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Fly Fishing The Androscoggin River
The Androscoggin River forms in northern New
Hampshire and flows into the state of Maine. It is 178
miles long but only portions of that is suitable for trout
and salmon fishing. Fly fishing the Androscoggin River
is great for brook, brown and rainbow trout. It is also
home to landlocked salmon. We have a separate
section on the
Androscoggin River in New Hampshire.

The river begins in Errol, New Hampshire, at the
confluence of the Magalloway River and the outlet from
Umbagog Lake. It flows for a total of 53 miles in northern
New Hampshire into the state of Maine. This section
begins at the state line, and flows downstream through
Bethel past the Bear River confluence.

The river has many different types of water, depending
on the location. It can be waded in some sections, and it
is too deep to wade in others. This also greatly depends
on the flows, so you should always check the stream
levels. Links to the USGS stream flow data is located on
your left.

The Androscoggin is a big river. It has some very
good aquatic insect hatches. The Alder Fly, called a
Zebra Caddis, is huge and a very popular hatch to fish.
The huge Great Winged Olive Duns hatch in late June
and on into early July. Many other species of mayflies
and caddisflies hatch on the river and can provide some
top notch dry fly fishing. Some of the major mayfly
hatches are Blue-winged Olives, Quill Gordons, Blue
Quills, American March Browns, Light Cahills and
Tricos. Some of the major species of caddisflies are the
Cinnamon Sedges, Little Black Caddis, Great Autumn
Brown Sedges and of course, the Zebra Caddis
mentioned above. Little Yellow Stoneflies are also

The trout are usually very selective as to what they eat
and specific imitations of the aquatic usually work much
better than generic fly patterns.

Most of the Androscoggin River follows the statewide
seasons and limits, but special regulations apply to
some sections
The water can be high in the Spring from melting snow
and rainfall, but the fishing is usually good in late Spring.
Fly Fishing the Androscoggin River can slow down in
some areas during the hottest part of the Summer.
Early Fall is an excellent and a beautiful time for fly
fishing the Androscoggin River. Good fishing continues
through October.

