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Fly Fishing The Clyde River Vermont
The Clyde River consist of several different types of
water as well as different species of fish. Its landlocked
salmon section, located in Newport, is only about a mile
and a half long. It runs from Lake Memphremagog to
just below Clyde Pond Dam.

Above the dam, the river runs through a long valley.
The streams flows in and out of several ponds making
its way through the valley. The Brown trout is the main
species you will encounter in the lower part of this
thrity-five mile long section of the river.

The section downstream of Island Pond is brook trout
and brown water that flows through marshes and
swampy like areas. It is best fished from a canoe. The
outflow from Echo Lake and Seymour Lake add water
to the Clyde River near the little town of East
Charlestown. There are some rainbow trout and
landlocked salmon in the run from the dam that forms
Charlestown Pond to Salmon Lake.

The section of the Clyde River above the valley is
mostly brook trout water. The Pherrins River above
Island Pond, a tributary of the Clyde River, has
excellent brook trout fishing. The brook trout are large,
growing up to three pounds or so.

The lower Clyde River is the historic spawning grounds
of the Landlocked Salmon. At one time, people came
from everywhere to catch the salmon. The fishing was
destroyed by the operation of the dam either flooding
spawning waters or dewatering the stream.

Trout Unlimited members and other organizations
fought to stop the problem the operation of the dam
was causing and got help from above when a flood
breached part of the dam in 1994. After more battles to
prevent the dam from being repaired, the fight was won
and the dam was destroyed. The salmon are now
returning in good numbers.

The river is especially good in the fall during the month
of October. It is artificial lures and flies only fishing and
the salmon must be released.

Fly fishing the Clyde River requires many different
techniques and different strategies all depending on
the section of the river your fishing and the species of
fish you are pursuing. It is a very diverse river. Water
types vary from section to section and is influenced by
ponds and lakes as well as tributary streams.

You will water ranging from fast, pocket water with
conflicting currents, deep runs, short riffles and deep
pools to slick flowing, slow moving water in large pools
connected by short riffles. Most of the time, nymphs will
outproduce dry fly fishing but during times of the Clyde
River's heavier hatches, dry fly fishing can be terrific
and very productive.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (wild and stocked)
Brook Trout
Landlocked Salmon

Small to Medium

Northern Vermont

Nearest Towns

Mid April - End of October


Non-Resident License
State of Vermont

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Hatch Chart
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Clyde River    
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The fishing season opens in the middle of
April and closes the last of October.
Late spring can be very good. Early
spring depends greatly on the weather
which varies greatly.
Fly Fishing Guide to the Clyde River
The methods, strategies, and techniques
used for fly fishing the Clyde River depends
entirely on the species you are pursuing,
the area you are fishing, and the season.

Since there is a diverse fishery and a wide
range of the types of water and species to
fish for, the flies and gear used also varies
considerably. The upper sections of the
Clyde holds a combination of wild, and
stocked brown and brook trout.

You will find rainbows and salmon mixed in
the middle section of the river from about
East Charlestown to Clyde Pond.

The lower section of the river that is
upstream from the mouth has both spring
and fall runs of landlocked salmon and
rainbow trout from Lake Memphremagog.

Near East Charlestown, near the mouth of
Echo Lake, the stream increases in speed
and becomes pocket water with pools, runs
and riffles. The bottom changes from silt to
rock ledges, and plunge pools and boulders
offer fast water fishing opportunities.  
Guide, continued:
Fishing the slow moving water of the stream
and lakes is one thing and fishing the fast
pocket water in the section I just mentioned
is completely different.

Fishing for the landlocked salmon in
Newport in the spring when they are eating
smelt requires yet another method of
fishing, flies and gear. Fishing for the
landlocked salmon during the spawning
time with streamers is also completely

Fishing for the brook trout requires even a
different method of fishing. Unless you want
to confine your fishing to one particular
scenario, you are going to need to carry a
lot of fly fishing gear and equipment and a
huge selection of flies.

This is truly a diverse fishery with about as
many types of fishing as possible for one
stream. We haven't mentioned some of the
small tributaries and fishing the ponds and
lakes. They offer even more fishing
Clyde River Hatches and Trout Flies:
Our information on aquatic insects is based
on our stream samples of larvae and
nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing. Unlike
the generic fly shop trout flies, we have
specific imitations of all the insects in the
Clyde River and in all stages of life that are
applicable to fishing. If you want to fish
better, more realistic trout flies, have a much
higher degree of success, give us a call.  
We not only will help you with selections, you
will learn why, after trying Perfect Flies, 92%
of the thousands of our customers will use
nothing else.

