Black Earth Creek Wild Trout
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Fly Fishing Black Earth Creek Wisconsin
The only short coming to Black Earth Creek is its
popularity. It is heavily fished but that's for a very good
reason - it supports lots of trout. It is true that it is
located not far from the big city of Madison, Wisconsin,
but if it wasn't such a great little trout stream, it would be
far less popular. Fly fishing Black Earth Creek during the
none great weather days is probably your best bet.
Trout love nasty weather days.

The stream has a good self-sustaining population of
brown trout. The lower section is also stocked with
rainbows. One disadvantage for the fish but probably an
advantage for the fishers is the fact it is often dingy.
That's probably due to drainage from the local farmland.
The stream also flows through meadows and some
wooded areas. The Black Earth Creek Valley is  
surrounded with bluffs and a beautiful place to fly fish.

Black Earth Creek is a tributary of the Wisconsin River. It
flows through open farmland and meadows along
Highway #14 from Cross Plains to Black Earth. From
there Black Earth Creek flows to Mazomanie and its final
destination of the Wisconsin River.

There's a "catch-and-release" - "artificial lures and flies"
only section that runs from South Valley Road
downstream to  Park Street. This is the preferred section
to fish for most fly anglers.

One reason the stream is capable of supporting a
healthy population of trout is its diverse and plentiful
aquatic insects. There's also plenty of baitfish and
crustaceans. Terrestrials help supplement the food
supply during the summer months. Imitations of ants,
beetles and grass hoppers work well on this stream.

Angie and I spent about a day and a half on this stream
but most of our time was spent acquiring samples of the
aquatic insect larvae to get data for hatches and for
photos and video. We managed to catch a few rainbows
and two brown trout during the short visit. Fly fishing
Black Earth Creek deserved far more time than we were
able to spend on it and we will be going back.

March 5 through October 15th.
Springtime is a very good time for fly fishing Black Earth
Creek due to the numerous hatches
Water levels can get a little low and some areas a little
warm but fishing is generally good all summer, especially
near the springs.
Regular Season ends Sept. 30th.
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (mostly wild)
Rainbow Trout (stocked some wild)


Southern Wisconsin

Nearest Towns
Black Earth
Cross Plains

General season starts March 5 to
October 15th.

