, California, Fishing Reports: Updated January 21, 2020
12/25/14 Hat Creek is closed for the season
Fly Fishing Hat Creek, California
A description of Hat Creek, Guide to
fly fishing Hat Creek, Hat Creek fishing
seasons, and much more
05/07/15 Customers are catching trout using Pale Morning dun nymphs, emergers,
duns, spinners, BWOs, March Browns and Little Black Caddis.
04/30/15 Give us a call or write us (number and address under fly options below)
and let us help you plan your next Hat Creek fishing trip.
02/19/15 These reports will continue just prior to the opening of the season.
05/21/15 Salmonflies should begin to hatch anytime now. Otherwise, the hatches listed
just below are what you need to imitate.
05/28/15 Customers reporting catching good numbers of trout. Good Conditions.
06/11/15 PMDs, March Browns, Spotted Sedges, Green Sedges, BWOs, Golden
Stones, Little Yellow Stoneflies, and Salmonflies are all hatching.
06/18/15 Conditions are as good as they get on this spring creek. Lots of bugs.
07/02/15 Speckled Wing Quills and Pale Morning duns are hatching. Little Yellow stoneflies
and Golden Stoneflies are hatching. Lots of Spotted and Green Sedges (caddisflies).
07/09/15 You can expect cooler weather this coming week. Two good reports have
come in from our customers this past week.
07/16/15 One report of angler catching some big bows sight fishing with Callibaetis spinners.
07/23/15 Still having great Callabaetis (Speckled Wing Quills) spinner falls.
07/30/14 There are still ome PMDs, still plenty of Callibaetis and Spotted Sedge caddis.
08/06/15 Still plenty of PMDs and lots of Spotted and Green sedge caddis hatches.
08/13/15 Don't overlook scuds. They will always work. Some callabeatis in some
sections. For your own good, fish early and late in the day. It is hot as hot gets.
08/20/15 We are getting excellent reports from customers each week on Hat Creek. It
is a top choice to fish with the hot weather and lack of rain.
08/26/15 Don't forget about the mighty scud. They produce for one of our local angler
customers as well as anything.
09/03/15 The weather is going to be cooler but Hat Creek stays cool. The highest
odds of success comes just prior to dark, with big spinner falls, and caddisfly egg
laying activity.
09/10/15 Some Mahogany duns are starting to show up. The cool weather was nice
but the hot weather on the way will affect the trout far less than the anglers.
09/17/15 Another good report from a customer. Several were caught on the dry fly
and several nymphing.
08/24/15 This may be as good of a  destination as exist in the state of California.
Excellent conditions at this time. Great weather and stream conditions.
10/01/15 October Caddis have started hatching and that is driving the late afternoon
feeding trout nuts. Blue-winged olives are also hatching very good.
10/08/15 The big October Caddis, some call the Giant Orange Sedge, are still the
highlight. Don't over look the little BWOs though.
10/15/15 Conditions remain about the same. Still lots of October Caddis and plenty
of little Blue-winged olives hatching. One customer reported catching several last
week. The weather should begin to cool down some later in the week.
10/29/15 Two good reports from the past four days from customers. They mostly
were using BWO nymphs and Brown sculpin streamers. A dozen plus nice trout a day
for 4 hours of fishing isn't bad.
11/05/15 The air temperature is getting a little cooler each day and that helps the
angllers more than the trout. Don't forget about scuds - our Perfect Fly scud works
great on this river. Blue-winged olives remain the best hatch along with Midges.
11/12/15 There are three more days of the 2015 fishing season left. Egg laying
October Caddis may still be around. Brown Sculpin streamers are probably the best bet.
12/31/15 Yes, the season is closed but another one is just around the corner. Give us
and call or email us and let us help you plan your next trip to Hat Creek.
01/28/16 Now is the time to be planning your next Hat Creek fishing trip. We have
taken samples of the aquatic insects and know exactly what food is there. We don't go
by trail and error. Give us a call or shoot us an email.
02/18/16 The season is closed. Spring creeks like Hat Creek can be a big challenge
simply because the trout usually get a good view of your fly. That's why Perfect Flies do
so will on this streams. They look and behave like the real insects they imitate.
03/10/16 There's some good news for Hat Creek. Heavy rains in this part of California will
increase the water table and help insure we have a good season ahead for Hat Creek.
