Blue Springs Creek RainbowTrout
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Fly Fishing Blue Springs Creek Missouri
Any local angler will tell you that fly fishing Blue Springs
Creek "ain't" easy. The wild rainbows in the stream can
be difficult to catch. It isn't exactly a good place to teach
a youngster to fly fish but it is an excellent stream for
any avid fly angler to learn to catch more trout. Although
the fly fishing is a little on the technical side, the wild
rainbows of Blue Springs Creek can be caught and in
good numbers by wise anglers.

There are several reasons most angler have trouble
catching the rainbows. They live in very clear water and
not only can see you better than you can see them, they
can see can count the toes of a blue-winged olive.
Seriously, the trout get a very good look at your fly and
can easily tell the difference in what they see day in and
day out, and your imitation.

If your fly isn't drifting at the same speed of the water,
you can forget catching one of them. On the other hand,
good imitations of the natural aquatic insects,
crustaceans and baitfish presented naturally, will food
even the largest of Blue Spring Creek's rainbow trout.

Blue Springs Creek is a very small stream, averaging
only about 10 to 20 feet wide. It's gin clear but holds a
good population of wild rainbows for its size. It consist of
a series of riffles and pools. The stream is state-owned  
its entire length downstream of the Salvation Army Camp
to its confluence with the Meramec River.

Access to Blue Springs Creek is off of highway "N",
which is off of highway #44 not far from Bourbon,
Missouri. The road will cross the little creek. You should
be able to see the private section at Camp Mihaska from
highway "N". You can fish the short Salvation Army
section of the stream at Camp Mihaska by permission
only. .

Fly fishing Blue Springs Creek is legal on any day
Fish can be caught on the coldest days of the year.
Springtime is the best time for rainbow trout due to the
aquatic insect hatches.
The cool spring water makes it possible to catch trout
even on the hottest days of Summer but fishing
becomes a little more difficult..
Autumn is a very good time to fly fish Blue Springs
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout (wild)


