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Our Perfect Fly FS Series Fly Rods are designed and
built to be used in freshwater or saltwater. They are the
best fly rods in the available size range that you can buy
for the money. These high modulus fly rods not only
perform well, they are designed to look nice and feel good.
They are equal to or better than most fly rods at almost
twice the price. How do we do that? We are manufacturers
that sell directly to anglers without any middle men. It's use
as a saltwater and freshwater rod also saves you money.

If you are looking for a fly rod that's versatile enough to
fish small flies on light tippets, yet easily cast large
streamers, poppers, or large nymphs, split-shot, and a
strike indicator, you have found it. You can use the rods to
catch saltwater striped bass, landlocked in freshwater or
from saltwater. You can use them for large and smallmouth
bass, pike and muskie, salmon, steelhead and many other
freshwater fish. The rod is designed to be used for redfish,
speckled and sea trout, pompano, flounder, mackerel,
bonita, tarpon, wahoo, dolphin, tuna, rooster fish, and
many other saltwater species of fish.

This rod cast accurately, provides good line speed,and
offers light weight and high strength in a fast action. It is
accurate and performs well casting all types of flies for
freshwater or saltwater species of fish. It doesn't feel stiff
like many fast action rods. If you use it in saltwater, all you
have to do at the end of the day is wash it off with a little
soap and freshwater, the same as any saltwater rod.

The beautiful Metallic Blue rod blank comes with a
Aluminum Rod tube and cloth rod bag. The cork handle is
a Super A grade, Half Well design. The rod is equipped
with Double Foot, Hard, Chrome Platted Snake Guides,
and two Special Stripping Guides.
Free Shipping Continental U. S.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
*Transitions Smoothly
*Loads Fast and Smoothly
*Highly Sensitive Feel
*Cast light and heavy flies well
*Excellent response
*Enough Power For Large Fish
*Makes Long, Accurate Cast Easy
*Cast Close-up Accurately
*Extremely light weight
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Why should you believe us?
With all the long lived brands on the market to choose
from, why believe us? The short answer is you don't have
too. We give you the opportunity to judge its performance
for yourself. We are well aware that even the most
"premier" brands simply don't perform as well as many of
you have been led to believe. Manufacturers bombard us
with tons of marketing, advertising, propaganda, and
frankly, just pure hype. Some companies spend more
money on marketing their fly rods than they spend on
manufacturing them. We give you the opportunity to be the
judge. We want to keep you as a satisfied customer.

The Perfect Fly Promise
We want you to compare these rods to your other rods
and more importantly, be happy with your purchase. That
is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We guarantee the rod to be free from defects in material
and manufacturing for a period of one year from the date
of purchase. If problems are proven to be the results of
such defects on the return of a rod within this time, we will
replace it at no cost.

Line Weight: 7, 8, 9 and 10

Length: 9 Foot

Action (Flex): Fast

Number of Sections: 4
*Light Weight High Modulus Blank
*Aluminium (chanel lock and
double lock) reel seat (silver) with
short fighting butt
*Super A Grade Cork Handle,
Half Well
*Hard Chrome Plated Snake
*Two Special Stripping Guides
*Hook keeper
*Cloth Rod Sack
* Aluminum Rod Tube
*Metallic Blue Finish
*Dots  to help line up the Tight
Tolerance Ferrules of the Rod's
Four Sections.

Perfect Fly FS Series 7, 8, 9 & 10 weight  
fly rod, sock and case
FS Series Rods
Two (2) Stripping Guides with ceramic inserts
Hard Chrome Platted Snake Guides
CNC Channel Lock, Double Lock Reel Seat
Hook Keeper
Ferrules have dots that align the rod sections
Rod Labeling
Large Eye Guide
Short Fighting Butt

Perfect Fly FS Series 7, 8, 9 & 10 weight  
fly rod, sock and case