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Penns Creek
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Fly Fishing On Penns Creek In
Penns Creek is one of Pennsylvania's top trout streams. It
starts at the mouth of Penns Cave, where it is a small
spring creek. It flows through beautiful Bush and Penn's
Valley, adding water from several small springs down to the
little town of Coburn where it receives more cold spring
water from Elk and Pine Creeks. This upper section,
approximately thirteen miles long is rated a "B" class water
by the state and receives stocked trout.

The section from Colburn downstream for the next fifteen
miles through the forest of the Seven Mountains. This is
the prime waters of Penns Creek and is rated Class "A" by
the state. Fly fishing Penns Creek in this section is for all
wild trout.

Penns Creek flows out of these hills into Buffalo Valley
where it slows down and warms some. It is again rated as
Class "B" water and stocked trout supplement the wild ones
for the next few miles.

Those fly fishing the creek will find it's a aquatic insect
heaven. It has as many different species and as large of
quantities of insects as any stream we know of or have
taken samples from. It is known for its huge Green Drake
hatch in late May and early June, but that is only one of
many huge hatches that takes place on this fine stream.

Even though the creek is a pure spring creek, it does
receive runoff that adds to the flow along the way and in
many places, small spring inlets. Until you closely examine
the water, especially in the prime, class "A" section of the
stream, you may think it was a freestone stream. It has a
freestone appearance many places. The rocks and
boulders create pocket water, runs, riffles and pools and
makes it easier to fish than many, smooth flowing spring

The trout can be very selective but fly fishing Penns Creek
isn't that difficult as long as you fish an imitation of what
they are eating. To say the least, doing that isn't very easy.
Most of the time there are multiple hatches occurring.
Knowing what to fish and when to fish it frustrates many
anglers to the point they lose patients with what is one of
the better spring creeks in existence.

Although Penns Creek is best known for its Green Drake
mayfly hatch, that only last two or three weeks at best, and
is only one of several great hatches this fine stream has.
Many hatches last much longer and provide far more
opportunities to catch trout than the large Green Drakes. I
don't want to take anything away from the great Green
Drake hatch. I just want to emphasize the other fine fishing
Penns Creek has to offer. One thing I have noticed is that
often during the middle of the Green Drake hatch the trout
seem to be more selective on other mayflies especially at
certain times of the day. Just before dark, for example, I
have seen them feed heavily on Light Cahill spinners. It is
best to not let the Green Drake excitement completely take
over your thinking. You should remain flexible and be
prepared to fish a number of different flies.
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (Wild)
Rainbow (Wild and Stocked)

Medium to Large

Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns
State College

General season; Mid April through

Fair to Good

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State of Pennsylvania

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Penns Creek Pennsylvania
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Thanks to the stable temperature of the
spring water, fly fishing Penns Creek is
great throughout the season.
Spring is certainly the most popular season
to fish Penns Creek because of its
numerous hatches.
Summer time can slow down the action
unless you fish early and late. .
Fly Fishing Guide for Penns Creek:
Penns Creek is one stream where you better
play close attention to what the trout are
eating. The large, wild browns are not easily
fooled with generic or attractor type flies. The
upper part of Penns Creek, in the area above
Coburn, the stream is stocked by the state.
There are a lot of larger holdover that in that
area also. The newly stocked trout can be
caught on a number of different attractor and
generic fly patterns and without a great deal of
skill on the part of the angler at times. The
larger holdover trout aren't so easy to catch.
You need to concentrate on the most available
food the trout have to eat to catch them. That
isn't easy. As you can see from our hatches
section, there are numerous aquatic insects
as well as other food available for the trout.

Below Coburn, in the wild trout section of the
stream, you have to pay close attention to
what the trout are most likely feeding on
throughout the season. Multiple hatches are
often more common than single hatches. It
pays to keep a close check on the hatch chart
and try a different variety of flies for the
multiple hatches that occur. Again, the key is
flexibility. Don't become set in any one way of
fishing Penns Creek or you will soon find
yourself having a difficult time to finding any

The stream is a wide stream. It varies from fifty
feet to up to a hundred yards wide in places.
There are usually numerous places for the
wild brown trout to be hiding.
Many anglers want to fish the stocked sections
differently from the wild trout section. It is easier
to catch newly stocked trout much easier than
the wild trout but don't forget about the large
holdover trout. The stream usually stays cool
enough in the class B sections to support trout
year-round and this is especially true of the
brown trout which can tolerate slightly warmer
water than rainbows. These sections of the
stream have some very large brown trout that
are just as wise as any wild trout. Unless your
happy just to catch the newly stocked trout,
your much better off to match the most
available and plentiful aquatic insects and other
trout foods at the particular time you are fishing.
This doesn't mean just matching the hatch.
It also mean matching what's about to
hatch. It is just as important to match the
larvae and nymphs with specific imitations
of the most plentiful and available ones at
the time your fishing. The trout can see
them better than the dry flies on the
surface. We have Perfect Fly imitations of
all the aquatic insects in Penns Creek and
in every stage of life that's applicable to
trout fishing.
You will have a difficult time deciding which
of the holding areas are best because the
entire creek is full of likely areas. It also has
a wide variety of water types.

