James Marsh fishing Beaverdam Creek
James Marsh fishing Beaverdam Creek
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Beaverdam Creek
When you are fly fishing the Beaverdam Creek, you
usually have the stream to yourself. Beaverdam Creek
lies in the Northeast corner of Tennessee just south of
the Virgina line and town of Damascus. It flows into
Laurel Creek which flows through
Damascus. You can reach the creek from Elizabethton,
Tennessee, or Damascus, Virginia. Tennessee highway
91 runs along side the creek just about its entire length.

The upper end of the stream is in a beautiful valley with
several farms. I do not recommend you fish the stream
in that area. Most of the places you could access the
stream is on private property and you would need to ask
permission. The reason I am not recommending it is the
fact it is not the fast flowing water trout prefer and I
seriously doubt it has very many wild trout. The best
water is downstream of the valley where the stream flows
through the Cherokee National Forest.

This stream is stocked but it also has a good number of
wild trout. It seems to produce as many wild trout as it
does stocked trout. That could be because the locals
quickly catch most of the trout the state stocks.

Casting the wild trout isn't exactly easy. They learn from
birth to eat the natural food in the stream and it
becomes necessary at times to match the most available
and plentiful food the trout are eating.

The Tennessee fishing season runs year-round
Spring is the time most aquatic insects hatch and the
time of year the dry fly fishing would be the best.
Hot summer temperatures can make the stream almost
too warm to fish. When it isn't too warm, the fishing is
Fall is certainly the best time to catch one of the large
brown trout fly fishing Beaverdam Creek.
You can catch trout on most nice winter days.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Beaverdam Creek
The most productive method to use to catch the large
brown trout in Beaverdam Creek is "high stickin"
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Type of Stream

Brown Trout (wild and stocked)
Rainbow Trout (wild and stocked)

Small to Medium

Northeastern Tennessee

Nearest Towns
Elizabethton, Tennessee
Damascus, Virginia



Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
The State of Tennessee

National Weather Service Link

Fly Fishing Guide

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Beaverdam Creek Tennessee
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