Big Wilson Creek Virginia
James Marsh fishing Big Wilson
Big Wilson Creek
Copyright 2018 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Big Wilson Creek Virginia
Some anglers may get the name of this Virginia trout
stream mixed up because in its headwaters, it is
usually just called Wilson Creek. I guess that's
because it isn't so big in the upper areas of the stream.

The upper waters are not stocked but the lower
section is. This is another of the Mt. Rogers National
Recreational Area streams. It can be accessed from
state road #817, an unpaved road that follows the
stream to its headwaters.

There's a special regulation stretch of water in its
upper parts that requires single hook, catch and
release for trout under a certain size. Make sure you
check the current regulations before fishing. Although
there is road access in the headwaters, we almost
destroyed an SUV traveling them. Fly fishing Big
Wilson Creek can take a toll on your vehicle.

We have fished this creek in several areas on three
occasions. It seems fairly easy to catch the stocked
rainbows in the lower section and not very difficult to
catch its native brook trout in the upper reaches.

We get a lot of good reports from customers fishing
the river. There are usually some huge fish stocked in
the mix that some enjoy catching.

Like all small mountain streams in this part of the
South, you can easily catch more bushes and trees
than you can catch trout. Other than that, if you can
get a small dry fly in the little plunge pools without
spooking the brookies, they will usually respond very

The fishing season runs year-round
Trout can be caught on warm winter days.
Spring is the best time for fly fishing Big Wilson Creek.
Summertime is okay in the higher elevations.
Fall is a beautiful time to fish the stream.

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