Even though it's a spring creek, it acts
more like a freestone stream in terms of
flows. There are long runs, deep short and
long pools, riffles of all types, smooth, slick
sections of water and fast, rough sections
of pocket water, depending on where you
are fishing. You have to choose a method
for each type of water.

Although Penns Creek is considered a very
good dry fly stream, and rightly so I may
add, it still will produce far more brown trout
from subsurface fishing methods than from
the dry fly. Large brown trout are far more
prone to feed below the surface than on
top. In fact, there are few aquatic insects
that will bring the large ones to the surface
and that usually happens during very low
light situations or during the evening. If I
stick with nymphs, wet flies and streamers.
Unless there is a major hatch taking place,
you are going to get far better results from
fishing the deeper water hiding places with
Penns Creek Hatches and Trout Flies:
Our information on aquatic insects is based
on our stream samples of larvae and
nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing. Unlike
the generic fly shop trout flies, we have
specific imitations of all the insects in the
Penns Creek and in all stages of life that are
applicable to fishing. If you want to fish
better, more realistic trout flies, have a much
higher degree of success, give us a call.  We
not only will help you with selections, you will
learn why, after trying Perfect Flies, 92% of
the thousands of our customers will use
nothing else.

When the Shad Flies (as the locals call them)
or Green Drakes start hatching on Penns
Creek, you may think you are seeing flocks
of hummingbirds rather than mayflies. It is a
sight to behold. They come up on the
surface and ride the water for a lengthy time,
provided they are lucky enough not to be
eaten by a trout. The hatch goes on in the
afternoon and later on, when the sun is
setting and darkness is approaching, the sky
is filled with clouds of spinners. Below them,
waiting patiently are plenty of large, wild
brown trout ready for a meal. If you are lucky,
you will be one of the many anglers watching
with a fly rod in your hand. Some anglers
stay on the water to midnight, sometimes
during overcast conditions when the moon is
hidden, casting towards the noise of trout
feeding on the spinners.

From the end of March through the middle of
May, hatches of different species of
Blue-winged Olives hatch. These hatch again
from about the last week or two of August
until mid October.

Little Winter stoneflies hatch during February
and March. From about the last week of
March through the first three weeks of April,
you will find Quill Gordon mayflies hatches in
the fast water areas of the stream. At almost
the same time, hatches of Blue Quills will be
coming off.
It can last until the first week or two of May.
The Hendrickson mayflies start about the
second or third week of April and last about a

Chocolate Duns hatch during the month of
May for about the entire month. March
Browns will also be found hatching in the fast
water areas from the first of May throughout
the month. By the way, this is the same
mayfly as the Gray Fox. Eastern Pale
Evening Duns, called Sulfurs by many start
hatching by the middle of May and continue
on through June. Sulphurs start about the
first of June and hatch through most of July.

Little Black Caddis, called Grannoms by
many, hatch from about the first or second
week of April for about a month. Green
Sedges hatch from the middle of April
through the middle of June.
Hatches continued:
The Green Sedge larvae are called Green
Rock Worms. Imitations of them will work
year-round. Cinnamon Sedges, net
spinning caddis of several species will
hatch from about the first of June through
August. This is the most common caddis on
Penns Creek.

Great Autumn Brown Sedges hatch in
September. There are other species of
caddisflies but these are the most important
ones.From about the last week of May,
through the first two or three weeks of
June, the famous Eastern Green Drakes
hatch. This is the big event on Penns
Creek. LIght Cahills hatch during the month
of June. You will find them mostly where
there is faster water. You will find some
hatches of Yellow Drakes during the month
of July. Slate Drakes hatch from about the
first of August all the way through the
month of October. Mahogany Duns, called
Blue Quills by many locals, hatch from
about the middle of July through
September. There is more than one
species of these little mayflies. Tricos, or
the little White Winged Curses, hatch from
about the first of July through September.