Hatches also vary greatly depending on
whether you are fishing one of the ponds,
the slow flowing river, the tailwater or the
fast pocket water sections of the stream.

In late April and May, the Blue-winged Olives
hatch and then again in the early fall.

You may find a big hatch of Grannoms or
Little Black Caddis in late April. Quill
Gordons hatch in the fast sections of some
areas in May. The Hendricksons follow them
but in the slower to moderate sections of
some areas of the stream.

March Browns hatch from the end of May to
the middle of June, mostly in the faster water
Hatches, continued:
June brings about hatches of both Pale
Evening Duns and Sulphurs which last into
the first week of July. Slate Drakes and
Light Cahills usually hatch from mid-June
until mid-July.

From mid-July to the middle of August you
will find some Golden Drakes. Tricos will
hatch in the slower water sections from
August through September.

Other than the Little Black Caddis there
will be hatches of Green Sedges from the
middle of May until the middle of July.
These are found in the moderate to fast
water sections.

Cinnamon Caddis hatch from mid-June
through the month of July. Dark Blue
Sedges hatch the last two weeks of June.
Some large Great Autumn Brown Sedges
hatch in September.

There are some stonefly hatches in the
faster sections of water. Little Yellow
Stoneflies hatch in June and early July.
There may be a few Golden Stoneflies in
some fast water areas. Little Browns hatch
in May and early June.

