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Fly Fishing The Blue River Wisconsin
The Blue River is a small but locally popular spring
creek located in the Driftless area of Southwestern
Wisconsin. The landowners have preserved this great
little trout stream for many years. Fly fishing the Blue
River should be a considered an honor.

The Trout Unlimited Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter is
largely responsible for helping to restore and improve
parts of the Blue River and its tributaries. The results is
the river is currently a true, spring creek gem. A strong
commitment from land owners to continue their
conservation efforts will hopefully, insure this quality
fishery will remain for future generations.

The Blue River provide several miles of high quality,
cold water for trout. It's management includes a "catch -
and - release" - "artificial lures and flies only" section
that runs from the Iowa/Grant County line downstream to
Snow Bottom Road.

The stream has a good population of brown trout and
rainbow trout. Its cold spring water has a huge
population of aquatic insects including many species of
mayflies, caddisflies and midges. There are also a few
stoneflies and plenty of scuds and sowbugs to keep the
trout well fed.

Although generic and attractor trout flies will work to
some extent, you will be far better off using more specific
imitations of the natural food in the stream. We have
Perfect Fly imitations of all the aquatic insects,
crustaceans, terrestrial insects, and baitfish that exist in
the Blue River. We hope you will give them an
opportunity to produce for you.

General season starts first Saturday of May and ends
September 30
Springtime is a very good time for fly fishing the Blue
Water levels can get a little low and some areas a little
warm but fishing is generally good all summer, especially
near the springs.
Fall is probably the best time to fish the river. Brown
trout spawn in the Fall.

Fly Fishing Gear,  Tackle and Trout Flies
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (mostly wild)
Rainbow Trout (stocked some wild)


Southwestern, Driftless Area

Nearest Towns
Blue River

General season starts first Sat. of
May to Sept. 30th.

Special Regulations
Yes, a catch and release section


Non-Resident License
State of Wisconsin

National Weather Service Link

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Trout Flies
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