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USGS Real-time Stream
Level Data:
Near Auburn, Maine
Fishing Report Updated 05/20/19
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Androscoggin River Maine Fishing Report - Archive:
04/01/15 This report will begin as soon as the fishing season gets underway.
04/22/15 Runoff is in full swing with lots of rain in the forecast. High water levels.
05/06/15 Water is clearing and warming up fast. Look for Quill Gordons, Blue Quills and
Hendricksons to start hatching soon.
05/20/15 The water is in the low fifties and Little Black Caddis, Blue Quills and Quill
Gordons are hatching.
05/27/15 Look for Hendricksons/Red Quills to start emerging any time now.
06/10/15 Hatches of BWOs, Hendricksons/Red Quills, Little Black caddis are underway. The
stream levels are okay right now but be sure to check them.
06/17/15 High stream levels. It will take a little time to fall back out.
07/01/15 Very high water levels that will take a while to clear and drop.
07/15/15 The river is back near a normal level with lots of fish being caught. Shoot us an email
07/22/15 Conditions are as good as they get. Lots of fish are being caught by our customers.
08/12/15 Still have good stream levels and temperatures with plenty of hatches. Terrestrials
are also working good.
08/19/15 We didn't get any reports from anglers fishing last week but conditions should be
even better. Low water levels shouldn't be around long with rain forecast this week.
08/26/15 Two good reports from the past two weeks. The river is in good condition with lots of
trout being caught.
09/02/15 It is still hot weather in Maine, and the stream is a little low, but anglers are
catching trout. By the way, don't forget that sections of this big river has great smallmouth
bass fishing.
09/09/15 Check out our Salmon Flies and Smallmouth Bass Flies. We don't just tie trout
flies. We have 27 full time fly tiers.
09/16/15 Good conditions in all sections of the river. No reports from the past week from
anyone fishing. Let us hear from you.
09/23/15 Excellent stream levels in spite of recent rain. Great weather forecast for the
coming week. One good report from a customer last week trout fishing.
10/14/15 Be sure and check the catch and release and other special seasons with the
State of Maine.
Androscoggin River Maine Fishing Report:
05/04/16 The weather is getting warmer and ice and snow is melting fast. The water
levels vary from section to section and some is clear and other sections highly stained.
Little Blue-winged olives, Little Brown stoneflies, and Midges, creams and reds, are
05/18/16 Good conditions and lots of hatches. Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, Blue-winged
olives, little Black Caddis, little Brown stoneflies, Green Sedges, and Hendricksons/Red
Quills are starting to hatch.  
06/01/16 The water is warming up fast thanks mostly to the warm nights. The is kick
starting lots of new hatches including Light Cahills, Eastern Pale Evening Duns, Cinnamon
Caddis, Green Sedges (caddisflies) and others. The discharges and stream levels are low
and good for wading.
06/15/16 The river is in very good shape with lots of trout being caught. Remember, some
sections are best fished from a boat and others wading. Right now, some sections are low
enough to wade. Lots of insects are hatching. BWOs, Green/Cinnamon caddis, & others.
06/29/16 We received two good reports from customers fishing the lower section of the
river. There are a lot of caddisflies, Cinnamon caddis, and Green sedges, Light cahills,
Little Yellow stoneflies, BWOs, Dark Blue Sedges, Sulphurs, and more.
07/06/16 The stream level near Auburn is very high but otherwise, the stream is in good
shape with lots of hatches and trout being caught. Good conditions.
07/27/16 Stream levels and discharges have been low lately. There is some rain coming
and this could change but you have to check the levels. Our customers are catching lots of
trout. There are lots of Sulphurs, Cinnamon Caddis and Little Sister caddis hatching.
08/10/16 Most sections of the river are a little low but otherwise in good shape. Fish early
and late in the day. The late afternoon caddisfly egg laying activity is bringing lots of trout to
the surface. Early morning streamer fishing is also good. Terrestrials are also working.
08/24/16 Stream levels have been in very good shape in all sections this past week. There are
still some Sulphurs hatching in the tailwaters along with some size 18 Blue-winged olives and
Slate Drakes. There are Cinnamon Caddis, Green sedges and little Sister Caddisflies hatching
and a few little Yellow stoneflies in the fast water sections.
10/05/16 The season ends soon in some sections but others are year-round. The weather is
still great with highs in the seventies and lows in the 50's. There are lots of Mahogany duns
and Blue-winged olives hatching. Brown trout are entering the pre-spawn stage and our Brown
sculpin are catching them according to one regular local customer.
11/15/16 Make sure you check the 2017 Maine fishing regulations on seasons. Some sections
are closed. The tailwater sections have been fishing very good when the discharges were
reasonable. The weather is turning much colder this week, and midges and small flies will
become more important. Send us an email and let us know exactly where you want to fish.
12/07/16 Fish near the tailwater discharge. It is warmer water. The freestone sections are
either closed or too cold to fish. Midges, with the larva and pupa fished in tandem, is the best
choice. Winter stoneflies are hatching.
01/18/17 As near the bottom discharges as legal. Midges, Creams and Reds, Winter stoneflies
and Black flies are hatching. Fish the midge larva and pupa in tandem with the larva the bottom
