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North Fork White River, Missouri - Fishing Report Archives:
01/14/14 Customer ordered some Perfect Fly scuds and BWO nymphs and other flies
reporting bad weather (cold and heavy rain) has kelp everyone off the water. He is
waiting for the first break in the weather.

01/21/14 The water levels have dropped to normal levels for the winter. Slightly warmer
weather is in the forecast. Give it a shot.

01/28/14 Customer ordering flies for a trip he is planning in March but no fishing  
reports. Better weather is expected later this week.

02/11/14 Still no reports from anyone fishing. Customer ordered flies for an April trip
but that's it. The water stays fine and the weather is much better.

02/18/14 No fishing reports but a customer ordered some BWO flies getting ready to
fish soon. There is better weather coming this week.

02/25/14 Colder weather is in the forecast but only a slight chance of snow is forecast
for the next week. We didn't talk to anyone that fished last week.

03/04/14 We still haven't received any fishing reports. The weather and stream
conditions should improve during the coming week.

03/11/14 Sorry, still no reports.

03/18/14 Two customers reporting small BWO hatches taking place. They ordered
size 20 nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners. Otherwise, scuds and streamers are
their choice flies at this time.

03/25/14 Two good reports from Spring Breakers fishing the White. Two big fish were
caught using Matuka streamers and several smaller rainbows were taken on BWO
nymphs, size 20. According to the students the weather wasn't good but the fishing was.

04/01/14 More good reports of catches early last week. More customers ordering
flies for the near future. Warmer weather is in the forecast.

04/08/14 Two more good reports from customers ordering flies. It will be warm this
coming week with only a little rain in the forecast.

04/15/14 The weather is remaining good with some rain forecast later in the week.
Blue-winged olives are hatching and a few anglers have been catching some trout.

04/22/14 One anglers using streamers managed to catch some large rainbows this
past week. He ordered more Olive Matuka Sculpin.

04/29/14 Same customer as above and one more new customer had more good  
reports from this past week. A little stain in the water helps the streamer fishing.

05/06/14 We were a little surprised that we didn't get some good reports this past
week. One customer ordered some flies planning to fish but that was it.

05/13/14 Two anglers reported drifting upper section and catching some nice
rainbows. They used BWO nymphs and sculpin streamers.

05/20/14 There has been some problems with high water but it is in fine shape now.
It rarely gets off color and if it does, it usually makes it easier to catch trout. One
angler ordering flies reported he has done well with streamer - sculpin patterns.

05/27/14 A good report came in from out regular angler that fishes the stream often.
The water is in good condition with more boat traffic but mostly recreations floaters. No
other fishing reports have been received this past week.

06/03/14 Water has been high at times but off color water sometimes helps. It is back
in good shape and two customers reporting the fishing has been very good.

07/08/14 Two customers reporting catching some nice trout this past week. Water
levels have been a problem at times but other than that, fishing conditions have been

07/22/14 More good reports came in the past week from both wading anglers and
anglers fishing from drift vessels. Terrestrial are working pretty good.

07/29/14 The cooler weather forecast for the next few days should really help the
fishing. No reports came in last week.

08/12/14 One good report came in from the past week. The regular customer reported
the recreational boatl traffic feel down and conditions should improve.

09/02/14 The general recreational traffic has slacked off and we are getting a few
good fishing reports from customers. Fishing should only improve as the water cools
off during the next few weeks.

09/16/14 Customer reported catching several nice trout using our BWO nymphs and
duns, size 18. Cooler water temperatures has really helped.

09/23/14 We didn't receive any reports from last week but conditions appear to be
excellent. Fall like temps and good water levels exist. Let us hear from you.

10/07/14 One customer reporting nice hatches of small BWOs. The river has been off
color at time but streamer fishing has been good.

10/14/14 There has been a lot of rain and levels are high. Fishing conditions should
be great later this week.

10/21/14 Stream levels are getting back in good shape and the weather should be nice
for the coming week. No reports from last week.