Don't overlook midges. If you fish Penns
Creek during the early or late season when
the water is cold, imitations of their larvae
and pupae will produce for you. Sometimes
the adult patterns work.

Streamers are very important flies on this
creek because the large brown trout eat
small baitfish, sculpin and even small
crayfish. Make sure you have a good

Craneflies hatch in huge quantities at
times. Imitations of their larvae work
anytime. Starting about the middle of June
through September, imitations of terrestrial
insects work on Penns Creek. Imitations of
grass hoppers, ants and beetles are
popular flies.

One of the main parts of the diet of the
trout are scuds and sowbugs. The creek
has a good population of these
crustaceans, especially in the areas spring
water makes up most of the flow. Make sure
you have imitations of both.

We recommend our Perfect Flies for Penns
Creek. They have been tested and proven
effective on this stream many times. Our
imitations of the Green Drake nymph, dun
and spinners are the most realistic and
effective flies you can purchase. If you
haven't tried them already, please do so.
You will be very glad you did.
Fall season is a great time to catch the
large brown trout and is overlooked by
many anglers.
Trout can be taken on all but the coldest
days of winter on imitations of midge larvae,
pupae and sometimes, the adults.
Penns Creek Green Drake
Angie Marsh fishing Penns Creek
Penns Creek Brown Trout
James Marsh fishing Penns Creek
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Penns Creek Fishing Report  
Updated June 2
5, 2016
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

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Headlines: The stream is in
excellent in all sections. There are
not that many anglers fishing, so
you have plenty of space to
choose from. Some think that when
the Green Drake hatch ends, it is
over for the stream. That is far
from the trout. The high pH gives
Penns one of it not the most
aquatic insects of any of the
streams in the state. There are lots
of hatching taking place at this
Keep track of the latest by
clicking our weekly updated Penns
Creek fishing report linked above.
Fishing Report Headlines Archives:
Current Penns Creek Fishing Report
10/18/15 Great conditions exist right now on Penns Creek and few anglers are taking advantage
of it. Some big brown trout are being caught on our Brown sculpin streamer fly. Great Autumn
Brown sedges are at the peak of their hatch. Don't over look the excellent smallmouth bass
fishing on the lower end or the creek.

10/25/15 The stream is a little low and clear right now but it is raining and on the way up. There
is more in the forecast for next week, so the levels should remain good. Some of our customers
are catching some big brown trout. They are in the pre-spawn stage and very aggressive. They
are taking streamers like our Brown Sculpin.

11/01/15 Very good conditions exist right now. The water levels are a little high but falling fast
and will be easy to wade by tomorrow. Blue-winged olives in two sizes, 20 and 16 are hatching
good. There's still plenty of Great Autumn Brown sedges. Brown trout can be caught on
streamers like our Brown sculpin. They are nearing their spawn time.

11/08/15 The weather is getting colder by the day. That changes the aquatic insect hatches. It is
getting down to mostly midges and Blue-winged olives. The Brown Sculpin fly should still work
great for the spawning and post-spawn brown trout. The stream is a little low but thee is some
rain in the forecast.

11/15/15 Penns has some very big brown trout and many are in the post-spawn stage. That
means they are hungry and feeding. The Brown Sculpin is the perfect Perfect Fly for them.
BWOs and Midges are hatching. The stream is back down to a good level and the weather
forecast for this coming week looks good.

11/22/15 Stream levels are back below the normal level at this time of the year. Brown trout are
in the post spawn mode and hungry. The Brown sculpin streamer fly will fool them. Blue-winged
olives and midges are the only aquatic insects hatching. BWOs hatch mostly on cloudy days but
midges, every day.

11/29/15 Water temperature begins to play an important role in the fishing and trout activity at
this time of the season. The temperature varies greatly depending on the section of the creek
your fishing. It is higher above Coburn and at the confluence of the little Elk Creek, another
spring fed creek.

12/06/15 Conditions for fly fishing Penns Creek are excellent for this coming week. The stream
levels are back up to normal and the weather forecast a good one. Fish below the confluence of
Elk Creek or the upper section of the creek near the springs or source of water. It will be much
warmer. Hatches of Blue-winged olives and midges are likely to occur.  

12/13/15 This creek has some very large brown trout in it and now is a good time to catch one.
The water temperature is still plenty warm enough. The water is low and stealth is required if you
fish today but rain in on the way tomorrow and that should bring the levels back up. Don't forget
the Brown Sculpin Streamer. It has been catching some big trout.

