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Yes, we are offering a low price set also because we
know you'll be back to order more flies and more fly
fishing product from us.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get started
fly fishing without having to mortgage their house.

If you walk in a typical mom and pop fly shop and purchase
the items included in this Bettter "Getting Started Fly
Fishing Set", it will set you back from at least $495.00
bucks and most likely, much, much more. You will be lucky
to purchase a rod and reel for $335.00, much less all the
other items and gear you will need to get started.
Warning! Fly Fishing Is Addictive
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*Fly Rod
*Fly Reel
*Fly Line Backing
*Fly Line
*Two Perfect Fly Leaders
*Two Perfect Fly Spools
of             Tippet
*24 Perfect Flies
*Fly Box
*Line Nippers
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*Split-shot weights
*Perfect Fly Strike Indicators
*Fly Fishing Knot Tying
and         Rigging DVD
*Getting Started Fly
Fishing         DVD
*Top 85 Tips on Fly
Fishing          DVD

*Price Includes Shipping
Order Yours Now:
Better Getting Started Fly Fishing Set
including shipping and handling.
More than a $495.00 value
Better "Getting Started" Fly
Fishing Set
Everything you need to get started fly fishing is one neat
package. It also teaches you how to fly fish including
putting your rod, reel, backing, fly line, leader, and tippet
together, selecting and tying on the flies, and catching fish.
For Trout, Bass and Panfish
How Can We Offer Such A Good Deal?
*Over a $495.00 value for
Description of Products Included:
Fly Rod:
9 foot, 4 piece, Perfect Fly Pro Line 4 or 5 weight graphite
fly rod.
Click here for a complete description of the fly
rod and case.

Fly Reel:
Cortland Fairplay Disc drag fly reel that holds more than
enough backing and five-weight fly line.

Fly Line:
A four or five-weight, weight forward floating fly line, 85 feet
in length.

Fly Line Backing:
Dacron fly line backing

Our own Perfect Fly tapered leaders: One 5X, 12 foot
leader for dry flies and one 3X, 12 foot leader for
streamers and nymphs.

Our own Perfect Fly "Perfect Flex" mono tippet. One spool
of 5X tippet and one spool of 3X tippet. Spools hold a huge
55 yards.

Trout, Bream and Bass Flies:
The World's Best Flies, 24 each of our own Perfect Flies.
These flies alone are worth over $50.00 if purchased

Fly Box:
Our own Perfect Fly "TwoClear" large fly box, model 102
worth $13.95. The box is waterproof, has two sides and
see through lids.

Floatant to keep your dry flies floating on the surface.

Line Nippers:
Line nippers have a punch for cleaning the eyes of flies.

Lead split-shot weights for nymphs

Strike Indicators:
Our own Perfect Fly large size strike indicators.
Instructional DVD:
These three (3) videos included in
the package will teach you all you
need to get started fly fishing: A
$75.00 Value.

Knots and Rigging Techniques
teaches you how to assemble
your rod, reel, fly line, etc and how
to tie all the knots you will ever
need to tie.

Getting Started DVD teaches you
everything you need to know about
all the various types of fly fishing
equipment and gear.

Top 85 tips on Fly Fishing For
DVD applies to the entire   
spectrum of fly-fishing for trout
including tips on gear, methods,
techniques, approaches, strategies
and many other elements of the
*Great Gift Item for anyone
...interested in learning to fly

*Great for your kids and for
...loaning your.friends and
...neighbors instead of your
...own expensive fly fishing
Order Yours Now:
Better Getting Started Fly Fishing
Set including shipping and
More than a $495.00
Flies: A $50.00 Plus Value
Top to bottom and left to right in above

1.   Diving Frog
2.   White Marabou Sculpin
3.   McGinty Panfish fly
4.   Yellow Drake emerger
5.   Hendrickson dun
6.   Red Quill Emerger
7.   Trico Emerger with trailing shuck
8.   Hendrickson spinner
9.   Yellow Quill spinner
10. Speckled Wing Quill dun
11. Giant Black Stonefly nymph
12. Golden Stonefly nymph
13. Crayfish
14. Sandwich Hopper
15. White Tail Panfish nymph
16. Slate Drake nymph
17. Yellow Drake nymph
18. Little Yellow Quill nymph
19. Hendrickson Nymph
20. Small Western Green Drake nymph
21. Giant Gray Spotted Sedge
22. Dark Blue Sedge
23. Brown Stonefly
24. Little Green Stonefly
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