10/28/14 There is no rain in the forecast for the next week and stream levels are fine.
Two good reports came in from anglers using mostly BWO nymphs but some hatches
are taking place.

11/11/14 No reports from the past two weeks. Some high water conditions have existed
and much cooler weather but fishing should still be good.
North Fork White River, Missouri - Fishing Report -
Updated March
15, 2019
Fly Fishing North Fork White
River, M
A description of the North Fork
White River, Guide to fly fishing
North Fork White River, North Fork
White River fishing seasons, and
much more
12/13/14 There is a chance of rain through Monday, then clearing. Fly fishing
opportunities should be excellent.
Scuds and sowbugs, Midges, cream and BWOs,
hook size 20.
Brown Sculpin streamers will also work good.
12/29/14 Winter stoneflies are beginning to hatch. Midges, cream and blood, or red,
have been working good for the few guys fishing. Water levels have been high and
stained at times but streamer still work. Let us hear your reports, good or bad.
01/05/15 No reports from the past week.
01/14/15 Two good reports from customers catching several trout on our sowbugs
and cream midges came in this past week. Stream levels are down and fishing good.
01/19/15 Another good report. Customer caught several nice trout using our
midges, cream larva and pupa imitations. Weather has been better and stream
levels okay.
01/26/15 No reports from last week but condtions remain very good with much
warmer weather in the forecast. Highs in the fifties.
02/02/15 Still no reports lately. The weather has been cold but the stream levels
are in good shape and trout can be caught.
02/16/15 Heavy snow is falling now and will again this weekend. Getting to the
river may be a bigger problem as catching trout.
03/02/15 Much better stream and weather conditions exist now and it will get
much better during the next few weeks. Hopefully, the cold weather is about over.
03/16/15 There has been a lot of rain along with the much warmer weather and the
levels have been high and the water dingy. It should improve greatly this week.
03/23/15 The water was off color but back clear. Look for BWO hatches to take place.
Some snow and rain is in the forecast but the water should remain in good shape
04/20/15 Anglers have had several good day recently but high water has slowed things
down recently. Streamers work great in the stained water. BWOs are still hatching.
04/27/15 We assume a couple of bad weather scares and some high water prevented
some from fishing. We didn't receive any reports.
05/04/15 No reports from last week but we are expecting the stream to really come alive
this next week. Warmer water and more hatches should take place.
05/18/15 Great conditions right now but water levels have been a problem at times.
Lots of BWO and Cinnamon Caddis and Green Sedge hatches.
5/25/15 Lots of rain is in the forecast. Stain water helps the "catching", but not high
dingy water. Keep a check on the levels.
06/08/15 Stream levels are getting into much better shape with better weather
forecast. Two good reports of catches lately, mostly on our Brown Sculpin but some
Sulphurs are starting to hatch.
06/15/15 Stream levels are still high. No reports from anyone fishing the past week.
06/29/15 High, off color water due to recent heavy rains. Give it a couple of days.
07/06/15 Stream levels are still very high and will take a couple more days to settle down.
07/13/15 Stream at 2280 cfs and 4.59 ft., or too high to wade or drift in a canoe.
USGS Real-time Stream Levels:
At Tucemseh
07/20/15 Stream levels are still high but it is fishable from a pontoon or canoe.
08/03/15 Stream levels are back in good shape and rainbows are being caught in
good numbers. Sulphurs, BWOs, Cinnamon Sedges and terrestrials are working.
08/10/15 Stream levels have been too high to wade this past week, but okay from a
canoe or pontoon type boat. No reports from anglers fishing.
08/17/15 We had two good reports from local anglers with some very nice size trout
being caught. Tricos are hatching.
08/31/15 Stream levels have been high but are back down to a reasonable level. It is
warming back up but the cool spring water isn't affected, just the anglers.
09/07/15 The river is still running high. It can be fished from a drift boat but not
09/15/15 You probably going to need a drift boat to fish the Norfork this coming week.
They will be running a lot of water from the lake to lower it.