12/20/15 What a great time to catch one of Penn's big brown trout. Conditiions don't get any
better than they are right now. The weather is unseasonably warm and the stream levels
currently in good shape. Blue-winged olives are likely to hatch with these conditions and cloud
cover. Our Brown sculpin is the fly that will get you that big brown.

12/27/15 Winter stoneflies were reported hatching in some sections of the creek although it isn't
that cold at this time. The stream  levels could be a problem this coming week. They are a little
high now, but most likely will rise with the heavy rain the forecast is showing. If you can fish
Penns, go today if possible. It may be the only opportunity for good water for a while.

01/03/16 Penns Creek can get a little complicated during the winter from selecting the best
section to fish due to the influence of the spring water that stays almost a constant temperature.
in general the stocked upper part of the trout is always good, but the Elk Creek confluence is
also a help. The water in the lower section acts more like a freestone stream at time.

01/10/16 The creek is a river right now. It is blown out big time but should fall back to normal
levels fast. There is no more rain forecast and only a day of snow. The first part of the stream to
clear will be the upper part above Colburn. It is stocked and warmer and is the choice location
right now. Midges and winter stonefly nymphs will work best when it drops out.

01/17/16 The rain has ended and the snow will end today, so the stream should have a good
chance to get back down to a normal level for this time of the year. It is still a little high. Fish the
uppermost section of the creek near the big spring for warmer water. The mouth of Elk Creek
should also be good.

01/24/16 The weather is going to be much better this coming week. It will be a little warmer with
only a slight chance of snow on Tuesday. The stream levels are fine and you can wade most
areas. Fish the warmer water near the confluence of Elk and the upper part of the creek near
the springs.

01/31/16 The stream levels are in good shape and the water clear. The weather is going to be
much warmer this next week. There's some rain forecast the first of the week, but is isn't
predicted to be heavy. Blue-winged olives, size 20, could hatch this week. Winter stoneflies and
midges are hatching.

02/07/16 The creek is still high but falling. There's a couple days of snow forecast beginning
tomorrow, but not rain. The levels will continue to drop and should be back in good shape soon.
Midges, creams and reds, fished in tandem, and little Winter stonefly nymphs are key flies.

02/14/16 The weather is has turned much colder but will warm back up again near the end of
next week. Fish as near the upper springs as possible, or just below the confluence of Elk Creek.
The water will be warmer. Midges, winter stoneflies and scuds are the main foods you should

02/21/16 The creek is flowing high and stained right now. There is more rain and or rain/snow
coming the middle of the week but we hope there is a good chance the levels will be low enough
to wade by this coming weekend. Midges, winter stoneflies, scuds, sculpin and little Blue-winged
olive nymphs are the main foods you should be imitating.

02/28/16 Penns Creek is blown out right now. It is going to take some time for the creek levels to
get back down low enough to wade safely. The water is highly stained to muddy, depending on
the location. When you can fish, streamers would be best option when the water is still a little
high. Then midges, scuds, winter stoneflies and Blue-winged olives would be next.

03/13/16 The stream levels are great for wading right now and the weather almost unreal. It is a
great time to hook a big brown trout in Penns Creek. Early and late, the Brown sculpin streamer
is a good fly to use for the large ones. Midges and Blue-winged olives are hatching every day
and you should do well just about any where you fish. It doesn't get much better than this in

03/20/16 The creek is low and wading is possible just about anywhere. We recommend fishing
the upper section above Coburn or near the Elk Creek confluence. The water temperature is still
in the mid forties. It is getting very close to the time several aquatic insects will begin to hatch. As
of now, it is mostly midges and Blue-winged olives.

03/27/16 Conditions are great for early spring. The water is getting warmer and several new
hatches are getting closer and closer. Little Brown stoneflies are already showing up. Blue-
winged olives and midges are hatching very good right now. The water is a little low but that is
good. There is a little rain in the forecast.

04/03/16 There is a little colder weather on the way but it won't last long. The creek is a little low
now, but that just makes it easy to wade. Just use some stealth. Little Blue-winged olives, midges
and scuds are still the main things to imitate. It won't be long before little Black Grannom Caddis
will begin to hatch along with a host of other aquatic insects.

04/10/16 Penns Creek is still low for this time of the year, but that isn't all bad. It is much better
than being high. The past week's cold weather has come to an end and it will be getting warmer.
Little Black caddis, Little Brown stoneflies, Quill Gordons and Blue Quill hatches will begin to take
place soon, but the water needs to get back up to and over 50 degrees for that to happen.

04/17/16 Penns is in great shape. The water level is just a little low but that is great for wading. It
is getting warmer and hatches are taking place throughout the system. Blue Quills, Quill
Gordons, little Black Grannon Caddis and little Brown stoneflies are leading the way for the
Hendrickson hatch to take place soon, if it hasn't already started.

