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Loon Payette Paste Fly
& Line Floatant
PF Approved indicates product manufactured
by others that Perfect Fly recommends and
approves the use of.

An excellent paste floatant that is as effective on floating lines
and leader as it is on flies. The paste rubs on clear, gives
hackle a smooth texture, keeps its' texture regardless of
temperature, and is an excellent choice for keeping fly line,
leader and large flies floating.

Paste floatant
Ideal for flies, floating line and leader
Gives hackle a silky smooth coating
Temperature stable

Directions for use

Apply desired amount to fingers. For leader: slide leader through fingers. For fly: apply and work into fly. Reapply when
Perfect Fly:
We like this because in addition to being a good dry fly
floatant it can also be used to help float fly lines. It really helps
those lines that tend to sink near their end where they are
connected to the leader. It also helps float the leader if you
desire to do so. .
1/4 Ounces:

Loon Payette Paste Floatant  $5.50
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