09/21/15 High water levels have made it tough to fish the last few day, but conditions
should improve this coming week. Much better fall, like weather.
09/28/15 We didn't receive any reports from anyone fishing. The stream is still high
but should be falling out fast. There is no rain in the forecast for the next week.
10/12/15 The stream levels are still a little high for wading in most areas. The levels
should fall out with little rain forecast. The cooler weather should have the trout turned on.
10/26/15 The stream is just a little above normal. There is some rain in the forecast, so
the levels may go back up. Customers were catching a few trout but some very nice size
ones, when they have been able to fish water level wise.
11/09/15 Stream levels are still high but falling fast and there's little rain in the forecast
for the coming week. Conditions should be good from today on for the next week.
Bluje-winged olives and midges are the most important. Brown Sculpin streamers.  
11/30/15 The river has been blown out and still very high but falling. The rain should
end by tonight and the stream continue to fall. Our best guess is three to four days
before it reaches near a normal level. Fishing should be good when it does.
12/14/15 The river is blown out, flowing at 1420 cfs at 3.90 ft. It will be a few days
before it settles back down.
12/21/15 The river is down a lot but still high. You will need a boat to fish it. There isn't a
lot of rain in the forecast until Saturday, so it may get better. Check the levels.
12/28/15 The river is bad blown out flowing at 24,100 cfs and 16.17 feet. It will be at
least 5 or more days before it can be fished.
01/11/16 The river is still very high at 3.84 feet and 1370 cfs. Normal is 500-600 cfs.
01/25/16 The river is still a little high but could be fished from a boat. Midges, red and
cream, the Brown Sculpin streamers and Winter stonefly nymphs are the flies you need.
02/01/16 The river is still flowing to high to wade but okay for a drift boat. Little BWO
nymphs, and scuds are the choice flies to use right now.
02/08/16 The river is down to near normal levels at this time of the year. Midges, both
cream and red, scuds and sculpin are the main foods you should be imitating.
02/22/16 The stream levels are in good shape running about normal and the water is
clear. It is still cold and midges, little Blue-winged olives and Winter stoneflies work best.
03/07/16 The river is flowing at a normal level and clear. It will be rising soon,
because there's a lot of rain in the forecast every day for the next week.
03/14/16 The river is high from recent rain but slowly falling. There isn't a chance of
rain for the next week, so it should fall back into shape soon.
03/21/16 The river is in very good shape, with good stream levels and midge and
Blue-winged olive hatches taking place. Scuds and sculpin streamers are also working.
03/28/16 The river is in good shape, with levels below normal for this time of the year.
Blue-winged olives are hatching good. Damselfly nymphs and scuds are also working.
04/11/16 The stream is in good shape and at a good level. Blue-winged olives, midges
and little Black Caddis are hatching good.
05/03/16 The river is still a little high but falling. It should get back into good shape
very soon. There is little rain in the forecast and warmer weather ahead.
05/16/16 The levels are back down and the river clear and in good shape. Sulphurs are
hatching along with Blue-winged olives, Green Sedges, and Cinnamon Caddis. Scuds,
sowbugs, damselfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs and Speckled Wing Quills are working.
07/04/16 The river is flowing high but those with boats can fish. There are a lot of
recreational boaters on the water. Sulphurs are hatching and two species of
caddisflies. Damselfly and Dragon fly nymphs have been working good.
08/01/16 Thanks to school starting back soon, you may have far more opportunity to
fly fish the river than recent times. Recreational boating has been going full stream.
There are still some Sulphurs hatching but terrestrials are becoming very important.
08/08/16 The flows have continued to be high and make it tough to fish. We didn't
receive any reports this past week.
08/22/16 Stream levels are down some but still a little high. You can fish using
canoes and small drift boats. Damselfly numphs, dragon fly nymphs, Sulphurs, Bwo,
Cinnamon Caddis. and Tricos.
08/29/16 Stream levels are still a little high but that's not a bad thing. It limits wading