05/01/16 The stream level is low right now but that is very likely to change soon. There is a
chance of rain in the forecast every day for the next week. There are a lot of aquatic insects
hatching and fishing conditions are superb. I hope you can get to the water before the hot action
ceases, but not that it will stop. It is just almost perfect right now.

05/08/16 The stream levels managed to stay in decent shape this past week and our customers
reported catching a lot of trout. There are lot of hatches taking place. They vary from the upper
springs to the lower end of the creek. There is a lot of rain in the forecast this coming week, so
watch the levels.

05/15/16 The stream levels are back down in decent shape and most sections can be waded
with caution. There is more rain coming the next two or three days, but no downpours are
expected. The weather will be a little cooler and this may slow down the hatches to some extent.
All things considered, the conditions will still be good.

05/22/16 Now is the time everyone has been waiting for. The huge Eastern Green Drakes are
starting to hatch. We think they will be on the lower river by the end of next week. They start
there and move upstream. Other insects are also hatching, so don't put all your faith in one
insect. The stream levels and weather forecast looks good.

05/29/16 The creek is in good shape from the upper springs to the lower river. Eastern Green
Drakes are hatching along with several other insects. Our customers are sending in good
reports from the past week, and the coming week looks even better. There is some chance of
rain but for now the stream levels are in good shape.

06/05/16 The creek is in great shape with lots of good wading water. Some anglers are reporting
catching a lot of trout and others are disappointed. This is normal during the Green Drake hatch.
Many fish the wrong places and others fish the wrong times of day. There are a lot of other
hatches going on and you should be catching a lot of trout.

06/12/16 The conditions are very good at this time. There are a lot of trout being caught and in
all sections of the creek from the springs down to the lowest elevation trout exist. There have
been some large brown trout caught as well. Hatches are still taking place in large numbers. To
many anglers think once the big Green Drakes are finished, the fishing is over in Penns Creek.

06/19/16 The entire creek is in good shape and producing a lot of trout for our customers. The
spring water stays cool and helps keep the temperature stable throughout the summer. The
Eastern green drake hatch is about over, but that doesn't mean the fishing opportunity if finished
at all. There are a lot of other insects hatching as well as plenty of crustaceans and baitfish for
the trout to eat.

06/26/16 The Green Drakes are all but done but don't think for a second that it means hatches
are finished. There are many others and some very large ones that take place of Penns creek. It
has an low pH and a lot of aquatic insects. The streams are a little low but that makes it easy to
wade most anywhere. You may need to use a little caution about spooking the trout, and stay
well hidden.

07/03/16 Penns creek is just as good now as it ever gets, and that includes the time the big
Green drakes are hatching. For some reason, too many anglers think that is the only time Penns
Creek is a top fly fishing destination. The water is low right now but there is rain in the forecast
and the levels will come up some soon. Lots of insects are hatching and our customers are
catching trout.

07/10/16 The stream levels are up to a normal hight for this time of the season. The weather
forecast for the coming week looks good. There are still a lot of insects hatching and trout
feeding on the surface. Few anglers are fishing and you should have a lot of water to choose
from. The uppermost, middle and lower sections of the river are in good shape.

07/17/16 The State drakes are hatching big time. Many anglers just call these
Isonychias, or by
their Latin name. They crawl out of the water to hatch and fishing imitations of the nymphs will
get you the most action. The big spinners do fall near dark. Little Yellow stoneflies and
caddisflies are very numerous. Fish the egg laying activity late in the day for the best results.

07/23/16 The stream levels ae getting a little low and stealth is going to be required in most
sections. The water is cooler near the springs and where Elk and other creeks converge with the
main river. There are lots of Slate Drakes hatching. Remember, they crawl out of the water to
hatch and the nymphs and spinner fall is the most important stages to imitate.

07/30/16 As I have mentioned before, Penns Creek is very much overlooked after the big Green
drake hatch. It is actually just as good at many other times of the year. It has more insects than
any stream in the state and the cool water from many springs and spring water tributaries keep
the water cool during the summer.

08/07/16 The creek is in good shape for the dog days of August,. Usually, it fishes very good
during the month yet few anglers fish it. The water is cool in the uppermost section and near the
spring creek tributaries. The very lowest section of water that holds trout can get a little too warm
in the late afternoon. Hatches are still plentiful and terrestrials are also working.