03/31/16 Let us help you plan that next Hat Creek fishing trip. We have taken samples
of the aquatic insects and know exactly what food is there. We don't go by trail and
error. Give us a call or shoot us an email.
04/07/16 About three more weeks is all you have left to plan that first great Hat fly
fishing trip. Don't get caught with the same old junk, generic fly patterns.
04/21/16 Just a little over a week is left in the off season and just the amount of time
you need to plan your next trip. Shoot us an email and let us help you.
04/28/16 The season should get off to a good start tomorrow and the weather is
excellent and the creek in great shape with lots of insects hatching. Two days to go.
05/12/16 The creek is red hot with action. Western Green Drakes, BWOs, Pale Morning
Duns, Speckled Wing Quills, Spotted sedges, and Green sedges are hatching.
05/26/16 Our customers caught a lot of trout this past week. Hatches vary depending on
the section you are fishing, so don't expect all insects listed to be any and everywhere.
06/02/16 The skies are mostly clear as you know, and that means less surface action for
some of the hatches and trout feeding on them. Too many are fishing only dries and that
is a mistake. Fish the dries only when you observe some surface action.
06/16/16 Conditions remain very good with lots of trout being caught by some and less
by others. Multiple hatches are taking place and this makes it difficult to match the
hatch. Early morning spinner falls of Pale Morning duns are consistent and producing.
07/07/16 The creek remains one of northern California's best fly fishing streams. The
late afternoon spinner falls and egg laying caddis give you the best chance to catch
several trout.
07/14/16 The creek remains in great condition and we keep getting some very good
reports from customers fishing. The PMD's continue to hatch along with 2 caddis species.
07/21/16 Customers are reporting tough mid daytime fishing but good early and late
afternoon fishing. Tricos are hatching along with the PMDs and two species of
08/11/16 Sorry for the lack of reports. It isn't because the fishing hasn't been good.
It is one of the better destinations in the state at this time. There are still a lot of
insects hatching and trout being caught by our customers.
09/08/16 There are two species of baetis Blue-winged olives starting to hatch.
There are still some Speckled-wing Quills and Tricos hatching. Terrestrials are
working good for some of our customers.
09/29/16 Great conditions exist and plenty of trout are being caught. The much cooler
weather is really helping. Blue-winged olives, larger baetis species, are hatching good.
Sculpin streamers are working good early and when cloudy.
10/13/16 With all the rain forecast, this should be a top destination. It will have little
effort on the fishing, which should remain good or even better with the cloud cover.
11/10/16 Conditions are great right now, with lots of Blue-winged olives and cream
midges hatching. Scuds are working great as well as damselfly nymphs. Five more
days left in the season.
11/24/16 The season closed the 15th of the month. Send us an email and let us help
you plan that next season trip.
05/11/17 The creek got off to a good start with a few nice trout being caught. Our
customers used Sculpin streamers and nymphs under indicators to catch a few fish.
The stream levels are high, making it a little tougher than usual. There are some
Blue-winged olive hatches taking place.
06/22/17 The creek is in very good shape and our customers are reporting some
good catches. Pale Morning duns, Green drakes, spotted sedge and green sedge
caddis, Little Yellow stoneflies and small BWO's are hatching.
07/06/17 Lots of insects are still hatching and terrestrials are beginning to work as
well. Damselfly nymphs and dragon fly nymphs are also working. Good conditions.
07/20/17 More good reports from customers fishing this past week. There are lots of
Speckled wing quills (Callebaetis) and Pale Morning duns hatching.
08/03/17 The creek is in very good shape and one of the best options for fly fishing in
the state of California. We received two good reports from customers this past week.
08/31/17 We received two good reports from customers this past week. Speckled
wing Quills, Tricos, three species of caddis and other insects are hatching.
09/14/17 The creek remains in very good shape with good hatches and good
numbers of trout being caught by our customers. This coming week should be great.
10/12/17 Conditions are excellent. There are a good many trout being caught by
our customers. Mahogany duns, Blue-winged olives and other insects are hatching.
10/27/17 There were lots of Blue-winged olives and midges hatching this past week,
but the hatches will slow down some due to the clear weather this coming week.
11/03//17 Good conditions continue. Good hatches of BWOs and Midges. The weather
will be colder but have little effect on the fishing. It should continue to be good.
11/10/17 There are five more days of fishing in the 2017 season. That is plenty of
time to catch a large Hat Creek trout.
