Big Springs Creek Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Big Spring Creek Montana
Big Spring Creek is a spring-fed stream near the town of
Lewistown, Montana. Unlike many of the state's pay
spring creeks, Big Spring Creek has plenty of public
access and is one of the largest of the many spring
creeks in the state of Montana. Fly fishing Big Spring
Creek is a highly pleasurable experience. It's a beautiful
spring creek that remain about 52 degrees year-round.

The spring creek starts about nine miles southeast of
Lewistown near Big Springs Trout Hatchery. It flows for
about thirty miles between Judith and Snowy mountain
ranges. It flows into the Judith River near Brooks,

The creek holds some very big brown trout as well as
huge rainbows. The trout probably average about 12 to
18 inches but there are plenty of trophy size fish.

There's a catch-and-release only area on Big Spring
Creek upstream of Lewistown from the Ash Street Bridge
to the Big Spring Trout Hatchery, including the East Fork
of Big Spring Creek to the East Fork Reservoir. It also
includes 2.5 miles to the U.S. Highway #191 Bridge
adjacent to the Lazy KB Fishing Access Site. One trout
can be kelp in the lower section of the creek.

Big Spring Creek can be tricky to fish. Its smooth
currents can be very deceptive. The currents swirl such
that it is best to make short cast and mends while your
fly line is still in the air. It isn't easy to get drag free drifts.
The water is clear and the trout can get a good look at
your fly. That is one reason our  Perfect Flies are
popular on this stream. The trout can be very selective.

Due to the stream's high pH, it has a huge aquatic insect
and crustacean population. Many different species of
mayflies, caddisflies are present for the trout to eat.
Send us an email letting us know the time you plan to
fish the creek and we can help you with fly selection.
Hopper season on Big Spring Creek is very popular. It
generally runs from about the first of July through the
first part of September. There's lots of hoppers along
the stream most years.

The state of Montana purchased the Burleigh Angus
Ranch and converted much of it into a fishing access
easement of more than 2 miles of the creek with plenty
of public parking. Many access areas are open to the
public on the upper and lower stream.

Seasons follow the general Montana fishing season.
Springtime has the most hatches and is usually good.
The Summer would be best time for fly fishing Big Spring
Early Fall presents good opportunities for big browns..
A 1.1 miles; from 100 feet below the source (Big Spring)
downstream to the Nealy Road Bridge
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout

Central Montana

Medium size, averaging 30 to 45 feet
in width, 30 miles long

Nearest Towns
Lewistown Montana

3rd Sat of May through Nov 30th.
Catch and Release section open

Very Good

Non-Resident License
State of Montana

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Big Spring
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