Redington Zero fly reel
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Perfect Fly Smallmouth Bass Outfit
Perfect Fly Smallmouth Bass Outfits
Rigged And Ready To Fish
Includes a Perfect Fly  7 weight, 4 piece, 9 foot, fast action Fly Rod, sock, and aluminum
case; Redington Behemoth (7/9) Fly Reel of matching size; Rio Gold Series, weight forward,
floating fly line of matching size; and Scientific Anglers Dacron 20# Fly Line Backing. The
outfits are assembled and ready to fish.
Save Over $30.00
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on Perfect Fly "Pro
Series" Fly Rods
Click Here for more information on Scientific Anglers Dacron Fly Line Backing
Click Here for more information on the Redington Behemoth 7/9 Fly Reel
(Don't forget the price includes assembly and shipping and handling
cost within the Continental United States)
Note; The fly rod and case alone are worth over $450.00 and that's because we sell directly to anglers.
Option 2: Perfect Fly Rod, Rio Gold fly line, Redington Behemoth Fly Reel and SA fly line backing.