Casselman River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing the Casselman River In
The Casselman River was formerly known as the Little
Youghiogeny River. It's a fifty-six mile-long tributary of
the Youghiogheny River located in western Maryland
and Pennsylvania. The river begins from two branches.
The South Branch begins east of Meadow Mountain and
the North Branch between Meadow Mountain and Negro
Mountain. The two branches join just southwest of
Grantsville, Maryland. The river continues on north into

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources stocks
the Casselman River heavily with adult size trout. Some
usually exceed five pounds.  The trout survive well
during the hot summer months and holdovers are
common. Fly fishing the Casselman River can produce
fish in the trophy size category.

The stream is fairly large. The special regulations water
is rather wide and there are some large, deep pools and
long sections of runs and riffles. The stream has a
cobble size stone bottom that can be waded fairly easy
with good water levels.

Most of the land bordering the Casselman River is
privately owned and most landowners are willing to allow
anglers access. Everyone should make a dedicated
effort to keep the property free of litter and to otherwise
take good care of their property. Public water and
access are found within the confines of Casselman River
Bridge State Park.

The Delayed Harvest Trout Fishing Area management
includes a "Catch and Release" Season from October 1
through June 15. Anglers may use Artificial Lures or
Flies Only. From June 16th through September 30th,
there are no restrictions on the tackle or bait and
anglers may harvest two trout per day.

The fishing season is open year-round
Springtime is the best time to fish the Casselman River
provided the water levels are not too high.
The water can get too warm in July and August.
Fall is an excellent time to fish the river.
You can catch trout on midges throughout the winter
months provided the weather is decent enough to
access the water.
Type of Stream
Freestone Stream

Brown Trout (stocked with holdovers)
Rainbow Trout (stocked with
Brook Trout (wild)


Western Maryland

Nearest Towns


Easy, with some private property

Non-Resident License
State of Maryland

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Casselman River
Photo Courtesy Steven Lamb
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