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Perfect Fly "Supreme Four" Construction Quality

The Construction of the fly rod determines how efficiently it's going to transfer the energy
from the arm of the person casting the rod to the fly. A fly rod that is constructed poorly
won't transfer the energy efficiently. The tip of the rod often wobbles when the forward
stroke of the cast is completed. This wobbling tip of a rod causes the fly line to wobble, or
to unwind in a weak, inaccurate manner. This loss of energy also reduces the length and
the accuracy of the cast. The better the rod is constructed, the higher its efficiency in
transmitting energy. Highly efficient rods cast accurately at all distances.

The best fly rods are put together with great care but if you are to expect high quality,
premium performance, they should also be constructed using the best materials
available. Although the modulus of the fibers used isn't everything, in general, the higher
the modulus of the graphite, the better the graphite. The graphite used in our "Perfect
Fly "Supreme Four" fly rod is high modulus carbon. This provides great strength at a
reduced weight. It also provides superior sensitivity.

The higher the modulus of the graphite, the lighter the rod for a given amount of
stiffness, but keep in mind it's the exact methods used in the construction of the blank
that's important. The amount of resin and additives used, and the exact process the
materials are combined in making the blank is critical. The lightness advantage is only
valuable if the rod is strong.

Recent research and development in the manner in which the materials in a fly rod blank
are put together has greatly improved the performance of graphite rods. The way a rod
forms a loop and the way the loop travels out for the rod is critically important in
obtaining distance and accuracy. Our fly rods transfers a great amount of energy with a
minimum amount of effort.

Reel Seat
The fly reel seat is REC's Master Series Nickel Silver NSGX- DK (Diagonal Knurl) model.
The Uplocking design is REC's top of the line reel seat. It has a skeleton barrel featuring
a trim band, decorative knurl butt cap, knurled nut, knurled slide band with fine trim lines,
and knurled fixed hood.

Reel Seat Spacer
The spacer is made of beautiful exotic stabilized Amboyna Burl wood. Amboyna is a  
marvelously luxurious burl from a tree commonly known as narra. It's technically from the

Pterocarpus Indicus
of the family Leguminosae. The wood varies in color from yellow to
golden brown but is mostly red. Each spacer is uniquely figured with numerous,
captivating swirls. It is the most expensive wood spacer offered by any of the fly reel seat

Cork Handle
The REC cord fly rod handle has a western style grip and is constructed of high grade
"Flor" cork direct from Portugal. The "Flor" grade is the highest grade of cork.

Winding Check
The winding check is REC's Nickel Silver model. It trims the handle section of the fly rod
out and compliments the nickel silver reel seat.

The guides are REC's Single foot RECOIL Guides, Black Pearl RSFXB Titanium guides.
RECOIL Guides are made from a special nickel titanium alloy with unique physical
properties. Regular rod guides are plated or use ceramic inserts to provide wear
resistance.  RECOIL guides are made from an extremely hard but flexible "Shape
Memory" alloy, which doesn't require plating, cannot corrode in any environment, and
returns to its original shape after repeated deformations. The single foot guides help
reduce the overall weight of the fly rod because it reduces the epoxy wrapping to half of
that required for a double foot guide. The guides have three light coats of epoxy rather
than the typical factory single heavy coat. They are totally enclosed with the epoxy such
that water cannot get under the guides and such that all of the wrapping thread is
throughly covered and protected.

Striper guide:
The striper guide is Fuji's new Concept Alconite guide, BLNAG - size 10j or 10MM ring,
Fuji BLNAG guides feature an Alconite ring and black stainless steel frame. Alconite is a
special form of ceramic that offers strength, light weight, and durability. Alconite has 80%
greater compression resistance and is 20% lighter than aluminum oxide. Fuji's diamond
polishing give alconite a smoother finish than Hardloy. When alconite is combined with
Fuji's New Concept lightweight frame, it results in a guide up to 35% lighter and up to
50% stronger than ordinary guides.

Rod Tip:
The tip top guide is Snake Brand's Black Nickel Model.

Folding Hook Keeper:
The small hook keeper is Fuji's folding hook keeper designed to prevent damage to dry
fly hackles and fold out of the way while you're fishing.

Cloth Rod Sack:
Four Component Cloth Rod Sack by Landmark Component Company

Aluminum Rod Tube:
Sierra Black Aluminum Rod Tube with Gold Anodized Ends and Perfect Fly Logo by
Landmark Component Company, Loveland, Colorado.
Built In America
Just one reason we selected
REC Nickel Silver components
for our fly rods:
REC nickel silver reel seats and
rod building supplies are now
made from their new and exclusive
18% nickel content alloy
Brighter/Tarnish Resistant &
Significantly Harder/Scratch