but helps fool the trout. Terrestrials are working and hatching insects include a lot of
caddisflies. Fish the late afternoon egg laying activity near dark.
09/26/16 The stream has been high for the past two weeks but down not too far
above normal. It can be fished from smaller boats, pontoons, drift boats, canoes if
your careful. Sculpin streamers, BWOs, cinnamon caddis, scuds,are most important.
10/10/16 The river is high but fishable. You won't be able to wade many places but it
can be fished from a boat. Blue-winged olives are hatching good as well as
Mahogany duns. Scuds are working good as well.
10/24/16 The river is at 430 cfs with is a little strong but okay even for canoes if your
careful. Rainbow trout fishing has been exceptional the past week. Blue-winged
olives, Mahogany duns and other insects are hatching.
10/31/16 The stream levels and flows are down just a little (416 cfs) but still flowing a
little above normal. Scuds, dragonfly nymphs, damselfly nymphs, and BWOs.  
11/14/16 The stream levels are down in good shape and customers are catching
some good numbers of trout, including some large ones. Blue-winged olives and
cream midges are hatching good.
12/05/16 We received two good reports recently. Blue-winged olives and Midges
are hatching good. Fish the larva and pupa midges in tandem. Winter stoneflies
are starting to hatch as well.
12/19/16 The stream levels are low and allowing about any type of boat to navigate
safely. Blue-winged olives, Cream midges and Damselfly nymphs are working good.
01/02/17 The river is in very good shape with stream levels a little below normal and
water ranging from 36 to 40 degrees. Blue-winged olives and mIdges, creams and
reds or blood midges, are hatching. Conditions are very good.
01/16/17 The stream levels are up just a little above normal. Be careful wading but
small boats should be fine. The water temps are fine. BWO, Midges, and Scuds.
01/30/17 Excellent conditions exist. The water is about 40 degrees, with little
Blue-winged olives, Midges and winter stoneflies hatching. The stream levels are just
a little below normal and the water clear.
02/13/17 Stream levels are low, the water warm and lots of Blue-winged olives are
hatching. You can wade some sections or fish from small pontoons or canoes at the
current levels. Cream, Red and light green midges are hatching.
02/27/17 The stream levels are a little low but in good shape. Wading is easy in
some sections. There are lots of BWOs, Midges, and little Black caddis hatching.
03/13/17 Little BWOs, Cream and Red midges, and little Black Caddis are hatching.
Scuds and sowbugs and Sculpin streamer are working.
03/28/17 Lots of spring breakers, canoes and float tubes but good fishing otherwise.
Midges, little Blue-winged olives, cinnamon and little Black caddis, and scuds are working. It
is currently very high and stained.  
04/17/17 The stream levels are up to a normal level. There are lots of hatching insects
including Blue Quills, Blue-winged olives, Cinnamon and Little Black Caddis.
05/01/17 The river is flooded, flowing at 131,000 cfs. It will take a good while for this to
clear up.
05/08/17 The flows are at 2560 cfs at 4.81 ft. Normal for this time of the year is about
850 to 900 cfs, so it is falling fast and getting into good shape fast but still very high.
05/15/17 The stream flows are down to 1480 cfs at 3.89. This is still high but low
enough to fish from boats if you are careful. It should continue to drop. Normal is about
800 to 900 cfs.
06/06/17 The stream levels are still too high to fish or use a small boat. It is dropping
and should be down soon. Watch the levels and fish as soon as it gets down.
06/26/17 The stream levels just got now to normal and conditions are very good.
Sulphurs, light Cahills, Cinnamon Sedges, damselfly and dragon fly nymphs, scuds
and sowbugs and other flies should work.
07/10/17 The stream levels are a little above normal but fine for small boats. There
are good numbers of trout being caught. Sculpin streamers, Sulphurs, Light Cahills,
Cinnamon caddis, Green sedge cadiss and terrestrials are also working.
07/17/17 Rose some last week but back down a little above normal. Two good reports
from this past week. Lots of Light Cahills, Damelflies, and Cinnamon caddis.
07.24.17 Stream levels back in good shape with good hatches. Slate Drakes and
huge Trico hatches have started.
07/31/17 Stream levels are in good shape and lots of trout are being caught. Tons
of Tricos, little BWOs, Slate Drakes, Spotted and Green sedges, Damsel, Dragon
