Connetquot River Rainbow Trout
Fly Fishing The Connetquot River New
The Connetquot River flows through Connetquot State
Park not far from New York City. The park's hatchery
releases plenty of trout that average almost a pound.
There's also plenty of holdover brook trout in the
stream. The stream even has some sea-run brown trout.
The stream is located in Connequoit State Park which is
near Oakdale, off Route 27 called the Sunshine Highway.

The Connetquot River is a spring creek with year-round
temperatures averaging about fifty to fifty-two degrees.
This makes the stream an idea winter time fishery. Fly
fishing the Connetquot River is best during the cooler
months. The stream flows into the Great South Bay
making it unique in that it is totally surrounded by heavily
populated suburban developments.

The Connetquot River has a very steady flow of current.
It's bottom is mostly sand and it's very easy to wade.
The stockers are fairly easy to catch the first few weeks
after being stocked but slowly wise up to the demanding
Spring Creek type conditions and become more difficult
to catch as time passes.

Space on the stream is alloted on a first come first serve
basis. There's thirty different areas that are assigned.
Each angler is given a stretch of water to fish for four
hours. There are two fishing periods assigned each day.
One from 8:00 AM to Noon and the other Noon to 4 PM.
Special regulations are catch and release, fly fishing
only. It has a daily fee that is currently $15.00.
Beginning in April, three daily sessions are scheduled.
Special creel limits apply during this period.

Fly Fishing the Connetquot River is usually best using
streamers and nymphs. Dry flies work occasionally but
more trout are taken on subsurface flies. Most of the
trout are stocked and fly patterns are not that important.
Catching the holdovers can be challenging and the fly
you use can make a big difference. Call or email us for
fly recommendations for the dates you plan on fishing.

The season is open all year for trout
Fly fishing Connetquot River during the Winter is a great
time due to its spring fed warm water.
Springtime is a great time to for fly fishing Connetquot
Trout fishing is usually slow during the Summer..
Fall is also a good time for fishing the creek.
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Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (Stocked & sea run)
Rainbows (Stocked)
Brook Trout (Stocked w Holdovers)


Long Island New York

Nearest Towns
New York City

Opens February 1, Feb and Mar
Wednesdays through Sundays. April
1 from Tuesday's through Sundays.  
Special regulations apply


Non-Resident License
State of New York

National Weather Service

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