Bright Angel creek rainbow trout
Bright Angel Creek Arizona
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Fly Fishing Bright Angel Creek Arizona
Bright Angel Creek is located on the North rim of the
Grand Canyon in Arizona. Its drainage provides a major
route to the canyon for hikers and therefore has good
access for fly fishing. Bright Angel Creek is in the
northern part of Grand Canyon National Park and
requires a huge amount of effort to fish. It also provides
some of the best trout fishing Arizona has to offer.

The South Kiabab Trail takes you to the Bright Angel
Creek from the canyon's South Rim. It's a seven mile hike.
The Bright Angel Trail also takes you there from the
South Rim but it requires a ten mile hike. You can only get
to the North Rim when roads are clear of snow. The upper
end of the creek requires a five mile hike on the North
Kiabab Trail. This takes you to Roaring Springs which is
the source of Bright Angel Creek's water. The shortest
distance trail isn't necessarily the faster way to get there.
It's a 5000 foot change in elevation from the rim to the
Colorado River. You will need to spend the night. You
cannot fish Bright Angel Creek on a one day hike.

The streams brown trout reproduce in good numbers as
well as the rainbow trout. These fish average a good size
ranging from 12 to 18 inches and larger with the average
size being about 14 or 15 inches. These fish are found in
the stream's pocket water. The stream's current is usually
strong and there are plenty of conflicting currents. Short,
upstream cast provide the best solution to fishing the

Phantom Creek is a tributary of Bright Angel Creek. Just a
short ways upstream, the creek has a relatively high
waterfall that prevents the upstream migration of trout.
Most of the fish are in the lower end of the creek.

Fly fishing Bright Angel Creek is a rewarding experience
for those who are capable and willing to make the long
hike required to fish its waters. Those that make the trip,
always report it is well worth the effort.

This stream can be fished year-round.
Spring is great except during the runoff from melting snow.
The summer is simply too hot to make this trip for fishing.
Fall is a good time for fly fishing Bright Angel Creek.

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Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout (wild and stocked)
Brown Trout (wild)


North Rim of Grand Canyon

Good but very tough to access

Non-Resident License
State of Arizona

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Photo Courtesy of David Knapp Photography
Photos Courtesy of David Knapp Photography
Photos Courtesy of David Knapp Photography
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