Current River Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing The Current River Missouri
The Current River is a part of the Ozark National Scenic
Riverways. It's a beautiful trout stream that flows through
some very scenic landscapes. It begins in the Montauk
State Park. Downstream of the park, there's nine miles
of what the state calls Blue Ribbon trout water. The
Current River continues through a different type of
regulated area for eight more miles.

This stream is best fished by drifting it. There's few road
access points. The bluffs along the stream add to its
beauty. You have seventeen miles of water that you can
fish from a small drift boat.

The Blue Ribbon area runs from the Montauk State Park
boundary downstream for nine miles to the Cedar Grove
Bridge. It includes all tributaries within that area. Artificial
lures and flies only may be used. Artificial lures cannot
include soft plastic lures. You are only allowed to keep
one trout that's a least 18 inches long.

The Blue Ribbon area has a good population of both
rainbows and brown trout including some that are wild.
Fly fishing the Current River is best in this section.
There are some trout better than 18 inches.

The Current River has lots of different aquatic insects,
crustaceans, sculpin and baitfish. Scuds and Sowbugs
are plentiful. Blue-winged Olives are the most important
mayflies and different species are hatching off and on
for about half the year. There are some sulphurs and
tricos along with a few other mayflies. There are lots of
caddisflies, including several species of Cinnamon
Caddis, Little Brown Caddis, Spotted Sedges and a few
more less important ones. Streamers often produce the
largest fish, especially those that imitate sculpin.

You don't have to float the Current River to fish it.
Access for wading is available in some areas. One area
is from the Montauk State Park campground. There's a
good trail and it is noted by signs where the park ends
and the Blue Ribbon section starts. If you exit the park at
the rear entrance you can follow a unpaved road to the
Tan Vat access It's best to hike downstream a ways to
reach the best water. There's also a Baptist Camp
Access, Parker Access and Cedar Grove Access. It's
best to acquire a map of the area to find these locations.

Hiking your way downstream is often difficult or
impossible. There is a lot of deep water and some areas
of the stream is surrounded by steep bluffs.

There are three access points to the White Ribbon
section of the Current River. Cedar Grove, Welch Spring
and Akers Ferry. This section cannot be accessed
entirely by hiking. Some of the water is too deep to
wade. You an drift the stream in a small pontoon type
watercraft or a canoe.  

Fly fishing the Current River is good year-round.
Winter fishing is can be good on warm days.  
Springtime is the best time to fish the river but you
should make sure you check the water level.
Since the water is cooled by springs, it stays cool
enough to provide good fishing opportunities year-round.
Fall may be the best time to fish the Current River.
There's less canoes and fishing pressure.

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