Ashuelot River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing The Ashuelot River New
The Ashuelot River begins at Ashuelot Pond near
Marlow. This stream flows through farms, sections of
woods and mostly towns. It's a tributary of the
Connecticut River. This river is well exposed to the
roads. There is little getting away from the day in and
day out way of life.  It's heavily stocked with rainbow,
brown and brook trout. Its biggest advantage is that
locals can easily fish the stream without a lot of effort,
yet catch plenty of trout most of the time.

There are many places the Ashuelot River can be
accessed. From the town of Surry to Gilsum, state road
#12-A follows along the river. The Surry section is
difficult to access in most places.

From Gilsum to Phelps Square, the river is closely
followed by state road #10. From Phelps Square to
Ashuelot Pond it is paralleled by Washington Road. The
Gilsum section has lots of areas to pull off the road and
fish and is generally considered the best section of the
river to fish.

One of its best features is the small tributary stream of
the South Branch of the Ashuelot River. It has a "fly
fishing only" section from Troy to East Swanzey. The
small stream also has all three species of trout. This
section has a good population of wild browns and native
brook trout.

There are no special secrets to catching the trout in the
Ashuelot River. Many attractor imitation work well. The
larger trout will come on streamers and are usually large
browns that have held over. There are not many but
they do show up occasionally. Fly fishing the Ashuelot
River can be a lot of fun as well as convenient.

The season is the standard New Hampshire trout
season that runs from January 1 to October 15.
Springtime is a good time to fish the stream. That's when
it is stocked the most and offers the best opportunity.
Due to the lack of tree canopy or protection from the
summer sun, the water can become warm and make the
trout on the sluggish side; however, most of the summer
season is fine.
Early Fall is great, especially for the brown trout which
may be in the spawning mode. Fly fishing the Ashuelot
River during the Fall may be the best time.

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Brown Trout (Stocked and wild)
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Jan 1 - Oct 15


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