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James Marsh with Big Rainbow Trout
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James Marsh with a Wild
Rainbow Trout - White River,
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Custom Selections:
with or without fly box
Good  Custom Trout Selection
38 flies -  $77.00

with 201/202 Fly Box - $92.00

with 101/102 Fly Box - $94.00
Better Custom Trout Selection
60 flies - $121.00

with 201/202 Fly Box - $136.00

with 101/102 Fly Box - $138.00
Best  Custom Trout Selection
125 flies  - $252.00

with 202 Fly Box - $268.00

with 101/102  Fly Box - $269.00
Perfect Fly Box with Fly Selection
How Custom Selections Work:
Call us 800-594-4726 or send us an
email ( with
the name of the stream or location you
plan on fishing, the period of time that
you will be fishing there, and we will put
a fly selection together for you for that
period of time and location. If you
choose to get the flies with a fly box, we
will put the flies in the box and provide
a diagram of the fly box that identifies
each of the different flies. If you get the
flies without a fly box, we will identify
each fly on the paper they will be
attached to.
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