Cross Fork Creek Brook Trout
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Fly Fishing Cross Fork Creek
Cross Fork Creek is a very good wild trout stream that
had a good population of brown trout and brook trout.
For a long time it was under the state of Pennsylvania's
"Heritage Trout Water" rules. The state's Heritage Rules
have since been changed to two other classifications -
"catch and release' and "catch and release fly fishing
only". That's just fine. The problem is the state accepted
the demands of some local business owners who wanted
the stream stocked because they thought it would
increase tourism and now it's a destroyed wild trout
stream. It's the best example I know of a state fishery
department disregarding all sound, reasonable
management practices and putting politics before
everything else. The state of Pennsylvania opened
Cross Fork Creek up to spin anglers using artificial
lures, including those with treble hooks. For the first time
in 23 years, they are now stocking it with rainbow trout.
I have long known of many other streams the state
stocks that shouldn't be, but this move shows how
decisions are made by the state regarding fishery

We visited this stream before the change that occurred
in 2006 and caught several nice brown trout, including
one that was about 15 inches. I'm sure there's still some
wild trout there, but they will now have to complete with
the hatchery raised trout for food and territory.

Cross Fork Creek, a tributary of Kettle Creek, is a twenty
mile long freestone stream that stays cool all year. It has
several small tributary streams that add cool water and
have populations of native brook trout. The main stream
had a good population of native brook and wild browns
but I'm not sure of the current status since the stocking
begin. Fly fishing Cross Fork Creek will never be equal
to what it was at one time, unless the stocking is stopped.

The season is the general Pennsylvania trout season.
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing Cross Fork
Creek due to the aquatic insect hatches.
The fishing may slow down some in the hot summer but
it still remains good.
Fall is the best time to catch the larger brown trout
Wintertime can be tough but nice, warm days can still
produce trout if fished properly.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Wild and stocked with
Brook Trout (Native and wild with
Rainbows (Stocked, maybe some

Small to medium

North Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Town
Cross Fork

Middle of April through February


Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Cross Fork Creek Pennsylvania
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Photo Courtesy of Stephen Lamb
Cross Fork Creek Fishing Report:
07/26/17 Good stream levels and lots of
hatches taking place. Good reports are
coming in each week. Now is a good time to
fish the river.
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