02/15/18 The season is closed. Send us an email for planning your next trip.
04/29/18 The season is open and conditions are good. We are recommending the
Power house #2 but the entire river is in good shape. PMDs, BWOs, and Spotted
sedge caddis as well as midges.
05/13/18 The creek is still in great condition. Fish near powerhouse #2. Good
numbers of trout are being caught there. There are lots of good hatches taking
place. Salmonflies are hatching along with other insects.
05/27/18 The stream is still in good shape. Salmonflies and Golden stoneflies
are hatching. Lots of Pale Morning duns and some BWOs are hatching. Spotted
Sedge and Green Sedge caddis are hatching. There are a few Green drakes.
06/03/18 The creek is still in excellent condition with lots of hatches taking place
and good numbers of trout being caught.
06/10/18 The excellent conditions continue. There are lots of hatches taking place
and some good size trout being caught. Speckled winged quills are hatching as well
as several other species of aquatic insects. .
07/10/18 The creek is in very good shape with lots of hatches - PMDS, spotted
sedge caddis, Tricos, Speckled Wing quills. You need to match the hatch.
07/22/`8 Conditions are still good. Match the hatch and you can catch plenty of trout.
08/05/18 Stream conditions are good, with good hatches taking place. This is one of
the better choices for fly fishing in the state at this time of hot weather and fires.
09/02/18 The creek is still in good shape with good numbers of trout being caught by
most anglers fishing it.
09/16/18 There are blue-winged olives, Mahogany duns, spotted sedges, Little sister
caddis, Little Yellow stones and October caddis (should start anytime now).
10/20/18 The fishing conditions are very good. There are still a lot of good hatches
including Blue-winged olives, Mahogany duns, Spotted sedge and other insects.
11/04/18 The creek continues to turn out some nice trout. Streamers like our sculpin
patterns are catching the larger size trout. There are some good BWO hatches.
11/15/18 The season ends today. Send us an email to help plan your next Hat
creek trip.
04/29/19 The season opened last Saturday and the results was very good.
Good numbers of trout were caught. There are PMDs, Spotted Sedge, and
BWOs hatching.
05/08/19 The creek is flowing just a little high but lots of trout are being caught.
The water is lightly stained and that is helping.
05/22/19 Stream levels are still a little high but good numbers of trout are being
caught. The Green Drakes are starting to hatch good. There are a few salmonflies
starting to come off. .
06/17/19 The river is in excellent shape with lots of hatches including all the big
stoneflies and many others. It doesn't get any better.
06/26/19 Excellent conditions continue with good numbers of trout being caught
on lots of hatches. Send us an email for a fly list.
07/03/19 Lots of trout are being caught. The excellent conditions continue. Great
hatches are taking place. Send us an email and let us help your fly selection.  
07/10/19 The creek is still turning out lots of trout. There are multiple hatches
taking place. It is as good as it is ever going to get. Send us an email for a
recommended fly list.
07/17/19 We are getting lots of good reports from customers. There are lots of trout
being caught and lots of hatches taking place.
07/25/19 The river is still in good shape in all respects. The hatches continue to
come off in large numbers and trout are being caught in decent quantities.
08/03/19 The creek is in good shape in all repects. We are still getting good
reports from customers. There are a lot of insects hatching and terrestrials are
08/13/19 The stream is alive with hatching insects including a lot of PMDs, Golden
and little Yellow stones, Callebaetis, Spotted and Green sedge caddis and more.
09/06/19 The river is still turning out good numbers of trout. There are lots of
insects hatching. Some big trout were caught on our Articulated leech patterns.
09/16/19 The weather is cooling off a little but that has little to no effect on the stream.
There are still some good hatches and decent numbers of trout being caught.
09/28/19 Good numbers of trout are being cfaught by our customers. There are good
hatches taking place and our articulated sculpin and leech patterns are working good.
10/17/19 The Blue-winged olive hatch is full force and good numbers of trout are
being caught. Some large trout are being caught on our articulated sculpin and
leech patterns. This should be a good week.
10/27/19 Big hatches of Blue-winged olives are taking place. We are getting good
reports in terms of both numbers and sizes of trout being caught.
01/21/20 Season closed until April 25, 2020. We will not update reports until near
that time. For trip, email us with the dates you will be fishing and we will send you
a recommend fly list. s