Blackstone River Rainbow Trout
Blackstone River Rhode Island
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Fly Fishing Blackstone River Rhode
The Blackstone River is a good example of how a
stream that flows through a urban area consisting of
factories, shopping malls and housing facilities that has
been polluted for years can be turned into a decent
trout stream. The stream was terribly polluted for years
but after extensive efforts were made over a period of
time, in 1995 the river was cleaned up to the point trout
could be stocked. It since has made provided some
good opportunities for anglers they would otherwise not

The river begins in the state of Massachusetts and flows
into the northeast corner of Rhode Island. One problem
that does exist with the stream is dams that create slow
and still water areas that help warm the water. For this
reason, the best fishing is usually just below the dams.
At least four of the seven have decent runs and riffles
below them. The Blackstone River State Park has been
a big benefit in restoring the area around part of the

The river also has several tributaries that are also
stocked with trout. Sylvester Pond, Clear River,
Chepachet River and the Harris River are stocked also.
These streams provide additional fly fishing

This river has a good population of aquatic insects,
sculpin and baitfish. Mayflies such as Blue-winged
olives, Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, American March
Browns, Light Cahills and others exist in the main stream
and small tributaries. Stoneflies such as Winter stoneflie
and Little Yellow stones are present. Several species of
caddisflies exist in the river. Cinnamon Caddis, Green
Sedges, Great Autumn Brown sedges, Little Black
caddis and others.

Fly fishing the Blackstone River is best during the Spring
and Fall, after the trout are stocked. Summertime can
bring most of the water up to too high a temperature for
trout to survive well. It's a medium to fairly large size
river and there are areas where the trout can seek
refuge from the warm water.

2nd Sat of April to end of February
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing the Blackstone
We suggest you avoid fishing during the hottest days of
Fall is the second best time to fish the river.
Part of the season extends into the Winter and trout can
Be caught on the warmer days.

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Brown Trout (stocked)
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Northeastern Rhode Island

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Second Saturday of April to last day  
of February


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