Misc Streams - North Carolina Side of Park:
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Cooper Creek:
Cooper Creek is a small out of the way stream that normally offers good rainbow
trout fishing. It can be accessed from Cooper Creek Road which intersects U. S.
Hwy.19 about 5 miles southwest of Cherokee, North Carolina. The Cooper Creek
Trail follows the stream for about 2 miles from the dead end of Cooper Creek
Road. You can continue upstream on an unimproved trail.
Chambers Creek:    
Chambers Creek is another small stream that offers good fishing for rainbow trout
in its lower section and brook trout in its headwaters. To access it you would need
to cross Fontana Lake. The stream forks into the North and West Forks about
three-quarters of a mile upstream.  
Bunches Creek:
Bunches Creek is located near Cherokee, North Carolina. It enters the Raven Fork
outside of the Park but the uppermost part of the stream can be accessed easier
from the Balsam Mountain Road off the Blue Ridge Parkway.
It contains a good population of brook trout but like many brook trout streams, it is
not easy to access.

Copyright 2007 James Marsh
Bunches Creek has plenty of
small brook trout. It is easy to
drive right past this stream.
This one is probably the
average size brook for the park.
Small streams almost always
have rainbows. You can get
away from the crowds and
enjoy the scenery of the
Smokies fishing the numerous
small streams that are just
small blue lines on a map.
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