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The "Feel" of a Fly Rod

When you first pick up a Perfect Fly rod  we think you will really be pleased with what
we think is one of the most important aspects of a fly rod. - its feel.

The Perfect Fly Rod Feel
It doesn't matter how you try to describe a fly rod, it's the "feel" of the fly rod that most
anglers like or dislike. We think our"Perfect Fly" rods will have a perfect feeling to you if you
give one an opportunity to perform for you.

If you have been using a slow flexing fly rod for a long time, the first time you pick it up and
shake a Perfect Fly rod, it will feel very light to you for sure, but at first, it may feel a little on
the stiff side to you. That feeling won't last long. Once you have cast the rod a few times, it
will begin to feel great.

If you've been casting a medium or medium fast action fly rod, its flex will probably feel close
to the same. It will probably just appear lighter due to it very high graphite modulus and its
overall light weight.

None of our fly rods are "stiff" fast action rods that feels like a pool cue stick. They flex well
but mostly in the upper part of the rod. That's what gives the rods their incredible line speed,
tight loops and accuracy.  You don't want to try to force the rod to do anything. You want to
let the rod do the work for you.

When you are making very short cast up close, you simply shorten the stroke. It will continue
to be easy to cast. You will also find it makes roll, reach and curve cast as well or better than
any rod you have used.
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