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Watershed Fly Floatant
PF Approved indicates product manufactured by others that Perfect Fly recommends and approves the use of.
Permanently water proofs flies, yarns, leaders, braided loops, and fly lines. It does not affect the color or softness of material.
It leaves no residue on the water. Not affected by fish or weed slime. Odorless after drying. One drop applied directly or
dabbed on with fingers is all that is necessary. Apply 24 hours prior to fishing.

Watershed is a watery substance. It’s as good for treating the entire fly as Silicone Mucillin, but as it comes in a small bottle
with a small nozzle, so that it’s actually possible to treat specific parts of the fly. You can use this in the vice, so to speak.
Perfect Fly:
Watershed Fly Floatant is the most popular and best floatant of the permanent type. You just soak each of your dry flies
with Watershed and give them 24 hours to dry before using them.
1/4 Ounces:

Watershed Fly Floatant  
Free Shipping Continental U. S.