Fly Fishing Brodhead Creek
Brodhead Creek is located in the Poconos in the
northeast section of Pennsylvania near Stroudsburg.
It's a tributary of the Delaware River. Although this
stream has had its problems with floods and a fast
growing population in the area it's located, it provides
some good fly fishing opportunities. The local T.U.
Club and other organizations have improved the habit
for trout considerably during the past several years.  
The creek has a decent population of wild brown
trout, plenty of holdovers and is heavily stocked by
the state. Fly fishing Brodhead Creek in the Spring
during the prime hatches can be fun and rewarding.

The stream has lots of boulders, some added to help
the habitat, and areas of pocket water as well as the
typical pool, run, riffle configuration of many
northeastern trout streams. The best section of the
stream is probably the section below the state road
#1002 bridge downstream to Analomink. This is a
beautiful section of water that is heavily stocked.
Below Analomink, the river is more like a channel.
Although it provides some fly fishing opportunities, we
wouldn't recommend the area immediately below
Analomink. Farther downstream, the creek again
provides some good looking trout water. Near
Stroudsburg, the stream enters a heavily population
area and loses much of its appeal to anglers.

Below the city of Stroudsburg, the stream enters a
canyon or gorge like area. The area is mountainous
and access becomes a problem. When Brodhead
Creek enters the valley below the gorge, the stream's
declination becomes ideal for trout. There's some fast
water runs and rapids and some long, fairly deep
pools between them. There is limited access but you
can get to the stream in a few areas along highway
#80. Small tributaries feed this section of the river and
help keep the water temperature down during the hot
months of the year.

The season is the standard Pennsylvania trout
Fly fishing Brodhead Creek during the Winter can be
challenging but produces some nice trout on warm
Spring is the best time to fish the stream because of
its excellent hatches.
The water can become to warm in some areas during
the Summer.
Fall is an excellent time to fish for large brown trout.
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Stocked and Wild)
Rainbows (Stocked)

Small to Medium

Northeastern Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns

April 16 through February

Good in most areas, fair in others

USGS Streamflow Data:
At Minisink Hills

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

National Weather Service

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Trout Flies

USGS Real-time Stream Flow Data:
At Minisink Hills
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Brodhead Creek Fishing Report - Archive:
12/30/13 Customer reporting catching several trout every time the flows are low. He is
using our Perfect Fly #20 BWO nymphs. Right now the flowing at 1080 cfs and 3.87
feet which is very high but falling. It will take another couple of days to recede to good
01/28/14 Customer ordering flies reported catching a few trout on the good weather
days but they have been few and far between. He is using our BWO nymphs and midges.
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04/06/14 Sorry for the slow reports but we haven't been able to get much information.
Customer ordering Blue-winged Olives, Quill gordons and Blue quills reported hatches are
occurring and fishing is good.
Brodhead Creek Fishing Report:
Coming soon
Brodhead Creek Fishing Report:
Coming soon
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02/10/16 The river has gotten back down to just a little above normal level for this time of
the year. Winter stoneflies, Black Flies and Midges, mostly creams and reds (blood)
midges are hatching. Some little BWOs hatch when it is a little warmer and cloudy.
07/26/17 The creek is in excellent shape with lots of trout being caught. Tricos,
Cinnamon caddis, Green Sedge caddis, little Yellow stoneflies, scuds, Japanese beetles,
carpenter ants, hoppers and others.