fly and the pupa about 16 inches above it.
02/15/17 The water is about 37 degrees at the bottom discharge of the dam. Midges will catch
trout. Fish Reds (blood) or Cream midges with the larva and pupa rigged in tandem.
04/05/17 The regular season is open as of April 1. We haven't received any reports. Water
temperature in the tailwater ranges from 35 to 39 degrees, Midges, light Greens with the larva
and pupa rigged in tandem, and Sculpin streamers are the choice flies at this time.
05/04/17 The river is flowing high and stained but getting warmer. There are some hatches
starting to take place. Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, little Brown stoneflies and little Black caddis
should start soon. Blue -winged olives and midges are hatching now.
05/17/17 The stream levels have been high recently but falling and still a little high. There are
lots of hatches. Hendricksons and Red Quills have started to hatch.
05/24/17 The stream levels are down to normal in all sections. There are lots of hatches taking
place and anglers should be catching good numbers of trout. Let us hear your reports.
06/14/17 Hopefully, the high water levels is over for a while. Conditions are good right now.
There are lots of insects hatching and our customers are catching good numbers of trout.
There are several hatches taking place including Sulphurs, Light Cahills, A. March Browns,
Yellow drakes, Cinnamon Caddis, Green Sedge caddis and others.
07/05/17 The stream levels are still just a little high but there are lots of hatches and good
numbers of trout being caught as long as the levels are down to a reasonable level.
Sulphurs are hatching.
07/19/17 Two good reports from customers this past week. Conditions are very good with
lots of hatches. Slate Drakes, Cinnamon, Green sedge and little Sister caddis. Light cahills,
little Yellow stoneflies and more.
08/16/17 Sorry for the missed reports. Conditions are good and we are getting very good
reports from customers fishing the river. There are still a lot of hatches taking place. Trios
just started also with several others underway. Terrestrials are also starting to work -
Japanese beetles, Carpenter ants and hoppers.
09/06/17 The stream is in good condition in all sections. We received two good reports this
past week. There are fewer hatches but still some good one. Terrestrials like our Japanese
beetle and Carpenter ants are also working.
09/20/17 Stream levels are running just a little below normal levels and in good shape. We
are still getting some good reports from customers.
11/15/17 Some sections are open to catch and release and some closed. Midges, both
creams and reds, with the larva and pupa rigged in tandem, is producing for one of our
local customers. Blue-winged olives can hatch as well, mostly on cloudy days. Sculpin
streamers are working great. Stream levels are currently fine.
01/11/18 The freestone sections are either closed or too cold to fish. Fish near the bottom
discharge of the tailwater. The water is warmer, averaging about 37 degrees. Midges,
Creams and Red, or blood midges and Winter stoneflies are hatching.
04/05/18 Just an update to say that we will begin posting reports. The water is still below 40
and midges, aquatic worms, sculpin are working in the tailwaters near the dams.
04/20/18 The discharges and stream levels are near normal flows and levels. Blue-winged
olives and Little Brown stoneflies are hatching. There will be some new hatches taking place
very soon.
05/04/18 Stream levels are very high right now from melting ice, snow and rain. The water
is warming up fast and new hatches are starting to take place.
06/08/18 The discharges and stream levels are in good shape in all sections. There are lots
of insects hatching and trout being caught. Send us an email for fly recommendations.
06/29/18 The river is in good shape in all respects. Lots of trout are being caught. Lots of
hatches are underway. Conditions are good.
07/20/18 Great conditions. The discharges and resulting stream levels are good most all the
time. There multiple hatches taking place and good numbers of trout being caught.
08/03/18 There has been some heavy rain and the stream levels are up in most sections of
the river. There are lots of good hatches taking place and trout were being caught prior to the
high water. Check back with us and keep an eye on the levels.
08/17/18 The stream levels are running near normal levels and good numbers of trout are
being caught it all sections of the river. There are still plenty of good hatches taking place.
Send us an email for a list of flies:
08/31/18 The stream levels are normal and the river in good shape in all sections. Trout are
being caught in good numbers. There are several good hatches taking place.
09/21/18 The river is in good shape in all sections and good numbers of fish are being caught.
We received two good reports this past week.
10/18/18 The river is a little high, but otherwise in good shape. There are lots of midges,
creams and reds or blood midges hatching as well as BWOs. Sculpin streamers are catching
some larger size trout.
02/21/19 It isn't too early to start planning that next trip. We can help you do that as well as
select your gear and flies for the trip. Send us an email to:
03/29/19 The regular fishing season opens April 1st, or day after tomorrow. Water temperature
in the tailwater ranges from 37 to 44 degrees, Midges, Light Greens and Reds with the larva
and pupa rigged in tandem, and Sculpin streamers are the choice flies at this time.
04/25/19 The flows are very high and the water from dingy to muddy. It is dropping and
clearing. Fish when the levels get back to near normal.
05/06/19 The stream levels are still high, too high to fish, and the water stained. Check back.