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Fly Fishing Castle Rock Creek Wisconsin
Castle Rock Creek, a limestone spring creek, is also
known as Fennimore Fork. It is located just east of
Fennimore and flows from there into the Blue River. This
stream is known for its tough to catch trout but that's the
way a good spring creek should be. It's very fertile and
has a very high pH. The water chemistry provides plenty
of food for the trout. Although fly fishing Castle Rock
Creek can be a little technical, it's well worth any serious
fly anglers time to fish it.

Most of the stream flows slowly through the meadows
and pastures. Its water stay cold and clear except the
times excessive runoff ads some color. Castle Rock
Spring provides most of the stream water.  

The stream is a little larger than most of the other spring
creek in the Driftless area. It has large, often deep pools
connected with shallow, fast flowing riffles. The riffles
usually have gravel bottoms and the pools have lots of
plant growth.

The section from the second bridge on Highway Q
upstream to Church Road is "catch and release",
"artificial lures and flies only" regulations.

The river can get a little crowded during the peat season
but there's plenty of trout to catch and the pressure
doesn't hurt the population. This is largely due to the
difficulty in catching its stream-bred brown trout.

Its fertile water supports a large number of aquatic
insects and crustaceans. There are many different
species of
baetis species and other similar insects called
Blue-winged Olives. It has a huge population of
caddisflies including Little Black Caddis, Cinnamon
Caddis, Spotted Sedges and several other
species..There are plenty of scuds and sowbugs.
Terrestrial insects are plentiful during the summer
months. Under low light conditions, streamers are often
effective in fooling the big browns. Fly fishing Castle
Rock Creek is a match the hatch challenge for the best
of the bug wise anglers. It is also a stream where our
Perfect Flies are worth their weight in gold.

General season starts first Saturday of May and ends
September 30
Springtime is a very good time for fly fishing Castle Rock
Creek. Heavy rains can stain the water.
Fishing is generally good all summer, especially near
the springs.
Fall is probably the best time to fish the river. Brown
trout spawn in the Fall and become aggressive in their
pre-spawn stage.

Fly Fishing Gear,  Tackle and Trout Flies
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (mostly wild)
Rainbow Trout (stocked some wild)


Southwestern, Driftless Area

Nearest Towns

General season starts first Sat. of
May to Sept. 30th.

Special Regulations
Yes, a catch and release section


Non-Resident License
State of Wisconsin

National Weather Service Link

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