Special Regulations
Yes, a catch and release section


Non-Resident License
State of Wisconsin

National Weather Service Link

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Black Earth Creek Fishing Report:
03/18/14 The early fishing season is back
open. Let us hear from you. The weather is
still cold, of course, but the spring creek water
Fishing Report Updated 10/29/19
(Bottom Of Page)
04/01/14 One brave soul fished this past
week and managed two brown trout with his
guides freezing up.
04/01/14 No reports from anyone fishing
probably due to the bad weather this past
04/08/14 Stream levels have been a
little high but fishable and water slightly
warmer according to our local contact.
No reports from anyone fishing this past
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04/15/14 After the passing of the current
cold front, the fishing conditions should
be fine for Black Earth Creek. The levels
still need to fall some.
04/22/14 Stream levels are getting in
good shape and the weather warming up
some but no reports have come in during
the past week.
05/06/14 One customer ordering more
flies reported catching some browns on
White Belly sculpin.
05/13/14 The stream is very high right
now but falling fast. More rain is forecast
for Thursday and Friday. No reports
came in from anyone fishing this past
USGS Stream Flow Data:
Black Earth Creek
05/20/14 The stream is back just above
a normal level and the weather forecast
looks much better. The fly fishing
opportunities should be good this coming
week. Let us hear from you.
06/03/14 Stream levels have been in good
shape and customers of ours were
catching trout. It rose quite a bit yesterday
but is falling fast and will be in good shape
soon. It could rain some more tomorrow,
but only a 70% chance.
06/10/114 More good reports from
anglers. The levels are just slightly high
but in some ways that helps the catching.
06/17/14 Three different customers
reporting good fishing but the stream
levels shot back up again yesterday. It is
falling fast and should be back in good
shape in a day or two.
06/25/14 The stream has been a little
high but getting back down into good
shape. No reports from anyone fishing
this past week.
07/08/14 Two good reports came in from
customers catching some nice browns this
past week. Stream levels are still high.
Use streamers until it falls back down.
07/29/14 More good fishing reports from
the past couple of weeks. Lots of insects
hatching and trout being caught.
08/12/14 This little spring creek has been
tough on some of our customers and
easy for others. BWO nymphs are still top
producers although terrestrials are
working to some extent.
09/02/14 Those that know what they are
doing have done well, even when the water
has been high. Use streamers then and
terrestrials when normal.
09/16/14 Better stream levels and lower
water temperatures has improved the
fishing big time. Customers are reporting
our small BWOs are working good.
09/23/14 No reports from customers but
conditions should be good. Terrestrials,
sculpin streamer pattersn and BWOs
should be working good.
01/26/15 General Season closed
September 30ths.
02/16/15 Give us a call or send us an
email and let us help you plan your next fly
fishing trip.
03/02/15 The season opens in three more
days and much better weather is on the
way. Get ready.
03/16/15 We received one good report
from a local customer who started the
season catching a few smaller browns. The
water has been off color and high but you
can still catch trout on streamers.
03/23/15 No reports but conditions have
been good.
04/06/15 A couple of customers reported
catching a few. Stream levels are good now.
04/13/15 Good conditions, warming water
and good levels. Lots of BWO hatching on
cloudy days.
04/20/15 One customer reported catching
a few trout four days ago. Rain and snow
forecast so watch the weather and levels.
04/27/15 Stream is still up a little. Use
streamers like our Brown Sculpin. No
reports from the past week.
05/04/15 One customer reported catching
several browns this past week. The water is
currently rising but should stabilize soon.
05/18/15 Lots of BWOs hatching, Brown
sculpin working good. Customers catching
lots of fish.
05/25/15 Stream levels a little high but
streamers, especially sculpin patterns,
should work good. Fish the C and R section.
06/08/15 Stream levels very high. Wait for
them to drop.
06/15/15 The stream is still very high.
06/29/15 The creek is still high but fishable.
It will probably take streamers to catch trout.
Lots of terrestrials on the banks.
07/06/15 Lots of rain has the stream
staying on the high side but trout can be
caught using streamers and terrestrials.
07/13/15 Stream levels good and so it the
weather. Two good reports from the past
07/20/15 Use mostly nymphs and scuds. Dry
work at times but lower the success.
08/03/15 One good report from a customer
who caught two nice size browns plus others.
08/10/15 Great conditions but no reports from
angler the past week. Maybe they are keeping
things a secret?
08/17/15 Heavy hatches of Tricos. Terrestrials,
especially ants and beetles are working good.
08/31/15 Two good reports of nice browns
caught this past week. Good stream levels and
BWO hatches taking place.
09/07/15 This little creek has a reputation for
being tough to fish and it is, if you don't stay
