Blacktail Deer Creek Yellowstone
Angie Marsh fishing Blacktail Deer Creek
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Fly Fishing Blacktail Deer Creek  
Wyoming (YNP)
The Blacktail Deer Creek is a small, fast pocket water
stream that begin near Blacktail Plateau in Yellowstone
National Park and flows into the Black Canyon of the
Yellowstone River. The Grand Loop Road between
Mammoth and Tower crosses the creek. A trail follows it
down to the Yellowstone River, a distance of about four
miles. You can also fish the creek upstream from that
point. Fly fishing Blacktail Deer Creek is always a sheer
pleasure. The dry fly action is usually fantastic.

Its trout are most all brook trout that average about six
inches. Some may go as large as ten inches or better.
The stream flows through a rugged area surrounded by
huge rocks and lots of brush. It is fairly difficult to
navigate the stream. We usually hike downstream and
fish it back up stream from the bed of the creek.

Once you have got to the location you intend to fish,
fishing is usually fairly easy. The stream is almost always
easy to wade. Short, upstream cast are all you need for
plenty of action. Once you get away from the road, the
streams seems to always be full of eager trout.

It is usually fairly easy to catch lots of brook trout on the
dry fly during the summer and early fall season. Small
attractor flies will usually work but we use our Perfect Fly
PMD duns usually. Small beetles and ants also work

The Yellowstone fishing season is open before this little
stream clears up and becomes warm enough to fish.
Blacktail Deer Creek usually isn't fishable during the
short Spring season.  
Summertime is the best time for fly fishing Blacktail Deer
Early Fall can be good but the weather will turn too cold
for good fishing before the Yellowstone Fishing season
ends in this area of the park.

Fly Fishing Guide to Blacktail Deer Creek
The best way to fish the Blacktail Deer Creek is using
short, upstream cast to the small pools and end of the
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Type of Stream

Brook trout (wild)


Yellowstone National Park

Nearest Towns
West Yellowstone, Gardiner

Last of May through October


Special Regulations
Yes, barbless hooks and others

Fishing License
Yellowstone National Park

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Fly Fishing Yellowstone National
Blacktail Deer Creek (YNP)
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