Don't forget flies to match the smelt if you
are going to fish for the Landlocked
Salmon. You will probably also want a
variety of other streamers for the salmon
and brown trout.
The summer is a good time to fish for the
brook trout.
Early autumn is an excellent time to catch
large brown trout and for the landlocked
salmon fishing.
Clyde River Fly Fishing Report:
04/07/14 Highs are currently in the 40's
and low 50's and lows in the 20's and 30's.
The season opens in a week. Stream
levels are currently in good shape.
Clyde River
James Marsh fishing Clyde River
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Fishing Report Updated 03/28/19
(Season Closed)
Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $100 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
04/13/14 The fishing season is now open.
We have had customers ordering flies but
no reports from anyone fishing.
04/20/14 Local customer reported catching
a few trout this past week on our
He was using cream, larva and pupa in a
combination rig.
04/27/14 Stream level at Newport is 880
cfs and 5.54 ft. No reports from anglers
this past week.
05/04/14 Still no reports from anyone
fishing. It is currently raining but should
clear up soon. The highs should be in the
fifties to low sixties and lows in the mid
thirties, so it shouldn't be long before the
water warms up.
05/11/14 Two customers ordered flies for
future trips but we have not received any
reports from anyone fishing. The station at
Newport is showing 649 cfs at 5.06 ft.  
which is high stream levels.
05/18/14 We have been slammed with fly
orders for the Clyde this past week with
plenty of anglers planning trips. One
customer reported the water is still in the
mid forties but warming.
05/25/14 There have been some high water
conditions but it is in much better shape.
The water is warming up fast. Keep in mind
the hatches are running behind schedule
due to the cold winter.
06/01/14 High water conditions still exist.
We didn't receive any reports from anyone
fishing this past week.
06/08/14 The river is getting into good
shape and very fishable at this time. We
have customers ordering flies but no
reports from the field. Now is the time to
start fishing.
06/15/14 The stream levels are up just a
tad but two customers reporting the brook
trout fishing is great. A few hatches have
begin to take place.
06/22/14 Two customers ordering more flies
and reporting great conditions. Lots of trout
being caught and lots of hatches underway.
07/06/14 Stream levels are high and we
have no fishing reports for the past week.
Conditions should improve soon.
07/20/14 Three customers reporting very
good fishing this past week. Lots of insects
hatching and plenty of trout being caught,
especially brookies.
07/27/14 Good water levels have provided
good fishing opportunities this past week,
especially for the book trout. Two good
reports came in from customers ordering
more flies.
08/18/14 More good fishing reports came
in the past couple of weeks. Stream levels
have been high at time but otherwise,
fishing has been very good.
08/17/14 Two more good fishing reports
from customers ordering more flies.
Landlocked salmon fishing season is just
around the corner.
08/31/14 Two good reports came in from
customers ordering more flies this past
week. There are lots of brook trout being
caught. The water has cooled off just a little
and that has helped.  
09/14/14 More good reports from
customers fishing the Clyde. Brook trout
and rainbows being caught. Cooler
weather and good stream levels.
10/04/14 Great fishing conditions have
existing and will continue to exist from the
lower river to the uppermost sections for
most of this month. Salmon and trout
fishing should both remain good.
10/26/14 Catch and release, don't forget.
Season is open through the month of
10/26/14 Season closes 31st. High water
levels are currently a problem.
04/29/15 Season opened April 15th. Two
good reports of brook trout caught last
week. Hatches of Quill Gordons/Blue Quills
and Little Black Caddis should start soon.
05/27/15 Lots of hatches taking place
including Hendricksons/Red Quills which
are just starting. Good conditions.
06/17/15 Two good reports from
customers catching rainbows and brook
trout but stream levels are up and the
action slowed.
07/01/15 Very high water at Newport.
Upper river also some high but doing well
with lots of hatches and rainbows/brook
trout caught.
07/08/15 Good conditions and two good
reports from the past week. Rainbows
and Brook trout doing very well on
Gray-wing Yellow Quills.
07/15/15 Great conditions in stream and
ponds with lots of trout being caught.
Shoot us an email for fly selection.
08/05/15 We missed a report but not
because the fishing hasn't been great. Lots
of insects, good weather and lots of trout
being caught.
08/19/15 Brook trout fishing is very good
right now and salmon should be coming
into the picture soon.
08/26/15 Brook trout fishing continues to
be good with excellent conditions. No
reports of any salmon yet.
09/02/15 The streams are a little low but
anglers are continuing to catch rainbows
and brook trout. It won't be long until
Salmon fishing gets to going good.
09/09/15 Be sure to check out our own
patterns for
Salmon Flies.
09/23/15 Two good reports from the past
week on salmon and one on brook trout.
Now is the time to fish for both.
10/07/15 Stream levels are running a little
high but anglers are scoring on the salmon.
10/13/15 Anglers are catching salmon
swinging flies and there are plenty of brook
trout being caught by locals.
10/28/15 Fishing season, trout and salmon,
ends October 31st.
11/11/15 The season is closed but it isn't too
early to start planning next season's trip. Give
us a ring or shoot us an email.
01/21/16 Getting ready for the 2016 season.
Send us an email and let us help you plan
your next trip.
03/09/16 The season is opening in just over
one month. Shoot us an email and let us help
you plan your next trip.
04/06/16 The season opens in just a day over
a week, so shoot us an email and let us help
you plan the next trip.
04/21/16 There were a few rainbows caught
on the middle and upper sections of the river
this past week. The weather is going to be
warmer and the warmer nights will really help
the water temp increase. This coming week
should be much better.
05/04/16 We keep getting calls and email
asking about salmon. So far, we have no
report from anyone catching any. Let us hear
from you if you do.
05/19/16 The upper and middle river is
warming up and lots of hatches are taking
place. Light cahills, BWOs, Cinnamon Caddis,
Green sedges, Quill Gordons, Blue quills,
American March Browns and others.
06/01/16 The water is warming up fast. Lots of
brook and rainbow trout are being caught in
the middle and upper river.
06/15/16 Two good reports from customers
catching brook and some brown trout. The
water is getting warmer and lots of hatches are
taking place.
06/29/16 Sulphus, Cinnamon Caddis, Green
sedges, Little Yellow stoneflies, Light Cahills,
and other insects are hatching. Good levels.
07/06/16 The stream levels are a little low but
fine for wading. Our customers are reporting
good numbers of trout caught. Great
conditions and lots of hatching insects.
07/27/16 Lots of brook trout and some browns
and rainbows being caught in the middle and
upper river. Lots of hatches of light cahill, Little
Yellow stones, and other insects.
08/10/16 Good conditions continue to exist.
Fish the middle and upper river. Sulpurs,
Tricos, Cinnamon caddis, little yellow
stoneflies, and terrestrials are also working.
08/24/16 Tricos are hatching good. Green
sedges, Cinnamon Caddis and little Sister
caddis are hatching. The middle and upper
river is in great shape.
09/07/16 The brook trout fishing is very good.
Rainbows and a few browns are also being
caught. Fish the upper and middle river.
09/21/16 Good reports from the middle and
upper sections. Brook and rainbows being
caught. Much cooler weather and good levels.
09/28/16 The stream is still producing some
very good catches for our customers. Fall
caddis, Mahogany duns, Blue-winged olives
and other insects are hatching.
10/26/16 Some salmon are being caught as
well as trout in the middle and upper river.
You don't need a guide to fish the river.
12/21/16 This is just a reminder that although
the season is closed, you can send us an
email and let us help you plan that next trip..

