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March 2014 Issue
he Grand Canyon National Park Service has a Bright Angel Creek "Trout Reduction Project underway". The purpose of
the project is to reduce the number of non-native brown and rainbow trout in Bright Angel Creek in order to benefit
native fish populations in Grand Canyon National Park. According to the park officials, the Grand Canyon's native fish
are uniquely adapted to the characteristics of the Colorado River and its tributaries and have suffered serious declines due to
human-caused changes to their habitat. Bright Angel Creek once supported large numbers of native fish, including the
humpback chub. Today, Bright Angel Creek is the main spawning site in Grand Canyon for non-native brown
trout, which are voracious predators of native fish. Keep in mind, the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon was stocked with
rainbow and brown trout and have self-sustaining populations of them. Bright Angel Creek is a tributary of the Colorado River.

I'll let you be the judge of this action. After all, it is being paid for by you, the citizens of this country. Here is their
for this action. Please let us, Perfect Fly, and the National Park Service know what you think about it.
Bright Angel Creek Arizona
Conserve What?

by James Marsh
Angie Marsh /  
Tuskasegee River,
North Carolina
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