Blue and White Eel Fly

The "Perfect Fly" Blue and White Eel imitates a sand ell. It is a great fly for stripped bass,
flounder, fluke, redfish, bluefish, tuna and many other saltwater species. It also works
great for steelhead and Chinook Salmon. Cobia love eels and are a favorite bait for
those that pursue these shark looking fish. Barracuda also love these flies. This is what
we recommend if you are specifically trying to catch a cuda.

Eels have been around for thousands of years. They do not have scales. They are slimy,
slick snake like fish. They are very strong swimmers.

You want to imitate them using longer strips with lengthly pauses between each strip. If
you see a fish approaching the fly, do not slow it down. Speed it up as if it were trying to
get away. That is when most saltwater gamefish, especially the cobia, will attack the fly.

This is a large fly with a 3/0 super sharp, stainless steel hook. The head is weighted so it
takes at least a nine weight,  fast to medium fast action fly rod to present it. In many
situations, a ten weight may be more appropriate.  

Cobia fishing requires special techniques. Someone usually spot the fish from a tower on
the boat and directs the anglers cast. These fish are usually on floating buoys, oil rigs or
other types of structure that congregates cobia. In this case you need to be able to cast
the fly accurately. We suggest a ten weight fly rod for this type of fishing.
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