Mantis Shrimp (Olive, Brown and Tan)
Perfect Fly's "Mantis Shrimp"  imitates Mantis shrimp that are found on the saltwater flats
and estuaries. Mantis shrimp are actually not shrimp. They get their name from the
similar terrestrial praying mantis and shrimp. They are eaten by many species of
gamefish. It is an excellent permit fly as well as a bonefish fly. Other species the fly works
great on are the redfish, ladyfish, striped bass, pompano, flounder, fluke, speckled trout,
sea trout and just about any inshore saltwater gamefish that eat shrimp.

The Mantis Shrimp fly comes in three colors: Olive, brown and tan. We like to use the
olive and brown colors in clear water. The tan is especially good in backcountry waters,
brackish water and flats with some color due to wind and heavy sea action.

This fly rides with the hook turned up and it has a mono week guard. This allows you to
fish it in water with weed beds and other obstructions that would hang most flies. Like all
of our saltwater flies, these are tied using super sharp, stainless steel hooks.

These flies cast well with their slightly weighted eyes. They come in a hook size 4, which
is about 2 and one-half inches long, and the size of the real mantis shrimp. We suggest a
nine-weight, fast to medium fast action fly rod.

Fishing Method:
You want to get the fly on the bottom and keep it there. To many anglers fish crab and
shrimp imitations to shallow or above the fish. Most fish that are eating shrimp and
focusing their attention to what's on the bottom. That's where the shrimp stay and hide,
not up in open water above the surface. Your fly should do the same.

You also want to make sure you keep in contact with the fly. You cannot always see fish
take the fly and you want to feel a take. A fish will feel "live" and not dead like something
you hang on the bottom. You will learn to tell the difference in time if your new to the
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