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Beaver Dam Trout
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Fly Fishing The Beaver Lake (Beaver
Dam) Tailwater Arkansas
The White River is well known for its Bull Shoals Lake
tailwater but not so much for its tailwater below Beaver
Lake Dam. The state stocks the river regularly but it also
has a very good population of holdover trout and
although it is mostly a rainbow trout stream, it's
becoming well known for its brown trout fishing. There
have been habitat improvements made to the stream
that are mostly responsible for this. Part of this involved
installing what is called "lunker bunkers" or structures
that provide habitat for the fish.  

Dam Site Park on the Beaver Lake tailwater lies nine
miles west of Eureka Springs. The park is just below
Beaver Dam. This park offers several trails that access
the river. It has an access road that runs parallel with
the river and leads to a boat launch.

Downstream in the park you will find the Riverview
Campground, a small campground of the Corps of
Engineers. There's a trophy section of the river that can
be accessed from the campground. The regulations are
strictly "catch and release" in this section of the river.
Farther downstream in Dam Site Park is the Parker
Bottoms Campground.

As with most any tailwater fishery, it is very important to
know the water levels and if possible, the dam discharge
schedule. The water can be easily waded in many
places with the water low but not when it's running high.
It's also important to keep a close eye on the levels
when you are wading.

The Beaver Dam tailwater has plenty of scuds and
sowbugs which represent a large part of the trout's diet.
There are few mayflies and caddisflies but tons of
midges. Fly fishing the Beaver Dam tailwater
successfully requires mastering catching trout on tiny
imitations of midge larvae, pupae and sometimes, adults.

The season is open year-round on the Beaver Dam
tailwater and you can catch trout just about every day of
the year.
Winter is one of the best times to fish the Beaver Dam
tailwater. Midge fishing is very popular.
Spring time can be great provided the water releases
are supportive.
The summer is the most popular time for fly fishing the
White River below Beaver Dam. The water stays cool
but it is often high due to heavy discharges.
Autumn provides the best opportunity for fly fishing
Beaver Dam tailwater if you want to catch a trophy size
brown trout.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Stocked with holdovers)
Rainbow Trout (Stocked with

Medium and rather short

North Central Arkansas

Nearest Towns
Eureka Springs



Special Regulations
Trophy Section

Non-Resident License
State of Arkansas

National Weather Service Link

Water Data
For a schedule of discharges call:

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Beaver Dam Tailwater
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Fishing Report Updated 09/21/18
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Beaverdam Tailwater Fishing Report - 09/21/18
We received two good reports from the past week. There are still some hatches taking
place and terrestrials, crustaceans and streamers are also working.

Stream Conditions:

7 Day Weather Forecast:
There is a chance of rain on Monday, otherwise clear for the
next week. Highs will range from 7
8 to 85 degrees and lows from 58 to 68 degrees.

Recommended Trout Flies:
Afternoon Water Temperature: 55
Clarity: clear
Call 417-336-5083 for Discharge Schedule
Strategies, Techniques and Tips:
The Black Matuka Sculpin and Olive Matuka Sculpin are good flies to use for the larger
size trout. The Brown Sculpin and White Belly Sculpin are always a great choice.
Scuds and sowbugs are available for the trout year-round.
A good strategy is to fish a tandem Midge rig under a small strike indicator with the
midge lava as the bottom fly and the midge pupa as the top fly. Fish the adult midge
only when you observe trout feeding on the surface.
Spotted Sedges, or caddisflies are hatching. Cinnamon caddis are hatching.
Aquatic worms are working.
Terrestrials such as Japanese beetles, carpenter ants and hoppers are working.
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Midges: Blood (Red), sizes 20/22, larva, pupa and adults
Midges: Cream, size 20/22, larva, pupa and adults
Midges: Light Green, size 20/22, larva, pupa and adults
Scuds: 14/16
Sow Bugs: 16
Black Matuka and Olive Matuka Sculpin, size 4/6
Brown Sculpin and White Belly Sculpin, size 6
Spotted Sedges (caddis), size 14/16, larva, pupa and adults
Cinnamon Caddis, size 16/18, larva, pupa and adults
Aquatic Worms, size 12, pink, red, and others
Sandwich Hoppers, size 8-12, brown and green
Carpenter Ants, size 18/16, black
Japanese Beetles, size 16/14