fles. Terrestrials are also starting to work.
08/21/17 The stream levels are a little higher than normal but fine for fishing from
canoes and smaller drift boats and pontoons. Good number of trout are being caught.
09/04/17 The stream levels are just a little above normal and in good shape. We
received two good reports from customers. There are some good hatches and
terrrestrials are also working good.
09/18/17 The stream level is a little above normal but on the rise. Our customers have
been sending in some very good reports the past week. Be sure to check the levels.
10/02/17 The stream is at a normal level and in good shape. Several new hatches are
taking place. Give us a shoot or email. Our customers are sending in good reports.
10/23/17 The stream is in good shape with good stream levels and clear water. We
received two good reports this past week. Midges and BWOs are hatching good.
12/06/17 The stream levels are just a little below normal level and in good shape. Lot
of Blood (red) and cream midges, and Blue-winged olives are hatching. We received
two good reports from customers this past week.
01/25/18 The stream levels are below normal levels and that makes it easy to wade
some sections you normally can't wade. Midges and Winter stoneflies are hatching.
02/08/18 The stream levels are still a little low but fine to wade in places and use small
boats and canoes. Midges, damsel and dragon fly nymphs, scuds, aquatic worms.
02/22/18 The stream levels are up high, rolling at 1700 cfs at 4.12 ft. Fish as soon as
the levels subside. Midges, winter stoneflies, little BWOs, scuds, damselfly nymphs.
03/21/18 The stream levels are low and the water clear. Wading and fishing from small
boats andcanoes are producing. Lots of BWOs hatching. Send us an email for fly list.
04/05/18 Flow should be down to near normal in a couple of days. Midges, damsel
and dragon fly nymphs, BWOs, scuds, sowbugs and March Browns are hatching.
04/12/18 The stream is fine now, but there is heavy rain forecast for tomorrow, and it
will likely blow it out.
04/19/18 The stream levels are down to normal levels and the water clear. There are
good hatches of Blue Quills, BWOs, little Brown stoneflies and Little Black Caddis.
05/03/18 The river has been in good shape, but currently, it is blown out. Check back
with us.
06/24/18 Sorry for the missed reports. The stream is in good condition with good
hatches and lots of trout being caught.
07/12/18 The river is in good shape and lots of trout are being caught. Weekends
are tough because of the recreational boating spooking the trout.
07/26/18 The river is in good shape in all respects and we are getting lots of good
reports. There are some good hatches taking place and terrestrials are working.
08/02/18 The stream levels are in good shape and lots of trout are being caught.
There are still good hatches taking place. All sections are producing well.
08/16/18 The river is in good shape with good Slate drake, cinnamon caddis, Tricos,
hatching. Terrestrials are working as well as scuds, damsel nymphs and sowbugs.
09/06/18 School has started and there are a lot less activity on the river. Few are
fishing but those that are, are catching good numbers of trout. Conditions are good.
09/30/18 Excellent conditions exist. The stream levels are good and hatches are
still taking place along with terrestrials. Sculpin streamers are working.
10/17/18 The stream levels are near normal and the water clear. Good reports are
coming in. Several insects are hatching and sculpin streamers are working good.
11/07/18 The stream levels are a little high but okay. Good numbers of trout are
being caught. Good midge and BWO hatches are taking place.
11/19/18 Stream levels are near normal levels and trout are being caught. Our
Sculpin streamers should be of help catching some large ones.
01/02/19 The stream is far too high to fish by wading or from a small boat or
canoe. Check back with us soon.
01/09/19 It is still a little high but okay for boats. Midges, scuds, sculpin streamers  
and BWOs.
02/20/19 The stream is still high, flowing at 1900 cfs at 4.45 ft. That's okay for
large drift boats but not small boats or wading.
02/28/19 Stream levels are still too high to wade safely but it can be fishing from
medium to large size drift boats. Good hatches are taking place.
03/15/19 The stream is still very high, too high to wade and too high for small
boats. It should fall out fast as there is little rain  in the forecast.