East Central Missouri

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State of Missouri

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Fishing Report Updated 10/29/19
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Blue Springs Creek Fishing Report:
03/25/14 No one reporting. Check back next week.
The season is open and the weather should be
much better.
04/01/14 Customer order BWOs and Sculpin
streamers getting ready but bad weather
hampered the fishing conditions this past week.
04/08/14 Stream levels are much better and little
rain is in the forecast. The weather is warming
with highs in the sixties and seventies and
conditions should greatly improve.
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04/15/14 Two good reports came in this past
week from anglers purchasing flies.
Blue-winged olives are hatching and trout
have been taken on the surface.
04/22/14 We had more customers ordering flies
for Blue Springs but no one reporting on the
fishing during the past week.
04/29/14 Still no reports from anyone fishing.
Good weather is in the forecast for the next
few days. Let us hear from you.
05/06/14 One local regular customer reported
catching trout this past week. According to
him, a few were catching trout and most were
not. That's often the case on this stream.
05/13/14 No reports came in from the past
week and I'm not sure why. Our local contact
reports stream levels are low and that
Blue-winged Olives are hatching.
05/20/14 Two anglers reporting they caught
some nice trout swinging our Sculpin
streamers. One ordered more flies and one
had done so last week.
05/27/14 The stream is getting back to near
normal levels and hatches coming on strong.
More customers ordering flies and one
reporting he caught fish as of yesterday.
06/03/14 Water levels have been up
and down but high, off color water can
sometimes make it easier to catch trout.
It should be back in good shape One
angler reporting he caught fish this past
week on our sculpin streamers.
07/08/14 Two customers reporting catching
several rainbows this past week. Some
hatches are taking place. High water has
been a problem at times, so what the levels.
07/22/14 Mixed reports (as usual)
have come in. Some catching plenty of
trout and others not. Terrestrials and
crustaceans are working.
07/29/14 One customer ordering more flies
reported catching several nice trout this past
week. He is fishing terrestrials mostly.
08/12/14 We didn't receive any fishing
reports from the past week. There have
been little change in the conditions.
09/02/14 One customer reporting he caught
a few trout on terrestrials this past week. He
has also done well using our Matuka sculpin
early and late.
    09/23/14 One good report and one lousy
    report from customers for this past week.
    Personally, I think it is more the angler than
    the trout. As said above, "catching ain't
    exactly easy".
10/07/14 One customer reporting some good
hatches of small hook size 18 BWO. He
managed some nice trout on our
Sculpin this past week.
10/14/14 High, off color water will make it
tough for a couple more days and then
fishing should be as good as it gets.
10/21/14 No reports from last week.
Conditions are very good at this time.
10/28/14 One local angler reported he caught
a few this past week. He used mostly
streamers including our brown sculpin.
11/11/14 No reports came in but conditions
are still good in spite of the colder weather.
Let us hear from you.
12/16/14 Two good reports from customers
fishing this past week. They were using the
Brown sculpin linked above and
Cream and Red (blood) larva and pupa.
12/29/14 No reports from the past two
weeks. Let us hear from you.
01/05/15 Still no reports. You can't catch
trout sitting on the couch.
01/26/15 Two good reports from a local
customer. He is catching good numbers of
trout using streamers and our cream midges.
Much better weather is forecast.
02/16/15 Getting to the stream may be a
bigger problem than catching trout this
coming week.
03/16/15 Still no reports, and we assume
due to high water levels. That isn't always
bad. Streamers usually work.
03/23/15 One report from a local regular
that caught several nice trout.
04/06/15 More good reports recently.
Lots of BWOs hatching and some caught
on top.
04/20/15 Conditions were great up
until the rain. Watch the stream levels.
04/27/15 One good report from yesterday
where a customer used our midges, light
green larva and pupa.
05/04/15 Another good report where
customer used our BWO nymphs/duns
size 20.
05/18/15 If you can't catch trout on this
creek now, you never will. Lots of BWO
hatches, and scuds working good.
05/25/15 Watch the stream levels. Lots of
rain on the way. Stained water is often an
06/15/15 Lots of hatches and water levels
much better. No reports but good conditions.
07/13/15 High water levels. Should drop fast.
07/20/15 No reports, water still high.
08/03/15 Good stream levels, some
hatches and slightly cooler weather should
help big time. We did get one good report.
08/17/15 Tricos, Mahogany duns hatching
and terrestrials are working.
08/31/15 No reports and we assume it is
due to higher than normal water levels or
locals not giving up any information.
Conditions look good right now.
09/07/15 Still no reports from anyone fishing. I
guess they are avoiding the heat and high
water. It is going to be cooler and BWOs
should start hatching again soon.
09/21/15 The higher water levels haven't
hurt the "catching". It just made it easier for
streamer to be more effective. The
Sculpin is working great.
10/12/15 High water has hindered the
fishing lately but it is back in good shape
with lots of Blue-winged olives hatching.
10/26/15 Right now, the conditions are
good but high water levels are likely soon,
so be sure to check them. Blue-winged
Olives continue to hatch in large numbers.
11/09/15 Stream levels are back down and
Blue-winged olives are hatching. Midges are
becoming important, especially
midges (red).
11/30/15 Stream levels are very high and it
will be three days or more before the creek
is in good enough shape to fish. It is still
raining but should end by tomorrow.
12/14/15 The creek got back in great
shape with some nice rainbow being
caught by one of our local customers but it
is back very high again and will take some
more time to get low enough to fish.
01/25/16 The creek is back near normal
levels and in good shape. Midges, both
cream and blood or red, and scuds and