hidden and use good imitations of the naturals.
It isn't a place you can use junk flies and make
poor presentations and expect to catch trout.
09/21/15 Fall like weather, good stream levels,
good hatches of Mahogany duns, BWOs, make
it an excellent time to fish this spring creek.
Map of Black Earth Creek
09/28/15 Two good reports came in this past
week. Good conditions with Great Autumn
Brown sedges hatching
09/30/15 Season Closed. This is an early
season trout stream. Dane County
11/30/15 You can always email us and we will
help you plan that next trip.
01/01/16 Season is open again. Let us hear
from you.
01/25/16 Cream and red midge pupa and
larva, fished in tandem, and Winter stoneflies
are the best options for flies. Fish are holding
in the deepest water in holes out of the main
02/01/16 One good report from local customer.
Caught several on our Scud and little size 18
BWO nymphs, fishing deep runs and pools.
02/29/16 The water temperature is hanging in
there at 38 degrees. Cream and Red midges
are hatching. Fish the pupa and larva imitations
in tandem. Fish the adult when you see them on
top of the water.
03/14/16 The stream level is just a little above
normal and in good shape. The water is about
42 degrees and midges are hatching good.
Scuds and sculpin streamers are the other
main flies you should use. Best access points
are at Scherbel Road at Salmo Pond, along
South Valley Road, and Wolf Run Trail in
03/28/16 Stream levels are high, at 59 cfs, and
normal is about 40 cfs. It is falling. Streamers
like the Brown Sculpin are the best fly option.
04/11/16 Two good reports from customers
from the past few day, both on Sculpin
streamers. The stream is high and wading not
safe, but you can cast from the banks.
04/25/16 Blue-winged olives are hatching
good. Scuds and Sculpin streamers are also
working good.
05/09/16 Two good reports from customers
this past week. The stream is still high and a
little stained but otherwise, in good shape.
05/16/16 Blue-winged olives are hatching good.
The stream is still high and a little dingy.
05/30/16 Stream levels are a little high and the
water slightly stained. White Belly/Brown
sculpin, BWO nymphs on indicators, should
work good. Lots of caddis are hatching.
06/06/16 The hatches are increasing with the
warmer weather. Cinnamon Caddis, Green
sedges, little Brown caddis are all three hatching.
06/20/16 Stream levels have been high but back
in good shape. Lots of caddis are hatching and
some BWOs. Sulphurs should start soon.
07/04/16 Stream levels are staying a little
above normal levels and in good shape. Scuds,
and Caddisflies, especially the late afternoon
egg laying activity, is bringing a lot of trout to
the net.
07/25/16 Recent rain has the creek a little high
but this should improve the fishing. Terrestrials
are working good. Tricos are hatching.
08/15/16 The stream is flowing a little above
normal but in good shape otherwise. Tricos,
little Blue-winged olives, and Cinnamon Caddis
are the main insects hatching.  
08/22/16 Stream levels still high. You can fish
from the banks with streamers and nymphs.
08/29/16 Stream levels are just a little above
normal. Lots of Tricos, little BWOs, Cinnamon
Caddis, Damselfly nymphs and hoppers working.
09/12/16 Larger BWOs have started hatching,
baetis species. Little Sister caddis are also
plentiful. One good report from this past week.
10/10/16 Just a note to remind you that the
general season closes in five more days, or
October 15th.
12/05/16 Trout season closed until January.
01/02/16 The fishing season for Black Earth
creek opens again today. We will keep you
01/09/17 No reports from the past week, we
assume due to the very cold weather. Better
conditions are ahead for this coming week.
01/15/17 The weather is warm for mid Jan and
the creek is good conditions. Midges, creams
and reds, scuds, and small BWO nymphs.
01/30/17 We have a couple of reports from
local customers that caught a few trout about a
week or so ago. The weather is cold again but
the water is still 37 degrees in places.
02/20/17 The conditions are excellent. Stream
levels are normal and the weather unreal
warm. Fish Midges and little BWO nymphs.
03/13/17 The first week of the general season
went good, with Creams and Red midges
hatching good. Fish the larva and pupa rigged
in tandem. Sculpin steamers will also work.
03/28/17 The stream levels have stayed a little
high and the water stained some. Sculpin
streamers have produced well.
04/24/17 The stream levels are a little high but
fishing from the banks is fine. The water is
much warmer and lots of BWOs, and
caddisflies are hatching. Sculpin streamer work.
05/01/17 Fish from the bank with sculpin
streamers. The levels are high.
05/15/17 Good conditions and lots of hatches
taking place. Customers are catching good
numbers on BWOs and Sculpin streamers.
Some little Black caddis.
05/22/17 Stream levels are too high to wade,
but you can fish some places from the bank.
06/26/17 The stream levels are still very high
but the creek can be fished from the bank in
many places. There are Sulphurs, Green
sedge caddis and Cinnamon Caddis hatching.
Scuds are working.
07/10/17 Stream levels have been good the
past week, but it is back up very high. Give it a
couple of days. There are some good hatches
and terrestrials are also working.
