Big Cove Creek Pennsylvania
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Fly Fishing Big Cove Creek
Big Cove Creek begins on Cove Mountain, just outside
the Buchanan State Forest. It flows between Cove
Mountain and Scrub Ridge. U.S. Route #522 follows
along most of this section. Not far from its beginning it
passes through the town of McConnellsburg.

This creek has several tributary streams that also
provide good fishing. At the confluence of Buck Run, a
tributary stream, it flows through a narrow valley where it
also receives water from Roaring Run and Spring Run.
From Big Cove Tannery downstream, State Route #928
follows the creek. Ester Run comes into the stream at
Dickeys Mountain and Lowery Knob. From there it
travels through Buchanan State Forest. Big Cove Creek
terminates at Licking Creek. Fly fishing Big Cove Creek
in its lower section can be very rewarding.

Big Cove Creek is really like two different streams. Its
upper section flows through an open meadow and
usually gets too warm during the Summer. The section
below Big Cove Tannery stays much cooler due to water
from downstream spring creek tributaries and a good
canopy of tree limbs. Both Spring Run and Spring Creek
have water that is usually in the sixties at its highest.
This helps cool Big Cove Creek for a couple of miles
below their confluence. The creek is thirty to fifty feet
wide in this area with some sections of long riffles, some
runs and some pools. Much of the creek is
supplemented with stocked trout.

For some reason, this creek is fished very little. It has a
good population of brown and rainbow trout with some
stream-born browns and plenty of holdovers, especially
in the tributaries. There is a "Delayed Harvest" section
from that extends from 200 yards downstream of the
State Road 0928 Bridge downstream to the lower
Buchanan State Forest boundary.

The season is the general Pennsylvania trout season.
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing Big Cove Creek
due to the hatches.
Summertime is okay except for the hottest days.
Fall is the best time to catch the larger brown trout
Wintertime can be tough and the water can be frozen in

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Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Wild and stocked with
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South Central Pennsylvania

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Middle of April through February


Special Regulations
Delayed Harvest Section

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Big Cove Creek Pennsylvania
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