08/14/16 Penns Creek has a larger insect population than any major stream in the state. We list
the major ones hatching on the fly list. Fish Sculpin patterns in the early morning. Fish the Trico
spinner falls in the late morning. Fish caddisfly hatches mid afternoon. Fish little Yellow and
caddisfly egg laying the last three hours of daylight.

08/21/16 Thanks to cooler weather, you can now fish Penn's creek anywhere you want to and
have excellent opportunity. White drakes and Tricos are the newest insects that have begin to
hatch. There are several others. Some anglers are using imitations of the terrestrials and doing
well. The section just downstream from Colburn three or four miles is the best for larger browns
right now, but they are most everywhere.

08/28/16 The rain from last week helped keep the stream levels up but they are back down a
little below normal. You will need to use some stealth to catch trout. Stay low and hidden and use
longer, lighter leaders and tippets. Tricos are hatching big time. Fish the morning spinner falls.
Fish early mornings with sculpin streamers.

09/04/16 Stream levels are very low. You will have to make some extra effort to stay hidden from
the trout. Use longer and lighter leaders and tippets. Fish early mornings and very late in the day
for the best results. It helps to fish near or below the mouth of Elk Creek or the uppermost
section of Penns near the big springs. There are lots of caddisflies hatching and plenty of White
Wing Curses, or Tricos.  

09/11/16 The stream is in a little better condition with slightly higher flows and slight cooler water.
The cooler weather will help open up some more sections of water that has been bordering
getting too warm. There are still a large number of insects hatching. Terrestrial imitations of ants,
beetles and grass hoppers are also working good. The following week should be a good one.

09/18/16 It is currently raining but it looks like that isn't going to be near enough to bring the
stream level up much. It is low and you will have to stay well hidden to catch trout. The water is
cooler and the trout active. Fishing near the springs or mouths of Elk Creek is a safe bet. There
are lots of hatches taking place and we have added some new ones just starting up. Mahogany
duns & Great Autumn brown sedges are two of them.  

09/24/16 The creek is running low but the cool weather is helping keep it is good shape. You
don't have to been concerned about the water getting too warm. Fall weather is here. Big brown
trout will be getting into the love mode soon, and some will get fooled by anglers flies. There are
multiple hatches taking place and our customers are continuing to catch plenty of nice size trout.

10/02/16 The stream is in very good shape with water levels that are about normal for this time
of the year. There is some rain in the forecast that should keep things about normal. The
weather is remaining cool and the trout active. The brown trout are in the pre-spawn mode and
becoming a little aggressive. There are several hatches taking place. Now is a good time to fish
the stream. You won't have much competition.

10/09/16 The stream levels are back down low, but not to low to fish. You just have to use a little
extra stealth and stay hidden from the trout. Dress to match the background and stay as low as
you can. Longer, lighter leaders and tippets will also help. The wading is easy, the brown trout in
the pre-spawn stage and you should be able to catch plenty fish and some good ones at that.

10/16/16 The stream levels are still very low. That makes for great wading almost anywhere but it
is very easy to spook the trout and easy for them to see you. That makes Perfect Flies even
more important. The trout can see the fly good. Stay low as possible and make longer
presentations using lighter, longer leaders and tippets. It will cool back down in a few days.

10/23/16 The creek is in good shape. The recent rain really helped perk up the trout. The
stream is still low but rising as I write this. There is more rain expected at the end of the week.
Brown trout are either in the pre-spawn mode or actually spawning. The Brown sculpin and White
Belly sculpin streamers will catch them. Blue-winged olives are hatching good.

10/30/16 The stream levels are very low again. There are some very good Blue-winged olive
hatches taking place and we received some good report as to large numbers of trout caught.
Fish the BWO nymph in the morning, duns afternoons and spinners the last two hours of the
day. Some very large brown trout are being caught. They are either spawning or in the pre-
spawn stage. Don't wade through the redds.

11/06/16 There are still a lot of big brown trout being caught on the Sculpin streamers. They are
mostly post-spawn stage browns. The Black and Olive Matuka sculpin and Brown and White belly
sculpin are the most productive streamers. Blue-winged olives are hatching and midges are
starting to hatch. The water level is a little low,but otherwise in good shape.

11/13/16 This creek probably has more aquatic insects than any stream in the state. There are
still plenty of hatches taking place and anglers can still catch trout feeding on the surface during
a hatch. The water levels are low and there is no rain in the forecast for the coming week but it
still should be a good one. You can wade many places, just be careful not to spook the trout.