sowbugs are the main foods you should be
02/08/16 This creek stays about the same
temperature regardless of the air
temperature. Blue-winged olives, size 20,
are hatching.
02/22/16 Good conditions but no reports
from anyone fishing. Let us hear from you.
03/07/16 When the levels are good and the
water clear, catches are low for the
average guy. When it is high and stained,
they don't fish. You should. That makes it
easier to catch trout. Sculpin Streamers will
work godd and water will be high the
coming week for sure.
03/28/16 We don't give reports as such from
who caught what. It varies according to who
is fishing, ranging from zero to several fish.
BWOs and midges are hatching, levels are
good. Scuds and sowbugs should also work.
04/11/16 The creek is falling to a good
level and clear with good weather ahead
for the next week. BWO's and midges are
hatching. Scuds should work good.
04/25/16 A good report from a customer
this past week and good stream conditions.
It is raining, so watch the levels. It is good if
slightly stained and a little high.
05/09/16 Fish sculpin streamers when the
levels are high and stained, BWOs, little
Black Caddis, Blue Quills, Sulphurs are
0516/16 The stream level is down, the water
clear and in good shape. Little BWOs,
Scuds, sowbugs, damselfly nymphs, dragon
fly nymphs, and soon if not already,
Sulphurs will be hatching.
05/30/16 Sulphurs are hatching good. If you
can't catch trout here now, you will never be
able to. By the way, a little stain in the water
is a plus.
06/20/16 Damselflies and Dragon fly
nymphs are working good. Sulphurs are still
hatching. Fish sculpin streamers early and
late. Cinnamon Caddis are hatching.
07/04/16 We haven't received any reports
lately but conditions are currently good. The
last two hours of daylight is bring a lot of
trout to the surface to feed on egg laying
caddisflies. That is the best time to fish.
07/25/16 A good break from the heat. Stay
hidden and you will catch trout.
Terrestrials are working good.
08/08/16 Rain staining the water and cloud
cover should have made it easier to catch
trout the past two weeks; however, we
didn't receive any reports from anyone.
08/29/16 Stream levels are up again and
that helps to some extend. Terrestrials -
hoppers, ants and beetles are working and
Tricos and Caddisflies are hatching.
11/14/16 Sorry for the lack of reports. The
stream has been in great shape most all the
time. Blue-winged olives, cream midges,
Damselfly nymph, Dragon fly nymphs and
scuds have been catching trout.
12/04/16 Winter stoneflies are hatching
and lots of cream and Red or blood
midges. Fish the midge larva and pupa in
tandem with the larva the bottom fly.
01/02/17 Conditions are very good, with
water about 39 degrees. Large midge
hatches of Cream and blood midges are
taking place. There are even some BWOs..
01/30/17 We received two good reports
about a week ago. Midges, creams, reds
and light greens are hatching. Some little
BWOs are hatching.
02/27/17 We get few reports at this time of
the year because local anglers are the only
ones fishing and they don't like promoting
the stream. Conditions are good.
03/28/17 The creek is in good shape with
lots of Cream and Red midges, little
Blue-winged olives, and little Black caddis
04/17/17 Very good condition with lots of
hatching insects, BWOs, cinnamon and little
Black Caddis, scuds, sowbugs, other flies .
06/26/17 Sorry for missed reports. Stream
(computer problem - erased reports)
07/10/17 The stream is in good condition
with lots of hatches, Sulphurs, BWOs,
damsel/dragon flies, Cinnamon Caddis,
Green sedges, scuds, sowbugs, more.
07/27/17 The stream is in good shape
with lots of hatches taking place.
Terrestrials should also work good.
09.04/17 Sorry for lack of reports.
Conditions are good and we are getting a
few good and bad reports. You have to
stay hidden.
10/02/17 Finally getting some good reports.
Lots of new hatches. Plenty of Blue-winged
olives, and Mahogany duns. Scuds and
damselfly nymphs working good.
10/31/17 The stream is a little high but
excellent otherwise. Lots of hatches and
good reports from a local customer.
11/15/17 More good reports. Conditions are
very good with BWOs and midges hatching.
Sculpin streamers are working good.
12/13/17 The creek is in good shape with
lots of BWOs, Cream and red blood midges
hatching. Scuds and Aquatic worms should
also work good.
01/11/18 The stream is a little high but in
good shape otherwise. Midges (creams and
reds), scuds, sowbugs and aquatic worms
are catching trout.
02/08/18 We received one good report this
past week. BWOs, scuds, sculpin
streamers, damsel and dragon fly nymphs,
midges - creams and light greens.
02/22/18 The water is high and stained but
that isn't such a bad thing. BWOs, scuds,
aquatic worms, sculpin streamers.
03/21/18 Conditions are much better. Fish
Scuds, sowbugs, Sculpin streamers,
damsel fly nymphs and BWOs.
04/12/18 Conditions have been very
good. There is some heavy rain on the
way. Sometimes, the higher, dingy water
is an advantage. Fish sculpin streamers.
06/21/18 Conditions are good. Lots of
Sulphurs, BWOs, Cinnamon caddis and
Green sedge caddis. Scuds and sowbugs
also working.
09/30/18 Sorry for the missed reports.
There are good Blue-winged olive and,
Cinnamon caddis hatches. Sculpin
streamers are working good.
10/17/18 We received on good report.
Fall is an excellent time to fish this one.
Lots of BWOs. Scuds, sowbugs, damsel
and dragon fly nymphs, sculpin streamers.
01/09/19 High stained water doesn't hurt
this one. Use sculpin streamers. If clear,
midges, bwos, scuds and sowbugs.
02/20/19 The creek is high and stained
but it should help some, not hurt the
"catching". Sculpin streamers, Cream and
red midges rigged in tandem are working.
03/15/18 The stream is still high, too
high to wade but trout can be caught.
The off color water actually helps.
06/21/19 Sorry for the missed reports.
Stream levels have been high much of
the time but currently they are okay.
Good hatches are taking place.
07/14/19 Good numbers of trout were
being caught before the high water but it
is getting into good shape fast. There
are good hatches taking place. Send us
an email for a recommended fly list.
09/11/19 We are starting to get a few
good reports again.
10/22/19 Stream levels are above
normal, but in good shape. Several
hatches are taking place.
10/29/19 The river levels are back down to
normal levels. We are getting good reports
from our customers. Good hatches