Hexigenia Nymph
Steelhead Fly:
The Hexigenia is the nymph stage of life of the Great Olive Wing Duns that exist in all the
Great Lakes and the all the tributaries of the Great Lakes. These are burrower nymphs
that are very plentiful in all the Great Lakes steelhead streams. These nymphs are
especially important from Winter and on into Spring. They also exist in most of the
steelhead streams of the Pacific Coast.

The Perfect Fly Hexigenia Nymph is almost identical to the naturals that are in the
streams and a very realistic imitation in terms of both behavior and appearance. We first
started selling these flies to steelhead anglers from our trout fly selections, thinking they
were using them for trout. When one guy order them multiple times and found we were
out, he called to say he and his friends were catching steelhead on them. In asking other
customers from the Northern sections of the country, we discovered they too used them
for steelhead.

It can be fished as it is or weighted and fished near the bottom but it needs to be fished
on the bottom. It works great in all depths of water and in various colors of water from
clear to dingy. We think you will find the Steelhead Hexigenia Nymph to be very effective
in hooking steelehead.
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