11/20/16 The stream levels are still very low but there is some rain and snow in the forecast and
hopefully, that will bring them up some. Streamers like our Brown Sculpin, should still work good.
Scuds, sowbugs, midges and Blue-winged olives will be the main  foods to imitate. Stay hidden,
and you can still catch trout.

11/27/16 The stream levels continue to be low, making it a little difficult to keep from spooking
the trout in many sections of the river. Penns Creek is very diverse and some sections still have
a lot of depth. The weather is going to be a little warmer this week, and rain should help the low
water levels. Midges and Blue-winged olives should hatch good.

12/04/16 The river is still low. That makes it easy to wade most places but also easy to spook the
trout. Stay hidden and as low as you can. The water is warmest near the springs or the
confluence of Elk creek. The lower river is a little cooler. There are lots of midges and Blue-
winged olives hatching. Winter stoneflies are starting to hatch.

12/11/16 The stream is in good shape except the water is still very low. In some cases, this isn't a
factor and in many it is. The trout can be spooked very easy. The warmest water is at the head
of the creek and the confluence of Elk Creek. Midges, creams and reds, and Winter stoneflies
are hatching. Fish the larva and pupa in tandem for the best results, with the pupa the top fly.

12/18/16 The great majority of the stream has slush ice in it. The only water warm enough to fish
with much opportunity for success is that at the intersection of Elk Creek,other smaller spring
creeks and runs and the uppermost section near the big springs. Midges and maybe a Winter
stonefly nymphs, should be the only flies you should consider until it warms up some.

12/25/16 The water is going to be a little warmer than last week thanks to the warmer weather.
The levels are low but there is some rain in the forecast. For the warmest water, fish near the
confluence of Elk creek or the upper most section nearer the big springs. Midges are still the
most important insects to imitate. Creams and Reds, or blood midges, are hatching good.

01/01/17 This stream offers a very diverse selection of types of water and it is always possible to
catch trout. The levels is a little low but otherwise, it is in good shape. Just stay low and hidden
from the trout. Naturally, the water near springs or tributaries that have spring water is warmer.
This is mostly in the upper section of the creek. Midges, winter stoneflies and Black flies are

01/07/17 The creek is in great shape with good stream levels and warmer weather ahead. There
is some rain and snow forecast for the coming week. The water is warmer at Elk confluence and
the upper part of the creek near the springs, but warm enough now to fish about anywhere.
Midges, Red (blood) and Cream midges are hatching every day. Winter stoneflies are hatching

01/15/17 The creek in is very good shape for mid-January. We had two good reports recently.
Stream levels are good and the water temperature a little warmer. Fish Cream or Red midges
with the larva and pupa in tandem. Fish the Winter stonefly nymph late in the day near the
banks. When there is a lot of cloud cover, fish the Black or Olive Matuka Sculpin Steamer.

01/22/17 The creek is in good shape in all sections. The water is warm enough in all sections to
catch trout. The levels are a little low. Midges are the main insects hatching. Creams, Reds and
light Greens are hatching but it is mostly Reds, or the blood midges. There are some size 20 little
Blue-winged olives hatching. There are a few Winter stoneflies in the lower river. Snow should
end Tuesday.

01/29/17 The stream levels ae up to normal and in good shape. There is some stain where snow
melts but otherwise clear. There is snow forecast through Wednesday, then clearing. Midges are
the main insects to imitate. There may be some little Blue-winged olives hatching where the water
is warmer near springs. There are still some winter stoneflies hatching in the faster water

02/05/16 Stream levels are down a little below normal and the water clear. The temperature of
the water ranges from about 36 to 39 degrees and is of course, warmer the near the springs of
spring creek tributaries. Midges, Creams, Reds and light Greens are hatching. There are still
plenty of Winter stoneflies where there is fast water. Fish the midge larva and pupa imitations in

02/12/17 The creek is in good shape. The levels are just a little low and the water clear. Cream,
Red and light Green midges are hatching. Scuds are catching trout. Little Blue-winged (non-
baetis) species are hatching. Customers using our new pre-rigged tandem midges are giving us
some good reports. Sculpin streamers will work when there is low light conditions.

02/19/17 The following week looks great. The stream levels are running at a normal level and
the very warm weather expected for the next week should get rid of any ice in the stream. You
should be able to fish the creek at any section. Midges, Creams, Reds and light Greens are
hatching along with little Blue-winged olives. Fish Sculpin streamers when it is raining or cloudy.

