Sandwich Hopper (Grasshopper( Flies:

The "Perfect Fly" Sandwich Hopper flies are great imitations of grasshoppers. There's the
Brown Sandwich Hopper, the Green Sandwich Hopper and the Orange Sandwich Hopper
flies that imitate the most prevalent species of grass hoppers.

Grasshopper that get into the water do so by accident. Unless there are strong winds,
most of them probably fall from plants along the banks of the stream. Some probably fly
out into the water with no clue that aren't safe landing on the water. That's why we
suggest fishing parallel to the banks. You should first try presenting your hopper close to
the banks being careful not to spook any trout holding close to the banks.

If you have ever watched a real grass hopper in the water, you will see that they make an
effort to get out of the water or maybe back to the bank. They will kick wildly a few times
and then seem to just stop and drift. We suggest that you catch one of the grasshoppers
and throw it into the water. Watching the real thing will teach you a lot. You should try to
make your Sandwich Hopper fly behave in the same manner as much as possible.  

Don't try to present the fly softly or without making a splash. A splashy delivery may even
help. You may also even try adding some action to the fly. Just don't overdo it. You may
spook more trout than you fool.

In most situations, an up or up and across presentation would probably work best. There
could be cases where a downstream presentation would work best but they are probably
rare. We like to make a lot of short upstream cast and keep on moving. It isn't necessary
to make a long drift. The trout seem to take most hoppers very soon after they hit the
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