01/18/17 An entry to start the 2017 season.
02/15/17 Don't forget we have taken samples
of the aquatic insects and other food using
prof. entomology eqpt and know what you
need to be successful. Let us help you plan
your next trip. Use the email just above.
04/05/17 The season opens in just over a
week. Send us and email and let us help you
plan that next trip.
04/19/17 The flows are at 1350 cfs at 6.42 ft.,
or very high. You will have to watch the levels
to see when it drops back down whee it can be
05/04/17 The season has been open the past
two weeks and we are starting to get some
good reports. Blue Quills, Quill Gordons, Little
Black Caddis, Little Brown stoneflies and
Blue-winged olives are hatching.
05/17/17 Two good reports from customers
this past week. The are fishing the upper
section for brook trout. Brown trout fish
should also be good.
05/23/17 The stream levels at Newport are
just a little high. We didn't receive any reports
from the past week. Lots of insects are
hatching. Conditions are good.
06/14/17 Brook trout and salmon are being
caught. There are a lot of hatches taking
place including Golden drakes, little Yellow
stoneflies, two species of caddis and more.
07/05/17 Conditions are very good with lots
of brown and brook trout being caught. Lots
of hatches and terrestrials are working.
07/19/17 Conditions are excellent, good levels
and lots of hatches. We received three good
reports from customers the past two weeks.
08/02/17 The upper river brook trout fishing is
great right now. The middle and upper section
browns and rainbows is good as well. Shoot us
an email for fly recommendations.
08/16/17 The stream levels are okay and the
middle and upper sections of the river are
turning out some good catches for our
customers. There are still some hatches.
09/06/17 Stream levels are in good shape and
trout are being caught in all sections. The
middle and upper sections are still the best.
09/20/17 Salmon are in the lower river. Trout
fishing is still very good in the upper river.
09/27/17 Still getting good reports from
customers catching salmon and others trout.
10/11/17 More good reports on salmon and
trout. Lots of large browns being caught
upstream near pond outlets. Use our Sculpin
11/02/17 Season ended October 31st.
02/22/18 Just a note to let you know, you can
always send us an email and let us help you
plan that next trip. sales@perfectflystore.com
04/20/18 The fishing season opened the
15th of this month. The water is still a little
cold but warming fast. Hatches should begin
05/04/18 LIttle Black caddis, Little Brown
stoneflies, Quill Gordons, Blue Quills and
Blue-winged olives are hatching.
05/11/18 The water is getting warmer fast
and Hendricksons and Red Quills are
hatching in addition to the above.
05/25/18 Stream levels are a little below
normal level and in good shape in all
sections. There are brook and brown trout
being caught on some good hatches.
06/01/18 The stream is still running a little low
but in good shape otherwise. There are some
very good hatches taking place.
06/08/18 The river is in very good shape in
all respects. Good numbers of trout are
being caught in the middle and upper
sections of the river.
07/20/18 The upper and upper middle
sections of the river are turning out lots of
trout for the few anglers fishing. Good hatches
and good stream levels exist.
08/03/18 We continue to get good reports
form the middle and upper river. Lots of
hatches are taking place and trout being
08/17/18 Brook and rainbow trout are being
caught in good numbers in the middle and
upper sections. Stream levels are a little high
right now, but normally in good shape.
08/31/18The river is in very good shape and
lots of trout are being caught. Fish the
middle and upper sections of the river.
09/21/18 The landlocked salmon should be
available soon, if not already. Brook and
brown trout are being caught in the upper
river in good numbers.
10/01/18 We continue to get good reports
on the trout fishing. Salmon are entering the
river and being caught.
Check out our
Salmon Flies.
10/18/18 Salmon are being caught as well
as trout. Brown and Brook trout fishing has
been very good.
11/08/18 Season is closed.
Send us an email and let us
help you plan that next trip.
03/28/19 Season opens April 15. Let us
help you plan that next trip.