02/26/17 The stream is in good shape with warmer water that is clear. It is a little below normal
with little rain or snow in the forecast for this coming week. Scuds and Sowbugs are working for
at least one customer of ours. Blue-winged olives are hatching along with light Green, Cream
and Red or blood midges. Fish streamers like the Brown sculpin when there is low light

03/05/17 The stream levels are in good shape allowing anglers an opportunity to wade most
sections. The water is getting warmer. We are expecting early hatches this year. We will soon be
adding several more flies to the list. Sculpin streamers are working good when there is cloud
cover or low light situations. That should be the case much of the coming week.

03/12/17 The stream levels are in great shape and wading possible most sections. The water is
getting cold again in most places and that takes me to the big advantage in fishing Penn's
Creek. There are always sections of the creek that are warmed by Spring, including the entire
uppermost section and the confluence of some of the smaller feeding spring creeks. Midges are
still the insects to be imitating.

03/19/17 The weather is going to be warmer this week. Right now, fish the uppermost section or
just below the confluence of Elk Creek. Later in the week, you should be able to fish anywhere.
Fish Cream, Red or light Green midges with the larva and pupa rigged in tandem. Fish sculpin
streamers early or late and during periods of cloud cover..

03/27/17 Conditions are good at this time. The stream levels are running about a normal level
and the water clear. The water is much warmer in the lower creek and some of the Spring
hatches have begin. Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, Little Black Grannom caddis, Little Brown
stoneflies are hatching.

04/02/17 The creek is in good shape in all sections and our customers are catching good
numbers of trout. Sculpin streamers continue to catch the larger trout in low light conditions. Blue
Quills, Quill Gordons, Little Black Grannom caddis and little Brown stoneflies are hatching. The
creek is in very good shape with clear water and a lot of hatching insects.

04/09/17 Right now the stream levels are still high but they are falling fairly fast and there is little
rain in the forecast to keep them up this coming week. We think they will be down in good shape
before the work week ends. The warm weather ahead is going to put the new spring hatches in
high gear by this coming weekend. Conditions should be very good.

04/16/17 The creek is in excellent shape in all sections from the springs downstream to the
lowest section that holds trout. The water is clear and flowing just a little below normal. There is
rain in the forecast most days, meaning the skies will be cloudy making conditions even better.
There are lots of insects hatching and our customers are catching good numbers of trout.

04/23/17 The stream levels are running a little low but at least you can wade about anywhere
you want to. Our customers are sending in some very good reports. There are multiple hatches
taking place. Some trout are being caught on top on the dry fly. Conditions are about as good as
they can get at this time of the season.

04/30/17 The streams are still running a little low, but it makes it easy to wade about anywhere
yu want to wade. Just be careful not to spook the trout. There are multiple hatches taking place.
The water is warm and the hatches seem to be a week or so ahead of schedule. It won't be long
before the big Eastern Green drakes start emerging.

05/07/17 The stream levels are very high, too high to wade anywhere. All you can do is to keep
in touch. We will keep you informed as to the conditions. The stream should be red hot when the
water does get down. I'm sure the cooler weather has slowed the hatches down some.

05/14/17 The Eastern Green Drakes are starting to hatch but that is only in the very low part of
the stream. They will move up stream as the continue. Brown Drakes and lots of Caddisflies are
also starting to hatch. The stream is still high, too high to wade safely in most sections but should
fall out fast. We think this coming week and week end is going to be good.

05/21/17 The Green drakes are not doing any better than the lowest section yet. The water
temperature needs to come up a couple to three more degrees. There are lots of hatches taking
place, but they vary depending on the section of the creek you are fishing. The stream levels are
perfect right now, but there is rain in the forecast everyday this coming week.

05/28/17 The stream is in great shape in all respects. The stream levels are low enough to allow
good wading opportunity about anywhere. There are some huge hatches taking place. We
received two good reports this past week from customers. There are major hatches of several
different aquatic insects underway. This coming week should be just as good.

06/04/17 All sections of the creek are turning out good numbers of trout. There are a lot of
insects hatching including the big Green and Brown Drakes. Many of the trout are being caught
on the surface. The stream levels are in good shape right now. There is some rain in the
forecast for the coming week. The cloud cover will be a big help.

06/11/17 The stream level is down a little on the low side. While it makes it easy to wade about
anywhere, it also makes it easy to spook the trout. There is some rain in the forecast this week,
so it should come back up into good shape. There are a lot of insects hatching and the hatches
vary greatly from one section to another.

06/18/17 The stream levels are in great shape and the water clear. Trout are being caught in all
sections of the river. There are a lot of new hatches starting up. Light Cahills, Sulphurs, Slate
Drakes, Little Yellow stoneflies are some of them. The caddis will begin to play an important part.
Now is a good time to be fishing the stream and few are.