07/31/17 The stream levels are back down to
normal and good numbers of trout are being
caught. Sulphurs, Cinnamon caddis, Green
sedges and other insects are hatching..
08/14/17 The stream is in very good shape with
good numbers of trout being caught. Tricos,
Mahogany duns, little BWOs, Cinnamon
Caddis, Green sedges, little yellowstones.
09/04/17 The stream levels are very low and it
is easy to spook the trout. Some are being
caught but you must stay hidden. Terrestrials
are working and there are still a few hatches.
09/18/17 The stream levels are high but you
can fish from the bank in a few places. It is
falling and should get better soon.
10/02/17 The stream levels remain a little high.
Sculpin streamers are working good.
Mahogany duns, Great Autumn Brown sedges
and Blue-winged olives are hatching.
10/31/17 Stream levels are a little above
normal but safe to wade with caution in
places. Send us an email for a recommended
fly list.
01/09/18 The season just reopened on the
6th. Fish cream or red (blood) midges with the
larva and pupa rigged in tandem.
02/13/18 Midges, creams and reds, or blood
midges, are still hatching. Aquatic worms,
sculpin streamers are also working.
03/06/18 The stream is still a little high but
clear and in good shape otherwise. Midges,
Aquatic worms and sculpin are still the
foods to imitate.
03/20/18 Stream level is fine with little BWOs,
midges hatching. Good conditions exist.
04/03/18 Little non-baetis Blue-winged olives
and cream and light green midges are
hatching. Aquatic worms, scuds and Sculpin
streamer are still working good.
04/19/18 The stream is flowing high but
some of it can be fished from the bank.
Sculpin streamers should work good for that.
05/03/18 The stream is very high, or blown
out. Check back with us. It is too high to fish
at this time.
05/24/18 Stream levels are a little high, too
high to wade most places. Lots of BWOs,
cinnamon caddis, and others. Scuds and
aquatic worms are working.
06/21/18 The creek is very high right now,
too high to fish. It has been very good when
the levels are down. Lots of hatches.
06/28/18 The stream levels are down to a
little above normal. Good hatches are taking
place and trout are being caught.
07/05/18 Conditions remain very good with
good hatches taking place. Terrestrials are
also working. Send us an email for a fly list.
07/19/20 Tricos are hatching. We are getting
some good reports. Terrestrials like Japanese
beetles, Carpenter ants and Hoppers are
07/26/18 Lots of tricos are hatching. Fish the
spinners in the mornings and duns
afternoons. Male and female imitations are
completely different colors.
08/16/18 The creek is still in good shape with
trout being caught in good numbers. Lots of
little BWOs, Tricos, Cinnamon caddis, damsel
and dragon flies.
09/06/18 The stream levels are very high and
the water stained. Trout were being caught
and it should be good again when it drop back
down. There no rain forecast.
09/30/18 The creek is in great condition and
good numbers of trout are being caught. It is
a little high and stained some.
10/17/18 Stream levels are very high but it
can be fished from the bank in some places.
11/07/18 The stream levels are still a little
high. Sculpin streamers are catching some
good ones. BWO, Mah duns and Midges are
12/25/18 The season is currently closed.
Check back with us when the 2019 season
02/20/19 Midges, creams and reds, or blood
midges, are hatching. Use aquatic worms,
sculpin streamers and midge larva and pupa
rigged in tandem.
03/15/19 The stream is still too high to wade
but trout are being caught from the bank. It
should start dropping and conditions
04/12/19 Stream levels are still very high,
too high to wade. It should start dropping
soon. It can be fished from the bank in some
05/05/19 Fish from the banks. it s still high
and stained. Check back with us.
05/26/19 Stream levels are still too high to
wade but it can be fished from the bank in
06/14/19 The creek is still running a little high
but okay to fish. Few place can be waded
safely but bank fishing is okay in places.
There are some good hatches taking place.
06/21/19 The creek is still a little high but it
can be waded safely in a few places. Trout
are being caught and hatches are very good.
06/30/19 Sulphurs are hatching and
terrestrials are also working. Good numbers
of trout are being caught.
07/07/19 More good reports are coming in.
Hatches are taking place and terrestrial
imitations are working.
07/15/19 The stream levels are still too high
to wade safely but you can fish some places
from the bank.
07/22/19 The creek is still a little too high to
wade safely but trout are being caught from
the banks in a few places.
07/31/19 The stream is still a little high but
can be waded with caution in a few places.
There are lots of insects, aquatic and
08/09/19 The stream is still a little high, too
high to wade most places but okay in some.
Good hatches are taking place.
09/01/19 Catch the Trico spinnerfalls in the
morning. Good numbers of trout are being
caught. Conditions are good.
09/23/19 Stream levels are a little high but
our customers are catching good numbers
of trout. Good hatches are taking place.
10/21/19 The river is running high, but the
regular season closed on 09/30/19
10/29/19 The river is still running above
normal and rising slightly.